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  1. Hi TicsGoAway - Thanks for the advice. He wont eat spinach but I can try using a quisinart and adding it to a meal that way. He's so darn picky and non compliant. I don't want to flip out on him and make things worse. He has a nut allergy so I can do seeds or nuts. He really gets no magnesium in his diet at all. Can't eat nuts, wont eat fish or beans. Won't eat spinach. Wont take supplements. I'm really so discouraged. Maybe I can get him to eat some dark chocolate as I understand that's high in magnesium.
  2. Hi Chemar - As always thanks for the quick advice. Its appreciated. I have tried the baths and creams when he was younger and a bit less aware. Hes getting older and more aware. Becoming increasingly difficult. I'm really at my wits end. I need to figure out a way to slip it into his food or drinks.
  3. Any advice on how to get my 11 year old son to take magnesium supplement. I tried odorless, tasteless version of Natural Calm and he even noticed that. Mixed it with a milkshake and he noticed the grit. He wont take a pill. I'm at my wits end.
  4. Hi Skylar - We have Zyrtec at home. Ill give it a try.
  5. Hi Shiela - Thanks for the reply. Yes he lives with me full time. No other significant changes over past few months other than bringing dog into home. Could stress of dog being brought into house be the trigger? Its been a month at this point. He did have flu-mist and two vaccines about a week after dog arrived however tics started prior to that. He stopped complaining of sore throat so we did not bring him to doctors for strep test.. Waxed and waned over holiday break.Back at school today.
  6. Hi Wombat 140. I will look into the Haymax product. Thanks for the advice. I picked up a Hepa Filter. Also considering installing a high end unit into our heating and cooling system. I so regret bringing a dog into our home, What I thought would be such a wonderful experience for my son has turned into a nightmare. On another note - He has been complaining of a sore throat is very stuffy so perhaps the tics are a result of that. Many of his classmates have Step throat. I hate to say it but I'm hoping he has strep which may explain the recent tic explosion. That would mean his Titers are high and fall under PANDAS category? Am I correct with that statement? I have always suspected PANDAS because his moods get dark when hes ticking.
  7. Hi Shiela, Thanks for the reply. I'm suspecting puppy because tics started back up a few days after bringing it home. I'm really kicking myself for making the decision to get a puppy. Something I thought would be so wonderful for my son has really backfired and turned into a nightmare. I'm not sure if getting rid of puppy will make thing worse as he really loves it. Puppy is a labradoodle. No shedding and hypoallergenic. that's why I picked that breed. Puppy came into house on November 20th, Tics started approx. 6 days after. Puppy is 3 months old as of this week, does not sleep in sons bed, Stays mainly in kitchen area. He did have flu mist and two vaccines after puppy had arrived but he was already ticking at that point, I'm so sick over all of this and having a real tough time coping. Doing quite a bit of pleading with god at this point. Don't feel like doctors are any help. Does anyone have any experience with a pet being a trigger and if so how was it was handled. I'm thinking of installing a Hepa filtration system in house. Maybe that will help with toxins and allergens. Also thinking of an anti-dander shampoo for the dog. I'm so lost right now. Just going in circles trying to cope, maintain my job, my marriage and figure it all out. Thanks
  8. Think I figured out trigger - however it may be to late to do anything about it. I'm really kicking myself. 11 year old son hadn't had significant tic waxing in nearly two years. After a year of consideration we recently brought a puppy into our home. My son has been waxing since we brought the puppy home. I'm so upset as I'm almost certain the puppy is the trigger. I will have to break his heart if I get rid of puppy. I feel so defeated. Thought we had this licked.
  9. My DS on ABX for almost 40 days now. Last night he was so sick. Vomiting, diarehea....Just awful .....All night. I was wondering the ABX could be ruining his gut making him more susceptible to viral issues. He gets a probiotic. Maybe I should increase probiotic. My spouse wants him off ABX. Thinks its the culprit.
  10. My DS has been on ABX for about 30 days now and I'm noticing his teeth looking a bit yellow. Is it my imagination or does this happen,
  11. Are there any side effects to be concerned with or to look out for regarding the following? Long term ABX AntiViral (Valtrex) Magnesium Citrate Thanks in advance
  12. Believe it or not I'm actually the dad. Don't see too many dads on here. My spouse and I are on two different pages regarding this which makes it that much more difficult. She just thinks it will all pass. Thinks behavioral issues are just that, All behavioral. She yells and screams till the cows come home. I literally have to beg her to try meds and supplements. If we where on same page it would be so much better. However part of battle is with her. I'm really at my wits end. Doesn't buy the whole PANDAS thing at all. I'm always trying to protect him. She looks at it like I'm being too easy on him. Its a complete role reversal from most marital situations. Very difficult.
  13. Thanks 3Bmom. Dr. prescribed 500mgs. 1 TSP PO BID for 10 days in addition to maintenance dose of Biaxin every other day. I'm going to fill script and give it a try. However I'm concerned about dyes and sweeteners in liquid compounded form.
  14. Will Coxsackie cause PANDAS like symptoms? I don't want to do a 10 day course of Valtrex if its just a shot in the dark. Also, has anyone had Valtrex compounded? My DS will not take a pill. Has anyone had experience with Valtrex? Thanks
  15. Dr wants DS on a 10 day course of Valtrex along with maintenance dose of Biaxin. Also wants to continue probiotic. Tics still there after almost 30 days of ABX. I was so hopeful it would work. Maybe the coxsackie is the problem. Starting Valtrex in a few days. DS cant take pills so we have to use a compounding pharmacy. I feel like we are just guessing at what may work. I feel a bit helpless.
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