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  1. This is a true and amazing find for me and now consumed and wondering if there is a link . So all of my dh childhood was you caused your moms stomach aches and probably had ulcers bc of him and tics. He always got blamed for his moms stomach issues with his parents and assumed the stress with him caused it. It's said but it's all he heard. As you all know my children have gi issues and allergies and tics even though they are doing great!!! But took dh mom in for upper gi testing a couple of days ago and was reading her chart and she was positive for h pylori!!!!!! Several years ago when she finally got antibotics to treat her stomach issue I was so happy she was feeling better better. She said she had a bacterial infection in stomach but I had no clue what kind!!! Could this have caused issues in dh as a child with his moms infection for who nows how long and now could this have caused anything for my kids and should I get them tested?? I have been reading a lot and seen it could mess you stomach up and do havac with your gut and bring along allergies and sensitivities. Could it travel from grandma and husband and now kids. I am so curious!! I have no clue how to bump to other forums if anyone does please do so. If anyone is familiar with h pylori please let me know. Mar
  2. My son used to do the eye rolling during allergy season. He would say his eyes are watery or itchy and that would bring it on. I agree with cj60 also. There might be a particular item that is still causing issue. Give probiotics. Mar
  3. From what I remember reading is that steroids can make things worst with tics and stayed away. Ds was to be put on them years back because of crazy allergies and pre ashma . I chose. Different route with diet so never took the steroids . kept my children off them. My kids also described that they felt like something was in there eyes and they would touch there eye. Very interesting bc dd would always say something is in her eye . Mar
  4. Thanks and am happy they are doing well with no tics. I think I am the crazy one that always worries!!! 911 running into ways and what not is typical for ds here and there! Mar
  5. Yeah! Eyes were dilated today and kids did well! Dd was actually milking it (she does not were glasses). She is like I can't read my homework I you are blurry and totally fine with it! I think she enjoyed what it felt like to not see well. Crazy ds said he could see fine but kept asking what are they doing next. He though they will put a needle in his eye I say no it's just an eye exam! His comment was and I am still laughing is that who knows you probably want to get your money worth and they are going to put needles and who knows in my eyes! He was calm but really worried. I said would I lie to u and he says you didn't warn me about the dilation so who knows maybe you are not telling me so I don't freak out. He asks if I am coming with them and said he wants sister to go first. So good thing no tics! But realized how bad ds worries and thinks the worst where dd is like whatever. Mar
  6. Chemar thanks for the warning!!! I can't wait no longer for this exam and I am real nervous . I still wonder to this day if my kids are true ts or pandas! The symptoms go back and forth and they are doing so well with ticks due to diet and not getting sick as often it's just makes me wonder what is truly the cause. My question now is how long did the tic last after the dialation. Was it hours , days, weeks! I have seen ds with tics that last days and weeks depending on the issue and I or let's say we have them under control when they do happen. I am trying to find out how much this will set him back if he does have this done. Any info would be great? Mar
  7. Jet mom ( couldn't) remember the rest of your user name. Do not give up my ds was 7 when this all started so their is definitely hope. Did you do a food sensitivity test? You are are way ahead with eliminating all these things which I didn't do till after the fact. All those things are bad in general and you are starting off great! Yes stress will make it worse. Think of me with eliminating 20 something things when my dear boy was 7 yes it was hard and very stressful for him but I think if you stick with what you know and have the whole family be involved eventually it helps him. It takes a long time depending on his allergens and food sensitivities ( in our case) to see a difference. Sugar I remember was just not good. But it takes years and you deal with the tics as best you can . I am not sure which ones your dealing with but it takes time. My ds at that age was mainly red lips and eye blinking and we found ways to help. Pm me or let me know if you have any questions. Ds is now 11. It does get better! Mar
  8. High fructose corn syrup I look out For like crazy and then you see those lovely commercials that it great for you. Yes like gluten and other sensitivities get them out for months. We did nine months for certain things and longer that is bc I was still working on his gut. But several years later he is able to have cheese products, tomatoes, watermelon and basically introduced one food at a time and by that point knew if he doesn't react he's good! Those are the fun times for ds bc it's like yes I could have this!!! And yes we had the moments of no lets hd offfor a couple of days. Of course let me mention that non of these foods were truely life threatening for him and if that is the case do it doctor supervision of course. Mar
  9. Why do decisions have to be so hard!!!! Chemar you make me totally not want to do it bc kids have been doing so well and do not want a flair!!! Then 911 says it was fine!!! . I which life was a simple yes or no and I know every child is different but do I want to take that chance when things are so good?? Will have to look at different opthos bc I just don't want to mess things up. Thanks Mar
  10. So set an appointment at new eye doctor and they say that they diolate pupils with eye drops to do exam. Told me they will not be able to participate in sports or do homework that day. Some may still feel it the next morning. Okay so my question is has anyone does this and is this okay . This is an optho that says its standard procedures. I have had this done like 15 years ago and it was not fun for one who had no clue about the test and had to drive herself home!!! Is this test nessasary! I have two weeks and wondering. Kids are doing well , am I going to panic them!! Any info!! Mar
  11. Thanks chemar ! The price looks great and doesn't have any allergens. Will have to order some tomorrow! Do I have to supplement with calcium?? Mar
  12. This is long overdue but I just want to thank everyone on this forum and the whole forum alone. You have brought so many good things into my child's life. When he was 7 was when everything feel apart he is now 11 and doing well!! I would of never known to test my child with allergies due to tics and many more things. Food allergies or sensitivities that helped so much. He is doing so great with tics and he is so health conscious and is learning to know his limits as we introduce new things. He just got picked to be on the hometown part time travel baseball team and is so excited!! There where times where I didn't think this would ever be possible but thanks to you great moms and all your support and info you have helped my ds and helped me realize with a little extra work does make a difference!! Mar
  13. I am interested! Please pm me with any info. Mar
  14. So ds got thyroid tested again all looks well. But then his vitamin d test was a little low. I guess it should be b/t 30-100 and his was 34. Doctor (nurse) said supplement 1000 a day for 3 months and come back for another blood test . Thanks for the help! Anyway I am kind of surprised since we just had summer. Should supplementation of vitamin d correlate with calcium? Just wondering??? Mar
  15. I guess I am totally opposite . When my child stated ticking and I found out about all outdoor allergens and all food allergens or sensitivities I went full force!! I eliminated everything for nine months if not more depending on what it was. Actually it's been years on everything ! . So when I hear two weeks of no dairy or gluten that does not do anything. You really have to see the whole picture and try for a yeer or not more depending on your child! There are things we hold back on like eggs and peanuts that he has not had! Beans and others but his tics have massively improved! My husband says he was bad in 6 the grade with tics and hyperness and ds is doing the best ever in last couple years.
  16. Emik mom this took a long time for us. There was no two weeks or two months or getting close to two years. Eventually once they are truly on there diets and eating better you will see it. This is due to all outdoor and food allegents and sensitivities. In my case the gut is and was a huge thing for my boy!! We got it better and he is doing well! He had 28 food insenitiities on his igg and then dozens of allergies on skin pick. Eliminate and watch gut ! He is in sixth grade and basically 96 percent tic free and happy..
  17. Grace under pressure, I my son had all other door allergens just like you stated plus &&&&&&& . I know he was younger at 8 but he went through not wanting to shower and during a certain period cried to nave to shower. Please dig further into food allergens or sensitivities it has helped my boy do much!!!!!! My boy has OCD and his way but the tics have gone away 95percent!! You really need to look into foods in my case. Try foods, talk to mr me if u would like. Mar
  18. Yes sugar is the hardest! It is in everything and there is no way to eliminate 100 percent . With ds he had so many allergens at the point of being 7 . You are doing a great job and don't stop bc it does not happen overnight or in a month this was a long process that is still continuing 4 years later. Sugar is just bad but always remember one does not expect miracles. We did a whole allimination of eggs,gluten, yeast, peanuts , peas, milk, and pretty much 20 more things he was sensitive to bc of skin pricks and igg results. I know he had candida. The tics came and gone throughout the years but defiantly don't last as long, he had eye blinking which I haven't seen in three years and eye rolling which is once again could never complain of and shoulder shrugging which is after several years of diet that comes at times of stress but goes away within weeks . He is in baseball and basketball and I think it is totally stress related. Also let me say during that time he tested for all outdoor allergens. Mold, grass, ragweed,pollen all were real high and told at seven that he is ashma prone. I had doctors telling me he will have ashma and others trying to have me put him him on singular for 3 months and I was not okay with it. I just felt like this is not okay. We started total diet allimination with was very hard!!!! But ds is now 11 and no ashma which freaked me out and tics and overall health is so much better. Ds does not as has not taken any allergy pills in4 years .we tried it for several weeks with Claritin for his congestion in the beginning and it didn't work. We tried zantrace and no help. Diet helped him tremendously! Ds did loss weight and has a hard time gaining weight bc of his chance with eating! I learned to not worry he is 11 now and 5 foot 4 and weights 91 pounds . It took him a long time to gain weight but I know it's due to what he eats. He lost like 4 pounds due to his restrictions and had to gain that back and then some. To answer your question about giving in at a party. Yes in the beginning I let him have a plush horse cake slice at a party bc I was thinking really he always had this but did see the side effects . When you have been doing this for a while even a month you will see if it affects him and then you go from there. Back in the days it did set him off and made a difference but today he has cheese products and soy products and as long as he limits it he is good. I think with the whole plush horse cake he was just truly messed up with yeast bc I remember him looking At me and saying he does not remember anything and he seamed really confused and to the verge of crying. Since ds does not get the true life threating episodes it is amazing how things show up with behavior or congestion in his case or tics. Weeks or months will not give you the results for a quick fix. Four years later if he over does a certain food it will cause congestion which can lead to tics but he is doing awesome and he knows and listens to me with things that could set him off. He is in 6th grade and is doing great! I have learned that tics will not distroy my child! He does have symptoms off add and went throughout so much with diet and I actually know that he is stronger then me!!!! Don't give up bc you will eventually see a difference . Trier and error will teach you many things. Every child is different and you will learn if you continue.
  19. Are you eliminating dyes and preservatives? And the main one is sugar! All candy was out of the house! That was real hard with dd. candy sickens me. If there is a gut issue all this needs to be eliminated along with gluten dairy corn. You need to start from scratch and take all sugars out and dyes. It was super hard I will not lie but I think that's what helped the most! If your children are young all the better to get them brainwashed with sugar is bad. Mar
  20. This is interesting. Ds son had like 36 one his results years ago and was put on ferritin sup for six months bc that was borderline . From what I remember over 40 was okay. No restless leg for him but I get it occasionly. Interesting!
  21. I agree with hugs2day as to I always had ds shower to wash off allergens especially when he's playing outside and tumbling in grass. We also have hepa air cleaners one in basement, one on 2nd floor in hallway and recently bought one for his room. I never open up a window in his room! All outdoor allergens will get in and that's where he sleeps! In my case I think that is an absolute no no if you have all the outdoor allergens. We have used quercitin but in his case eliminating and watching food sensitivities helped him truly!!! We get the hiccups with him bc of stress but so far he bounces back quickly . From I have learned is that with tics there is a cause. Don't ever give up. There is something that is having bodies react. With 4 years now with both children I know how their bodies react to things and its crazy and amazing at the same time. Mar
  22. My ds has all those outdoor allergies. We have helped him with allergy symptoms and tics is going on a diet with eliminating food allergies and sensitivities. All dyes and sugars make a difference. His lips are the main problem during this time of the year. They get red and he cannot stop licking with brings on tics. So bought him some lip balm and had him limit dairy and the things he knows and within days he's better. He usually uses aqua 4 for lips but bought him eos mint flavor and it totally calmed him down within 12 hours and lips are good for now. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Mar
  23. Look into it. Hacking and coughs can be allergies! In my case I would red class it and go go crazy bc it does make a difference!!!
  24. Cara Yeast overgrowth and allergy and inflammation is what my son had along with 30 food sensitivitites and allergies and possible ashma by age 8. I don't know how old your child is but stick with it. But do not turn to meds. We eliminated pretty much everything and rebuilt his immune system and thar is what saved him. All allergies and sensitivities and dyes and preservatives. It was harsh not easy but no asthma and no allergy meds. He had all outdoor allergies and was miserable with that and tics and has been doing awesome. It is amazing . He i a completely different child! He is now 11 and he is doing great. He is on all stars baseball and is recruited for travel and the only reason I bring this up is bc there is hope and keep fighting. He has not ticked Much at all he gets anxious and stressed out. But is controlling it. the tics are gone or really controllable which is awesome!!!!'m
  25. Sinto mom. Yes there are ways to help. Tics are a sign that something is not right. Ds was real bad at 7&8 one thing to look in to is diet!!! This is what helped my children! Allergies sensitivities and basically taking out preservatives made a difference cs? I have been on this forum since he was 7 he is now 11 and doing awesome with tics!!!! Nerves and excitement are always there but he has been doing well with the ticking!!! These emotions used to bring on tics but not no more. He is on all stars baseball going into travel and coaches are following him and he is doing awesome. Never give up !!!
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