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  1. Yes take a look at the books recommended but I believe that dairy or any food your child is sensitive to can cause issues. My dd was dairy free for a couple of weeks and had a slice of pizza bc I was like seriously she has had this her whe life what can it do and she was wired!! And when I say wired I mean she was like watching someone on fast forward. That's when I looked at DH and said something is not right. So in my option who knows. It could be anything. And I have seen food reactions in both my children in regards to behavior. When we were getting dd off of sugar years ago that was a sight to see. I think she was 4 at the time dropping to the ground and screaming yes!! That's when we got rid of all candy and when she didn't see it there was no choice. Mar
  2. So I called 1 ophthalmologist today that I got off a list of Ci doctors. It was just weird. Let me explain i asked that I wanted an eye exam for ds and the person on the phone said do they have lazy eye or an issue and i asked if they test for ci b/c I am looking for a more deeper exam then just the regular and she paused and asked someone and said yes they run a test for that. At that point I didn't even ask about the test and how they proceed if there is an issue bc I could feel that she really did not know what ci was. What do you ask these doctors when making an appointment?? Do U specifically say u would like a test for ci and ask how they proceed if it's positive. I know there was one mom ( sorry can't remember name as I am writing this) but they did an evaluation for over an hour and this lady tells me yeah they run a test. Basicallg what do you ask for at the appointment setting and how do you know sufficient tests will be run. I don't want to waste money and time. Mar
  3. Thanks for replys. About the lemon balm i have the tea form. It seams their is no actual lemons which is good. I wanted to try if for just overall aniexty and mind is all ways going for him. He sleeps well and never dreams so no nightmares. Anytime you mention something bad like if he sees the news and sees that people died in a car accident or whatever he wonders and has lots of questions. He over things things. They talk about ghosts at school and I can tell hs thinks twice about going upstairs and all hallway lights need to be on. About rescue remedy maybe I should call. I bet he would be fine but j always feel the what if... Thanks mar
  4. Thanks he does have pollen allergies also. The weeds, grass and trees. So if your son was ok on it maybe I should give it a try. Thanks. Mar
  5. So I ordered rescue remedy kids version and was going to try it on ds. Have been hearing about it on site and on dr oz. it's made up with all this stuff. Do any of your children have rAgeweed allergy? Ok I am afraid to give bc I want to make sure he doesn't react in a bad way. Also stupid question on lemon balm tea. If ds is sensitive to lemons is it ok to give this? He is just a ball of anxiety. He over thinks everything and stresses a lot. Should I just try these or what would be a good thing to give for stress. I think stress causes a lot of his symptoms. He is a worry wart!! Mar
  6. Thanks for the replys! He is sensitive to milk. He has been having cheeses and things but not actual milk and doing well. It would cause congestion. we limit milk products. I truely can't imagine it being the milk. He was so much better today. He is sensitive to peanuts so can't try the peanut help. Does not look sick. Ugh!!! How can one day be so hard and then so better the next. I am starting to wonder could if be bypolar. Mar
  7. This is something I have not seen in ds in three years. I get gluten free Mac and cheese with cheese ingredients that he has had in past with other things. I don't know if it's the cause bit it all happened after but it's impossible I feel bc he has had those ingredients in other things. I was actually watching dd more. Anyway he had a breakdown within a half an hour. I send him upstairs for raising his voice and talking back. I go up to his room within 30 minutes and don't see him. He is under his bed curled up with pillows and blanket! This is not right. Have not seen this behavior in three years. Ask him to get out and he is all miserable. He eventually gets out. He eventually comes out of room and is very against his sister. Just starting fights with her . He tells me she can never do wrong even if she killed someone you would back her up and act like she is innocent which really threw me for a loop bc ds was my number one focus for years and j feel like dd did not get that attention and I have been backing her up bc I can tell she felt left out but would never show it. So he comes out and is just angry at dd which really reminds me of how he was 3 years ago. So ds has baseball tryouts today that he was excited about earlier. He gets frisky and complaining and dd throws his baseball hat down the staircase and he flips!!! Her dance jacket is laying there and he flings it into her room along with crying and raging and screaming at her. Once again he was just saying how cute she is with his motorcross helmet on earlier this morning. He goes back in his room. I find him in his closet with several pillows and blankets could barelly open up the door. He is crying and covered in pillows and blankets. I ask that he comes out and talk. Like I said 3 years with this behavior. He mumbles I treat him like a dog. I am like what! And then he saids I have having the Mac and cheese again it's not bc of that it's his sister who is driving him crazy. To hear your child say I treat him like a dog even though it was mumbled is harsh!!! I have spend the last three years of my life researching and dwelling and changed the whole household with diet. So he came out eventually bc i showed him a funny video online and he went to tryouts and did good. He got mad at dd later at night but DH was home and he looked at me and kept it under control. I will see how tommorow goes! If all is well i will try that Mac and cheese to see what happens. He passed out at 8:15. I hope he is not getting sick. Time will tell. But definately a crazy day!! Mar
  8. I just purchased this too for ds but am afraid to start it bc I have also read how powerful it is. Trying to figure out what does to start at. If anyone has any info or any experience on using this please give suggestions. Mar
  9. I have heeded great things about lemon balm and gave it DH years ago and he said if does make him feel more relaxed. Quick question ds is sensitive to lemon tested years ago. Should I try the tea? Would that cause an issue bug he sure needs something to relax him. Have been debating. Mar
  10. Please keep reading and I'm sure someone will chime in. My children are a lot younger but do not listen to ped ignoring you. There is a lot out hear and I pray you find answers! Mar
  11. This might be completely irrelevant but it just hit me today and I wonder. Back in the beginning with ds the homeopathic doc mentioned that his shoulders are uneven. To watch scoliosis. Got him checked out several times and ok. Ped did the whole bending down shirtless several times bc I made her and everything looked good. Then several years ago DH is getting fitted for suits and the seamstress says his one arm is longer then the other. Of course DH is all flustered and thinks she is crazy as she is trying to point it out. Anyway to my point. I am doing dd hair this morning with the little pony on top and ask her to keep her head strait and it's tilted to the right when looking in mirror. I now remember her head always being tilted to that side since she was a toddler. I always remember telling her to just Stand up strait and her head would always be tilted to one side a bit. I guess what I am trying to ask is that I know I have read about jaw misalignments and what not and how those can cause issues. Has anyone experienced this. When I move her head to put it straight she tells me it's not straight. With the whole DH thing and ds I just wonder. Mar
  12. Dd at that time would also ride her bike to the park ( if you compare it to city blocks about two) I dreaded it bc I knew she wouldn't make it . Half way through she said legs are tired so had to carry her and try to carry bike back. I was so confused on how her legs always hurt. If it wasn't for ds and all his issues I probably wouldn't of caught on eith her issues that were causing her pain. Yes and I now recall when she was 1 and 2 and there were nights that she would cry and it was a painful cry that would last a week and then go away for a month or so and come back. It was just weird there was no pattern which made it hard to detect. As she got older it was more frequent. She was able to talk and point to ankles and Knee and would just cry out with pain for hours at night on random days. So she is sensitive to wheat and we got her tested for celiac which she is not. But the milk too with being sensitive. Within a week it was night and day with belly aches and pains. I don't know Lilly if you read my post years ago but dd was dairy free from what I remember not very long. She went hyper crazy when I gave her cheese. Even ds looked at her and said what is going on. Food can help a bit but I do think there is more. Sugar is our worst nightmare and I cannot say this enough. This is one thing I back up 100 percent. I'm not sure how much sugar you dd consumes through her food in a day but it's a constant fight here and does the worse damage. I wish it never existed!! Mar
  13. I truly believe in leaky gut. My ds son had it and probably still has symptoms but doing much better. He was sensitive to all the nightshade family. Tomatoes, potatoes were off limits. I always wondered why a lot of his sensitivities were in the nightshade family. I do believe that it could also bring on pychiatric issues. He was suffering with depression and anxiety at the time. We eliminated all sugar which would make him either very hyper emotional and what not. This story is close to home bc it reminds me of dd you was complaining of leg pains which started out with screaming at night that eventually were causing her to not be able to do activities in the day like running, riding bike when she was 4. She would say my legs hurt. My legs are tired! The breaking point was when she had a hard night with leg pain and then running after ds and she would take breaks every 5 min to say she has to rest her legs bc they hurt. In the meantime she would complain of belly aches throughout the day that would would come and go. I was so sick of hearing growing pains from doc and belly is fine. She went gluten free and dairy free and it worked within days. She runs and jumps and never stops. She might complain once in a blue moon that something hurts but I also found out with my own eyes that she is extremely double jointed which can cause pains in individuals. I think diet helps a lot and I believe a lot of these chd ten have gut issues especially with All the shots they are getting and antibiotics if they are sick a lot. Mar
  14. The list of doctors I found were listed under ci doctors. Dont recall where i dound them but ut was under some ci link. So thanks for the heads up I will definetly call the office and ask what type of treatment they provide If ds does have ci. I do not want to waste money and have to go to another doctor. Thanks! Mar
  15. Thanks for all the replys!!! I still have this gut feeling that it's more. Last year his lextile score for reading was absurd extremely high and he had to do a book report on it which was torture even I would not read this book book and was confused and then his score fell like 200 points this year. I just know and feel that reading is hard for him. He ignores it to the point where I say you have to read for this and that. He has a log at school where If he does not read 60 min a week he stays in for recess and I stopped reminding him of it and he stays in and says whatever. I feel that he totally ignores it. I see that he would sacrific recess for not reading which is crazy bc he is very active. I do see add in him. It has gotten better as he gets older. There is the clumsiness , spilling things. We go to the library with dd and he comes along and I show him books and no mom I am rereading my diary of wimpy kids. Also with his rolls or tics that at times correlate with reading and focusing. It's very interesting! Mar
  16. Just a quick question. I have ds lined up with an pediatric ophthalmologist. Is there a difference b/t behavioral ophthalmologists? Should I cancel this appointment? What is the difference? Mar
  17. Thank you for the replys! Now I have more questions. There was a couple of weeks where I sat down with him and I would have him read his reading book to me. he would skip a line of or at times be like where was I. He does not like to read out loud. Says its better if he reads to himself which is fine. Jhabe asked him if things are blurry says no. So I get progress report and ds is getting a c- in reading which is the lowest grade ever for him. I ask why he doesn't bring reading book home and says he forgets and then goes to say its boring. He says it's not interesting. I tell him he cant read about motorcross or hockey his whole life and that he is entering jonior high next year and will have tons of reading. He is having the not interesting And zoned approach. I will make an appointment to a opthamologist. He does have aniexty so not sure if this would cause it. What are the symptoms you see as a processing problem and could they relate to his issues. This is where I feel like which way should I go. I guess if it was all so simple we all wouldn't be here. But it's not and we need to see where the piece of the puzzle goes. Question when I make an appointment to a opthamologist is that like a regular eye doctor apt which tests for ic or do I need to specify the CI test. I would rather not mention concerns to see what they say. I feel that if I mention concerns then they are going to automatically say yes he has it. Thanks again and hope everyone stays well!! Mar
  18. I am very interested on this topic. And if it wasn't for this site I would not even know what it is ever!! So thank you!!! Ds was first child so never had anyone to base his reading skills to until dd starting advancing so much at his age. So as ds has gotten older he hates to read. He is 10 soon to be 11 and hates to read. He does wear glasses for about 1 1/2 years basically needs them for reading and chalk board. But what I have noticed throughout the year is he struggles with reading which makes homework a struggle. He can't find answers In paragraphs. At times I have him read several paragraphs and he does is like hurts him and says I don't know the answer and I say it's their and he will and catch it. But I feel like he depends on me too much. I will recheck his work and be like this is wrong and he will be like oh yeah and will make him reread a paragraph and will find it. Basically I feel that he just does not comprehend what he reads. He has always been a strait A studend but since I backed of these past couple of years his grades have been slipping. Then I notice recently which I have seen many times before but assumed it was a tic that he does this eye roll that looks to me like he is trying to focus. it's not constant only when he is trying to focus and figure something out. He is in fifth grade and will only read diary of the wimpy kid.. He will not read any chapter book. He says his teacher says that those books are okay but to me it's half illustration and those are the books he always gravitates to. There are times where I am just talking to him and he does this side way roll of the eyes like he is thinking about something and trying to focus. This eye roll is not constant at all. But we struggle with reading and he avoids it constantly. Studying for a test is a struggle also because he just wants to read the study guide one time and say he is done. We argue that he needs to study longer and he has gotten f's on tests several times. Basically I think the struggles and fights are bc he doesn't like to read. These have to ci symptoms I am assuming but you know what you hear boys dont like to read. Maybe it's not his thing! But when I see school work being affected I feel it's not just liking to read. and then DH hates to read. Ds asked him something and he wouldnt do it! If anyone could chim in with ci and reading issues of if this sounds familiar. Mat E
  19. Sorry Lilly I can't recall what j researched years ago and since he. Has been on then a couple of times over the year I had to bite the bullet and request a certain kind. I was watching the dyes also that are in them since he is sensitive. He has tics so I examined everything. In my situation I just know when he hAs them tics OCD and what not gets worse. Ii now know its not dyes but am still wondering about mold and yeast affect which I think for sure. Or is it the sickness and stress! I think yeast is the number one culprit. My kids can not handle sugar. I have not had actual sugar in the house for 4 years. I could go on. Mar
  20. Just want to point a couple of things out if it helps. I think ds had yeast issues bc of all the antibiotic used. At the time he actually tested allergic to yeast!! His blood tests came up high for yeast also and this is when he was suffering greatly with not stop congestion/ sinus infections for months. Which what did they do but put him on more antibiotics for sinus infections and allergiest said he might have ashma and would not test him for food at the first meeting! He had mold, rAgeweed, pollen and all out door allergies and when I mentioned food she said no bc does not have ezema. Inhaler in hand and out the door. I think yeast was killing him. Like last mom mentioned we took the 28 foods he was sensitive to and yeast out of his diet. That helped a lot. No sinus infection since then going on 3 1/2 years. To this day he eats nothing with yeast in it. And no ashma!! Back In the days I didn't know about probiotics. But then he gets hit with strep and going with no antibiotics for 7 months or more and being put on them for twenty days just kills him. I think his gut gets messed up again and not knowing what is really in those antibiotics. His OCD and aniexty goes up and it's hard to get back on track after antibiotics. He does so much better when he does not have tk take them. I think everything is in the gut and I stay away from antibiotics like my life depends on it until its absolutely needed with strep and the 104 fever that won't go away after 4 days. One has to give in at times. Doctors drive me nuts and I still wonder what would of happened to ds if I just medicated him for months on end with singular which is what I was told to do! They just see a sinus infection or stuffy nose and throw any drug at you but I feel you have to dig deeper. Mar
  21. I remember looking into it years ago with him and antibiotics and mold. From what I recall certain ones have mold in them. I would question the doctor and of course they would say no. I don't understand how some parents are able to have their child on ativiotics for long periods bc I can't with him . I always noticed behavior changes but did not realize it till he was seven and did some research and yes yeast plays a huge role I think. He was on antibiotics 23 times by the age of seven and I believe that is what messed him up with yeast and what not. I think they completely mess up the gut and if they have mold then double whammy for him. If she is having reactions to the antibiotic I would for sure look at yeast and mold. Mar
  22. I had a friend whos son had a test done like that and he had his anoids taken out. I can't believe they did nothing with the sinuses!! He was constantly congested and sick. When they ran the test his breathing was 80 percent affected. When she had them taken out doctor said they wear huge. Mar
  23. Lilly It's been a while! I am so sorry your daughter is not doing well. I just wanted to point out with the sinus infections. This is where it all started with ds. He was constantly pale, nasal swelling, post nasal drip, sneezing Like thirty times each morning. Was on antibiotic three times I believe in a couple of months and nothing was helping. Had no energy and was told he is pre ashma. Which I was told he will probably have ashma. . Funny but how in the heak could you do a breathing test on a kid who can't breath out of his nose bc he is so congested! He struggled for months with this non stop congestion. This causes other issues obviously bc he felt like crap. You have ran so many tests good for you! I am not sure if you did food allergies or sensitivities with her. This is what helped him. It's interesting how you said she gets bad on antibiotic with the stuffiness. My ds always took Motrin his whole life (high fever child) and then all of a sudden he would get completely stuffy and have massive post nasal drip and sneezing. Has not taken it since that last episode. This now goes to the molds. He has a mold allergy and through some research a lot of antibiotics have mold which would freak me out when he had to be on one. His doctor has no clue and I chose to keep it to myself. like the last mom mentioned I would look into mold. Last year we found mold in our attic. We built our house and who would think! It was pre construction mold and supposedly not active since it was not growing. We got it fixed!! Ds has not had a sinus infection in 3 years since put on diet for food allergies and sensitivities. Also I don't know if this is helping but since the mold in attic I have been keeping the humidity in the house low and have been keeping the heat at 66. This might sound cold to some but I have read that low humidity and Lower temps keep mold and viruses at bay. what I noticed in prior years when j would keep it at 71 with the humidifier on some one would be congested! I would get nose bleeds in the shower bc my nose was so dry. None this year. Both kids have made it so far with no congestion or sinus infections this winter (knock on wood) . DH husband complains that it's cd and so do kids at times and believe me I am not cold tolerant but I say put on a sweatshirt and be happy that you are not sick! Basically she should not be congested like that. Look into what she is taking, this could be causing it. From what I experienced with ds I was told to put him on singular for the next three months and that made me mad. he has all outdoor allergies and has not taken any meds bc his diet is controlled which is not fun but heck if it helps so be it. Email me if u have any questions. It's been awhile but I needed tk take a step back. Mar
  24. My side was me having strep all the time as a child. Out of 4 kids i was the sickly one. No tics but after learning all this I believe I had some OCD I had and have axiety and what not. DH has the tics. He never new what strep was. But then his mom had ruthmatic fever and has OCD . No tics from his mom and dad but do see OCD and axiety. He has 1 sister who is tic free he remembers having a bad sore throat in high school and he never went to a doctor. He says it went away and when he was younger if he did get sick his mom would give him a pill and that was that. It was an anrubiotic i find out . His parents have OCD and our just perfectionists and this is what he grew up in. But where the tics came from I just don't know in DH case??? Mar
  25. Curious about metal detox and kpu? If u are trying to fix vitamin deficiency is this something you need to look into with metals? Sorry new to this and wondering? Mar
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