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  1. Ds shaved his hair today for the baldricks foundation of helping children with childhood cancer. He has had the long justin beiber side swip long hear and shaved it off today! The school raised 20 thousand! I am so proud of him . He has been wanting to this for years!! This is such a good cause for children to be involved in. I pray for all the parents who are dealing with this. Mar
  2. Chemar thanks for the info and it makes sense. I do indeed notice infection has a huge trigger. It's not as bad now from when they where younger and thank goodness they have been strep free for awhile. But even a runny nose will cause a sniffle that is a little more tic related or a clearing of the throat but it does disappear with her when she is better. And so far crossing fingers they have been doing well with keeping up with diet with made a huge difference. I want to thank you again chemar for all your help and knowledge. You and this site have helped guide me with helped my children so much!!! Mar
  3. First of all I just want to say ds is doing great with tics. He actually rarely had a problem with them this whole winter which was one of his main tics in beginning. Yeah eos lip balm!! Anyway ds is turning 12 in May so don't know if this is puberty or a combination of something. I will mention two occasions. For example he will come home from school and has these plans that he is going by friends six houses down to study or do something and he does not even know if that mom says okay yet and then he knows I have to leave in 10 min to pick up dd from school. I am ready to leave and yes the friend is saying come over but yet did not ask mom yet and I tell him when we get back he can go over he flips out. I say I'm leaving and let's go . I open laundry room door and head into car and this is after telling him let's go five times . He hits laundry room door and opens it and it all angry comes into car crying and asides I slapped door in his face when he was still on couch. And then you are the only mom in the world that acts like this and crying. I state my case and say I can not and will not leave you to go to friends if the mom has not said okay. We will be back in 20 minutes and I told you you can go then. Tears coming down angry face and I am the only mom ever to behave this way. I have learned to ignore after I have stated my case or at least try bc he will keep going and arguing. I take the insults and drive and then within 15 to 20 min he calms down and acts like it never happened. Ended up not going to friends because friend had to study alone and that is ok for that mom to say that!! But I am evil and was perfectly fine rest of day! Then today. Ds Has chosen to shave head at school for childhood cancer which I am really proud of his decision . Dd tells him before dinner that you are going to look weird. Dd is 8 and ds has the long flip to the side kind of hair. So this is one of the first times dh sees this bc he always hears my story but not around. During what is supposed to be a nice family dinner ds says she is saying that he will look weird and stupid and that she is dumb and doesn't know anything not even two times two( dd is having a harder time then him with multiplying) . So bickering begins I come out of washroom at that point and say seriously this is dinner stop the fighting and let's eat nicely. Ds starts getting teary eyed and said its her fault and then saids you always talk her side even if she would hurt sometime you would back her up. Before this I told him she is young and by her saying weird she meant different. It is going to be a change . I was really shocked with his comment especially since a lot of you know I have been all about ds from the age of 7 helping him and bending over backwards at a drop of a dime every time he needed help. Dd suffered more with being in the back for awhile while I helped him. Dh looked at me and I gave him that look of you see what I mean. I walked into the other room and bc dh was there everything fell silent and went away and ds was all fine and acted like nothing happened. My point is if things don't go his way he gets angry at me and turns into this different person and tears come and will keep arguing till I walk away and then fine after awhile. But he always has this blame on me that it's me who is causing this and making him mad. I have learned to walk away and that is what works but do bring it up to him later at times because this cannot be ignored. He has told me he gets real angry at times and can't control it and that it hard for him. Any feedback would be great. The crazy part is he is the sweetest kid and has a heart of gold. Actually dd is more of my way or the highway type of kid and he is opposite . I wish I could help him control his outbursts. Why am I always the bad guy at those times and then the best mom ever who helps him feeling good as he says and tells me to not stop what I am doing! Mar
  4. Do not give up n matter what anyone tells you. You are doing so good and now so much more early on that I knew. My son had the eye blinking tic which come and go for years starting at 4 . Have you looked into environmental allergies! Dogs, dust, molds and what not. Mar
  5. Chemar this question is for u and hope u have some insight. My kids had the tics and strep when they were younger and dh has tics so it was always hard fingering out which one is it. Ds is now 11 going on 12 and has been doing well!! Dd is also doing well with tics . They have not been sick this past winter . They have hyperness but we limit sugar and are very stricken with sugar and allergens. Ds is doing awesome with all tics he usually had and his lips actually made it well this crazy cold winter. So dh still tics not crazy but it's their. With true ts I know there are always tics. But with ds being in 6th grade and doing well and not being sick. I always was scared about it getting worst with puberty. I always feared 6th grade and it's his best year ever! He is on clean diet which we have cheated on here and there and introduced new things and he is ok. Was and could this still be ts? He does have lots of energy at times but is getting good grades and really trying with no eye tics, mouth tics his main ones. Mar
  6. Long story short but very scary and still wondering. I went in for a urine test bc was getting pressure in bladder and more frequent and urgent need to urinate. Urine came back positive for Mrsa!!! Okay drag my kids in in with in hours of results and they are negative thank god! But dh comes bad positive and doctor says he may be a carrier ! My worries about strep seam long gone and would rather go back to those days not really but seriously !!! I am showing clear now after 10 day course but we are awaiting dh result! What scares me is after the first positive result she said there is nothing to really do with a carrier. We usually don't treat unless he has symptoms. Doctors kill me bc seriously I have two kids and wait and see is wounds do not spread to Mrsa! When you sit and wonder how can things get worst caboom hear we go!!! Cross fingers and hope dh is okay bc stress comes my way. Mar
  7. Has anyone dealt with Mrsa. Mar
  8. Has anyone dealt with Mrsa. Very curious. Carrier state or what not.
  9. You are not alone at all! To think back of opening my eyes every morning and rolling out of bed and wondering if I could do it and have to to it and thinking how am I going to deal with this again and wanting to cry and locking myself in bathroom to cry it out so I can come out and continue. Researching for hours and hours and as a mother that fight is there even though it is so hard. I had no help and support. It was me against helping my dear boy. It does get better once to see improvements and you kind of know what could be the cause. You learn and you know so much more as they get older. Ds who is 11 walked into my room in the morning and said his lips are bad which makes him open his mouth which made me panic but got up has his eos and now that he has been eating pineapple which hasn't had in years and look at him and tell him it's okay and put this on cut back on that and he is fine. Hang in there!! Be strong they need us!! And you are not alone!! Mar
  10. My boy had the blink which was so hard to watch. When he was young it came in fall and spring. When he was 3 he would bling in fall for several weeks and then go away then as he got older it would happen in spring also. If you have no family history then defiantly look towards allergies/ sensitivities. Milk is a big one. I did not realize the connection till he was eight with all his sensitivities when tested. Your boy is young and I would test for food sensitivities now. Clean diet and eliminating sensitivities helped my boy . Mar
  11. Continue doing what u are doing . You are doing great and u will not see something in 2 weeks. It took months. Their bodies need to adjust. Getting rid of dyes and preservatives is so good. I also did salt bathes. I did dairy and gluten free Also at the time. You will see set backs and wonder but keep going it does help in the long run. This was me when my boy was 7 and he is now 11 and is doing great!!! Not sure if he is taking probiotics but definitely through that in. It could be a long haul but it does help. In the beginning there were so many setbacks with tics and everything . Every child is different but the healthy diet and salt baths helped my boy and his tics are not here! Mar
  12. I completely agree! Going gmo free and in my case revamping diet and sensitivities and allergens due to years of destroying gut has helped so much. Just spoke to son today how so many kids are gluten free. This is crazy how many kids are suffering. To all do not put your child on meds until you dig further.
  13. I am not one to say much but why all the meds??? Klee59 I would not do it. How is that medication making him feel. He us telling you he does not want it. My ds is 11 and has had OCD and had very mild symptoms now but I just wolUld never medicate him especially if he does not agree. Maybe he does not want to do the meds because the meds are making him feel like crap!! Ask him why!!! These children that are put on meds we need to listen bc they might be making them worse . If my son questions it I would also. They are smart and I feel they need us. I would listen to you son. Mar
  14. Once again how old id your dear boy! My ds was 8 back then and he is now 11 and doing so much better. Tics got better because of diet and not referring to them. But diet is what helped the most! Mar
  15. Hedgie One can never say it will go on forever. Every one is different. I don't believe you grow out of it without trying something. My dh has ts that never really brought the radar on till ds had symptoms . We controlled my sons with diet. Years of diet has my son at 11 doing so well that he is way better off then dad. Dh tics but ds is doing awesome. You just don't know and you can't compare. You also can't sit back and what to see what happens. This is from my experience. You need to find out what is causing it and making it worse. Do not dwell on the ts diagnosis. If your child is young it could get better. My son was horrible at 8 and tics and what not and now this past year at 11 he is doing well. Diet made a huge change. Bc of dh I assumed he would always be ticking but he is different and doing well because of diet!!! Mar
  16. I had a neighbor that said well he's just a carrier so no worries as I was like put this kid on antibiotics and was guarding my house several years back.
  17. We do culterelle with him when we rember. My son would get a lot of strep throat also throughout his childhood. I do think and know that strep was the evil thing. But I never did the blood work for him shame on me but this was because he was also showing so many allergy symptoms and I consitrated on that and just cleaning out his system. In the past two or three years he only got it once and he has been sick free for several years. Yes I did natural calm magnesium in th beginning and he liked it but then didn't. This was the powder form. I can't recall why but stopped it. I did Epsom salt baths which he liked a lot and help calm him along with the tics. I also would put it in the foot soakers like those girlie pedicure foot massages in water and he said it helped him to destress. The magnesium salt helped a lot to relaxe him. I beleive we started at 1 cup melted in microwave with water and put into bath and have them sit in if for 15-20 minutes. Drink water with lemon if okay during this but it is supposed to be a great detox. He loved those times. He would always say it helps and he would actually ask for those bathes. He would come home and tics and anxiety I would see are up and he would ask for the bath. This is totally out there but will never forget my ds coming home from school at 7-8 years old and his lips would be all red and all around and I took a camomile tea bag warmed to his lips that I learned from chamar on this site that would help the pain . He looked at me with these bright blue eyes and was so happy that it helped the pain and said mom can you stop my mouth from opening. He would constantly open his mouth bc of red and painful lips. That is when I looked at him and my world changed with I will try everything and anything to help you. The road is difficult in the beginning but it will get better!!! Mar
  18. I implemented dietary changes to what he was reacting to his igg blood work and skin pricks. I basically put this kid though boot camp! Also eliminating all sugars and dyes. High yeast and an actual allergy to yeast at the time. I put him on a probiotic and also at the time drinking raw coconut and salt baths. Pasquale61 I feel you and I had that feeling of I will never give up!!!! My son had the eye blink and eye roll which I don't see much of now and am very greatful. My son has had the the stomach or abdominal crunch which lasted a while and broke my heart at the time but it will pass! My son always did baseball and basketball and you are truly reminding of what he went through at that age. I think nerves did not help. At that age him doing the stomach crunch during basketball gave me so much anxiety. My son got better and I assured you it will get better. I addressed the allergies not saying it was the cause of the tics but everything got better. Just cleaning everything . He is now 11 and there are no stomach crunches or eye rolling things have improved. Keep going and don't give up! Mar
  19. Hedgie Please pm me. My first question is how old is your son? My son at 7 and earlier but got worst with motor tics and more and when we got him tested molds and pollen were huge!! Also dog allergies were big. Never got the shots bc was afraid how it would affect his tics. They recommended allergy shots for dogs but I was so scared at the time with tics that we didn't go through it. I truly believe that allergies and tics could be intertwined as in my sons case.in the beginning in sept he would have black shiners around eyes in the fall. Another interesting point you make is my ds would sneeze every morning like 30 times. I got used to it but realized that it was not normal. One on diet change things turned around. It took a while but things got better. We took all dyes and sugars out also. Please pm me if you have questions. Mar
  20. The first thing I would recommend is stop referring things or talking about the tic. I am not sure how old your son is but that could truly bring on more tics. My son started with tics at a young age but I never referred things to the tics alone. My son dealt with the hard wink and many more over the years. I know from experience that if you draw attention if just makes if worst bc they can't control if and then they stress bc you notice it and they try to hide if but they can't. I yell about less video games and stop eating junk but refer it to being healthier and that it's not good for you . Yes going to bed can be a struggle but I say you need the sleep to stay healthy and strong or bc I said so. My boy will be going into puberty soon so I wonder also. But drawing the attention to other things I think are better and less stressful for the child. No one wants to talk about there tics bc they are so much out of their control . If you work on other factors like you mentioned and or diet in your case if will be so much easier for him. We all when on a cleaner diet and did not just make him have to be the only one to change and if helped. My ds is getting to the age where he grabs that bag of chips and basically finishes if and is the fridge looking for more and more . Mar
  21. Yes have definitely seen this in ds at that age during basketball and baseball. I think it was nerves and anxiety for him and ds was so excited to play and if really broke my heart to see him like that. I truelly felt that it held him back. The good news is after been on diet and watching gut that he got way better as he got older, he is now 11 and does not tic during basketball and doing great in baseball. From what I know earlier on if was garden he was going through so many changes with diet and tics were there but if you stick with diet and we limited sugars and dyes he got better over the years. He still gets stresses and hyped before a game bug does not react like he did when he wax 9. Maybe he knows how to handle the adrenalin now. If does get better! Mar
  22. So as long as I know my mother in law which is like twenty years she always complained of stomach pain. Not that she dwelled on it and was absolute but but I remember hearing comments from father in law that dh cased the pains from stress he put her thru. So 4 or or three years ago when I was going through a lot with kids she went to doctor and had Bactrial infection that she took meds for bc finally got scope and mentioned to me she has infection. From what I know his mom always had stomach issues she couldn't handle acidity foods and watched what she ate. I knew she was finally doing better bet when I brought her in I found out it was h pylori that she was dealing with this whole time. Let me remind you that dd is gluten sensitive but not celiac. But dh gets blood when he wipes and has and always had stomach problems that he has lived with. His stomach is very sensitive and truthfully from half he tells me he never is solid and always deals with pains . I always feel like he is the third kid that should help himself but he never does. He does bleed. It's crazy! Mar
  23. Nola every single tic and white tongue reminds me of my ds at that age. Test him for food allergies and sensitivities. My husband has tics but with ds diet changes i trulely believe with the results it's not ts. He is now 11 and I just know its food and artificial things and sugar. It takes a while and it's hard but keep digging the effects will come. He still struggles at times but it goes away within days. Reading your post brings chills up my spine.
  24. My ds had all the sinus, ear and coughing issues at the same age of 8 . I though of walking ammonia also but never got him tested for myco p! One thing you always have to remember and be true to it is that you are not going crazy!! Every single one of these mothers probably feel this way as did I for so many years but that is what helps these children. When a mom thinks she is going crazy that's bc she is truly helping. We did diet but then mold was in the picture too. I would suggest to make sure there are no food sensitivities or allergies. Food sensitivities and allergies helped a lot. Basically total detox and starting from scratch helped so much. And watch the mold. But in our case food and diet was number one! Mar
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