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  1. Dont know if this is related but got dd skin pricked when I had ds in for it bc was concerned that her ears would turn red at times. She was 4 at the time an nothing showed up on skin prick but me and allergist noticed her ears got bright red and a little of her check an she recommended a blood test for allergies. Dd would not get it don screamed an cried. We got another test and is milk and gluten sensitive along with limited sugar and others. But the change is skin I would think is a concern. There could defiantly be something causing it. Mar
  2. My ds would tic twice a year when seven during allergy season also. He has lots of sensitivities an several food allergies that bring on congestion and tics. Being on a clean diet really helped with tics for him. Limit sugar and limit food sensitivities an watch allergic foods really helped even with outdo allergies. H doesn't take seasonal meds due to clearing out his system and trying to rebuilt his gut. He used to tic alot playing wii years ago but now sits on his iPod mini with no tics. Look into to gut and trying to rebuild the immune system defiantly helps out in the long run. Mar
  3. I agree with azcasey test for mold before you move in. Mold cause a lo of issues!!
  4. Never heard this but I would get him allergy tested. Something is causing it. Mar
  5. My ds has mold allergies also. Do you actively see mold in your house? We moved into our house newly built 11 years ago and last year found mold in attic? It was not active black mold but still scared the heck out of me!!!!! We got that fixed and yes 2600 dollars later:( this did not made things better for dd because he was already healing through diet and all. But yes mold can mess things up and really needs to be looked into. We also had an incident several years ago prior to this where ds was waking up sneezing and congested every morning. This was in the first year of all the craziness. He had a dresser in his room with a side door that opened up and had all his doctor Seuss book collection in it. I will never forget the day he comes into my bed in the morning to read books and I am half blind bc don't have my lenses in and says mom this book has black stuff on it. I jump out of bed and put glasses on and book is covered in black mold!!!!! How the ..... When!!!! I take the book go into his room and see an other book and basically through out the whole collection and had dh get rid of the dresser with was probably fine that was my crazy time. Had a portable hepa air filtration going in his room. He woke up the next morning with less congestion and coughing!!!! My ds who has mold allergies was sleeping in a room with mold!! Still boggles my mind on and why that happened but my point is that I seen a sudden difference and it could definitely make things worse. I am definitely not a mold expert but just know it made a huge difference for him especially when he is allergic. At that point I went thought every thing in every room and pretty much was a mad women and moved furniture and dusted and cleaned and made sure their was no hidden mold! Stay strong and look around . If the problem is minor look on line to help with getting rid of it. Not to scare you but defiantly think its a concern especially for children who are suffering with allergies or a lowered immune system. I don't know if I can help but I am here if you need me. Mar
  6. I feel you!!! You just want to explode on everyone and everything! We have allergy, we have intolerances, we have tics, we have add, we have everything which is how I feel!! I know ds acts out with food , Its just better now bc he is older but the last three years point to food all the way! Even now I limit sugar bc dd gets affected more. But food and allergies helps with tics dramatically . Also helping to heal the gut. Ds was on tons of antibiotics for ear infections and colds and strep. He has been off them and he is doing good!! Both ds and dd are dairy free along with wheat/ gluten free for different reasons!! Ds with tics and dd with stomach and leg pains! Tics can be caused bc of several things. My ds had tics and has them occasionly bc of Allergies. When they are controlled by food or allergies I know it's not ts. Could it be pandas maybe they both had there share of strep! As I did as a child . Basically yes watch foods!! Watch sugar and everything. Never stop at tics . There is a reason for it. Also gum goes well! As they get older its good to get them chewing it is relaxing.
  7. Excitement and anxiety or stress cause tics for ds but they have lessened a lot bc of diet. I'm not sure how old your child is but yes I thought ts bc dh has tics. But you are smart you are watching and you notice things. He had many allergies and intolerances at that point. Food was causing tics back then. The gut is a huge thing. For my child it is not strictly ts we revamped diet and yes milk dyes and twenty other things were causing issues. Eliminating things helped a lot!!!!! He is in 6 th grade and things are going well with tics. I have been through everything with him. Yes mold allergies and grass, pollen, hay fever everything!!!! My son is not ts according to what doctors would say. Watching what he eats and limiting things shows a huge difference. Yes it has been three years but that's his case of his gut being messed up but no allergy meds ever. The crazy thing is that ds used to tic at 8'bc of wii or watching tv. I though it was the games and tv! But the diet helped the most? Mar
  8. It sounds like Dan is really lucky to have you in his life!! Yes dyes are evil! Good luck and I hope all goes well!! Mar
  9. Cara 615 You are not alone . You and your son will be fine just keep strong. I lost 15 pounds the first year. J couldn't eat, I could not sleep, I woke up every morning with this scary feeling of dread thinking to myself will I make through the day. You will be okay just stay strong and eat. My son needed 28 things eliminated at that time not corn of course. But in the beginning we I did the best I could. You start off slow and be gradual. I think back now and now realize how crazy I was. Start off with limiting as much as you can. Remember are children will not have an emergency reaction and have eaten this their whe lives. From what I have seen taking a food product out wait and see. Every little helps and in my case it was not overnight. It took months of diet and then you notice certain things and vitamins but over time it makes a difference and you will be patting yourself on the back!! Keep strong and do what you can. Do not beat yourself down bc you are here and you are learning and you are trying! Your child is lucky to have you as a mother?! aniexty and excitement is a trigger here also. Over three years later I now wish I could lose 10 pounds:) I am a very stressful person also and have also felt like why me I can't handle this. You will trust me because it's your child. Mar
  10. Cj60 That's interesting! Back when ds was 7 I was watching like a hawk and when he had an apple he would act different. He is sensitive to grapes as is daughter and I had ds not have appless or grapes for years. He has them sporadically now. Also ds was always constipated as a child. This really makes me wonder. Not that I want to talk about this but from two to three who knows he would have a hard time going and it's funny bc now I check if he still alive bc he goes every day and sits in their:)))) but what is crazy is that dd is sensitive to grapes have to look into the others and she is the opposite with more loose stools and never constipated??? Interesting! Mar
  11. Forgot to mention not only grapes but apples where a huge thing. He would spin around in circles a lot and apples would cause him to lay on his head or just ace differently.
  12. You mentioned some interesting things in you last post that hit home for me. Eye blinking was what started for ds. It always was worst in the fall and then started noticing it the the spring when he was about to turn 7. But he would have bad weeks and it would just go away. I know how you feel it's crazy. No diet at this time or didn't even suspect any allery. He also ate everything and never suspected food at all. At that point new it must be outdoor allergies. Digging further yes he would tick more by tv or wii so I assumed that must make it worse!!! He does not like to read and had the head nods and turns. When he would do homework he turned his head sideways and look back. I could be totally off but ds ended up getting glasses at 7. His eyes aren't bad but needs them for tv and reading. The interesting point you made was with the red ears and flushed and hot. So ds got his testing for food sensitivites done for sensitivities at 7. I brought him back tk allergist to do skin prick of the ones that came up high in blood test and had dd at the time tested bc she was having bowl issues she was 4 at the time. So I say she always uses washroom halfway through dinner like every day and crystal with leg pain once in a while at night. She gets skin prick with no reaction but her ears turn bright red and checks are red. I point this out and she says yes she is reacting but not on her arm where the skin prick happened. Wants to get her blood tested but dd would not do it. Got food sensitivity test at different doc with no blood involved and comes out gluten and milk are troublesome for her along with dyes and some other things. But once she went gluten and milk free ( which are the main ones) plus dyes and what not she stopped using the washroom during meals and stopped complaining of leg pain. So allergies do work in mysterious ways!!! Got her tested for Celiac and she is not. It's these sensitivities. In our case the red flushed ears were a sight of sensitivity. And with sensitivities you can't pun point anything. Everyone knows what true allergies can do and it's scary but in my children's case a lot is sensitivity. It might not sound like a big deal to others and they might question you but if does make a difference to them!! You also mentioned grapes which both my children are sensitive to. Back to the tv yes j panicked bc he got worst watching tv or playing any video games . I was crazy and i admit it!! researched and wondered if I should switch something. In his case he is fine with tv and video games now. Tics come and go with stress and who knows but for us I could say 100 percent the diet changed his life. Ds is now 11. Even DH who has tics says that he ticked a lot and he sees ds doing good. He was much worst at that age. He would say sixth grade was the hardest!! Ds is going into it in the fall but I used to stress out years ago thinking what will happen is it going to blow up but no I feel confident that he will be okay as long as he sticks with his diet! He has his moments but they are short lived and I know it will go away. My suggestion is don't stop at allergies get the sensitivity test. I would never believe that ds was sensitive to like 28 foods at the time. Hopefully your ds is not! But the more you know the more you can try to help him. I blabbed tik much but good luck and hop you boy is doing well!! Mar
  13. Look I into food allergies or sensitivities. My ds had the eye tics and shoulders and many more and of course he was eating all foods and who is one to know. I am not sayi g it will cure all things but ds have massive sensitivities and allergies when we tested him. One might say if he is not reacting to food you think it's okay. That is how my son was. I never though that he is sensitive to foods or allergic. But sensitivities can cause tics. They have for ds. My chd had eye tics to tv and several things but putting on a diet and getting rid of all dyes and food coloring I did see a change. He did eye blinking and head nods and much more but he is doing better with diet change. Mar
  14. From what I know yes she can definately infect others if she is a carrier . Especially in the pandas world. If not pandas i have know several children who are okay and are still carriers. It just sucks for the kids who do react I guess. The pandas kids get it. Severam people I have known and believe being a carrier is no big thing bc there child is okay but in pandas world that is a no no and are chd ten react. Its crazy! Mar
  15. Okay singular we have stayed away from . Back when ds was 7 he was prescribed this for three months. I spoke to several patents and they mentioned their children waking up crying hysterically from bad dreams And just behavioral changes throughout the day. These are chlldren with no pandas or tics!! So I recall talking to pharmosist ans she mentioned that she recalls a family member getting real bad dreams and crying that could not be consuled so I never took that route. I have heard all the bad effects of singular. we have used quercitin with no problems but also with no significant help but then again we did not follow through for weeks so who knows. Mar Mar
  16. I would love to share some info! Ds just turned 11 also. I noticed eye tics as young as 3 and they would show up in the fall and spring. Ds also had stomach problems as a child. He was a colic baby with formula switched several times ( unfortunately I was unable to breast feed bc no production) he always was constipated for first three years. You mentioned positive for celiac. I would definately go gluten free. Both my kids are not celiac but gluten intolerance and it has made a huge difference especially for dd. I have read so many posts with this spring and fall coinsidence with tics and that is how my ds always was. I know how you feel ds is so awesome and plays all his sports and has his great spirits and when you see the tics is just heart breaking! ds has had eye blinking, shoulder shrugs, head bobbing, lips turning red all around, mouth opening, holding breath in, eyes rolling to the side and I am sure I am missing some. They have all came and gone and he has had bad weeks but the weeks are so much better now. At least I know when someone tic comes on we could help it by watching what he eats and making sure he is not stressed out about something. Stress is a huge thing also . I have seen him ticcing bc of stress. J always try to keep an open conversation and teach him about stress. But a diet with food sensitivities helped him a lot!!! If you have not done so already test him for food sensitivities. Ds came up with 28 I believe at the age of 7. It was really hard on him in the beginning and myself bc what do I cook. The point is it helped. As you watch and take notes and learn now if seems like nothing. In your case I would definately try gluten free I would also get a food sensitivity blood test just to be sure. If it wasn't for this site I would of never done this and who knows what would of happened with ds! I would of never guessed in a million years that foods were making him worse. It's crazy. I feel for your child and you but please try it and don't give up. It might take months but it did help my ds. Mar
  17. Seasonal allergies could definately cause a flare. Seen it with my ds every spring and fall. Over the past 3 years what has helped him is looking into foods and allergies with that but mainly his sensitivities to foods. I shouldn't say allergy bc that is something you need to stay away from with him it's more sensitivity. Their are certain foods he needs to stay away from or limit during allergy season because they make outdoor allergies worse. For exame ds does not drink milk but has cheese. During certain seasons we have to limit it. Another good example is that ds is sensitive to tomatoes. He does okay with tomato paste or sauce in meals and the started eating actual tomatoes and his lips flared this spring. We cut them out and they got better within days and no problem since. A lot of children have food sensitivities thag could make things worse. My son has all outdoor allergies and has been doing great here in Chicago when everyone is suffering. He does not take any allery meds and DS was horrible years ago.
  18. I know how you feel. J feel like I am not the same person I was 4 years ago!! It doesn't help that DH tells me you are a walking stress bomb!! Thanks a lot of my stress was because of him not helping me deal with this and thinking I am crazy!! I complete have PTSD. This is hard and I heard the same stories of you are the strong one in the family but how strong can one be at times. I feel like I am going nuts. I used to cry every night and pray for my child to get better. I have not shed tears in a while. I think I am numb. I have dealt with children and diets and DH not agreeing or not listening and then going through episodes. And then he turns around and looks at me like I am crazy. Our marriage is falling apart! I have ds you is sick of the arguing and DH who grew up with the same issues looking at me like I am crazy one minute but then agreeing for a coue of things but then starring ag me and wondering what I do and say. I liturally feel like he is a third child. Yes j feel like I have had and will have another nervous breakdown only to hear from DH the day before mothers day that you are a nervous wreck!!! He tells me you stress about everything!! Really!! This is hard very hard but we need to stay strong!!!! this is tnd Dad who three years ago would get mad that ds is ticking. He would tell him to stop. He had same issues as a child. This iz sad but I look at DH with no love. I feel like I don't even know him anymore. When ds or dd is doing better he is fine but when things go haywire he stares at me and expects me to fix things. I am tired and warnedr out and yes when things go haywire I am stressed!! How can he think I will not be stressed! I feel for all you moms out there. The only think I have to say is that we have to be strong!! I don't want to hear it from ones who don't get it but us here dealing with it have to realize and continue to be strong! I pray that your kids get better and you continue to find that strength!!! Mar
  19. So dd who just turned 8 needs expanders and i am nervous. She needs them on top and bottom. We will probably start within a month and I hope she does well. She is my picky eater and has issues with textures so I fear she will be miserable but I think we have no choice!!?? Crazy!! Mar
  20. My intake on school refusal and ADHD. I beleive ds has add or ADHD. He always had separation axiety and now older axiety in genera at times. He makes friends but they come and go and he is bossy but not impulsive. Gets easily frustrated and always got straight A's until fifth grade . Anyway he never complains about going to school. Now dd who is and always was impulsive. Who probably has ADHD who is completely open and not afraid of anything was the one who had school refusal in kindergarten and 1 st grade. She was having seperation axiety that she never showed when younger. She makes friends very easily. So much more social then ds and she is very bossy and domineering with them from what I see at times. I wonder if there is a connection. She went through her month of fear but I keep chugging along and would not let her stay home . I'm talking screaming crying in kindergarten and then some in first grade bc she got in trouble for talking. But then this year in second grade she is doing well. I might get the occasional my belly hurts or I have loose stools and I am sick and I tell her no its bc you are worrying and you are fine bc it happens to many people and we have been good this year!! She would get loose stools every morning when younger so I know in her cad it was stress. Why who knows. But she has been taking bus back and forth this year which she did not do in the last two years. I have not and do not want to put her on meds. But she defiantly has some type of add or ADHD. I don't how bad your children are with school refusal so in can't compare but I know it would be my belly hurts and then in washroom and then I would tell her she is okay and we would ride bikes in morning for 5 to 10 minutes and have silly races before I took her into car and drove the 5 min with at times tears in her eyes but told her to be strong! That was hard bc she would say I miss you!!! I never new how tough love is so important!! It would hurt me but I had to act tough and acg like those years didn't move me at all. She has had an awesome 2nd grade year with taking bus both ways and there even have been times that she came home early and I was not out there with garage door open and rings doorbell and i say sorry and she just smiles!! I think wow!!!! I say your so big and brave and she smiles! Mar
  21. Keeping a journal is a good way to go in the beginning. I did for over a year and it really helped to look back and be like yes he ate that or this happened. Otherwise I would not remember anything. It could be little sime things that could help. Her is a good example ds lips started flaring a couple of weeks ago. The red lips which causes lip licking and mouth opening. This would only happen in the winter with him. So he has been having citrus and doing okay and then I realize he has been having actual tomatoes. He has pasta sauce and it okay. He is sensitive to tomatoes and citrus but told him to cut out tomatoes and citrus and his lips get better. Then today I read one of my many notes that during spring allergies which he has tomatoes and citrus should be avoided. Those fresh tomatoes were causing him problems. His lips are great and he is doing okay. It could be something so little and miner thag could be causing issues. The journal will help you figure these things out. Mar
  22. Nicklemama you mentioned an interesting point. Ds ferritin levels were lower at the time years ago and we supplemented for about a year. Along with diet and this he got better. I need to get this retested. Could low ferritin play a role in this. Interesting. Mar
  23. This is interesting always wondered about ds in school. In kindergarten he got a couple yellow stars for talking and got a couple of letters sent home. 1st grade okay I think . Third grade I recall a couple of phone calls with doing farting noises with armpits during lunch. But during every parent teacher conference I would ask about behavior and always he is great!! Which boggles my mind bc at home he would be all over. Come 4th grade once again he is fine but takes longer on tests which is fine they would say bc he completed in time but behavior fine. He has not been on any plans at school bc they have not mentioned that he needs help. Then in 3rd or 4th grade son tells me he falls of his seat at times bc he rocks backward but do do a lot of kids. So in third grade he had a boy that sits on a yoga ball bc of adhd. By 4th grade he says j with i could sof o one of those. So once again don't hear anything from teachers, was getting great grades so never mentioned it. So 5th grade conference and once again ask teacher about behavior and things and once again he is fine. Over all these years he is very active at home and has a hard time doing homework and just everything here and there but okay at school!! He must really hold it in!! I never jumped on doing the plan for him bc he seems to do okay at school and just let out at home. these yellow, green red cards are great depending on the teacher. I remember dd getting a red card bc she talked in the washroom and got her seat moved all in the first three weeks of first grade. This really upset her and got spoke to teacher who was very strict said she should be talking in the washroom. She had a tough year bc the teacher was very harsh. Gosh of ds had her who knows. I would not worry about the signs so much especially when he is so young. It really depends on teachers. I wonder how ds has passed on through the years and dd gets screamed at in first grade when she was completely different. Mar
  24. Good for you! You are definately on the right track. Stick with this site you will find great info. My son at the age of seven was told to take allergy meds everyday bc of all outdoor allergies and told that he was prone to developing ashma. After testing food and showing the diet route he has not taken allery meds in three years no ashma and tics have gotten better. They will wax and wan depending if he gets sick or gets stressed but definately not as bad as before. We keep allergies/ sensitivities at bay during allergy months so he does not get congested and that helps a lot. I truely beleive he had leaky gut. We took out all sugar and we limit it greatly at home. Keep up the good work! Mar
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