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  1. Yes my son was ticking at that age real bad. I got him tested for food allergies and sensitivities and did a full blown diet. He had candida that I didn't even know about at the time but yes years of very strict diet did wonders!!! It took years and yes he was sad but I am grateful that he was young at 8 and adapted and listened. It was extremely hard on him and myself but so worth it bc now at 13 he is doing well and eating 3/4 of the foods with no problem! Let me know if you have any questions .
  2. That's crazy with the tests and now my little boy is 12 already!! Time flys! He was sensitive to so many things when 7 there has to be a test and Check for yeast and leaky gut.
  3. Crazyness with my boy

    Chemar merry christmas !!but a true thank you really you helped my boy or helped me to help him. It is truly amazing how this site helped him!!! I will always a remember how much this site helped him. The info and i sites guided me and am so thankful.
  4. I totally disagree. My child did the food intolerance blood test which is the sensitivity test and that is what helped him. I think igg test please read my posts bc that is what helped boy. Food intolerence can be tested through blood!! That is what helped my boy.
  5. tics changed dramatically

    I will always say that foods cause problems. In my case it always some how relates to foods. Please take a look at my posts but just want to mention Halloween time and crazy candy will set my child off. My dd will be doing sowing and just scream or not scream but vocal sound . Ds never really did it. But if she is off diet that's when things come out. I truly need to get back with kids even though they are not that bad. Food controls our household and makes it livable or not. Then the fight of taking it away. We are gf and dairy free and all dyes and preservatives. I am five years into this and have been more leanent and will tell you I am ready to run back with sugar and food sensitivities. You tell kids it's okay to broaden the spectrum and they take advantage and I basically have to pull it again.
  6. Nightshade family was also everything ds was sensitive to and we did elimination for a long time in begging. Now is able to tolerate.
  7. I truly feel for you it's the hardest thing ever. My boy was 7 when things got real bad and for him it was truely gut help!! I stayed away from any meds and did a whole did thing.
  8. Epson salt baths

    Obviously you are a concerned parent or else you wound not be on this site. Please have him stay away from mountain due or any sugary drinks. Salt baths are always calming here but they won't help if diet is bad. Look into what he is consuming.
  9. Crazyness with my boy

    Chemar thanks for reply!! Yes 24 hours or more of no sleep I was yelling at everyone. I feel so bad for him with all he has dealt with from a young age. He is doing good which is good. He is an Active kid who loves sports and now have to see what he can do:) have to line up appointments with specialists for kidney.?
  10. My boy through up Monday night at 1:00am and was having stomach aches the next morning Then fever came in the day and stomach aches increased. Took him to ped and ended up in er with appendicitis. Had surgery and then find out he has one kidney. This was harsh and I have dealt with harsh but this is hard. Everyone one who knows me or anyone please chime in please!
  11. This is so interesting to me and once again shows me how foods effect my children. Dd has been milk free for years and doing well. Don't recall when we started to introduce it but know it went downhill from then slowly. Basically milk affects her moods swings and makes her more prone to arguing. But what really is interesting is this coughing. I know she had a cold a while ago but had this coughing that lingered. Yes knew to get her off milk but I kept putting it of because she is enjoying all the foods with cheese. Never had an actual glass of milk. Went to creamery a couple weeks ago and had a Oreo blizzard bc brother has had one and basically that is where I new I could nail her with this is not okay. She got a stomach ache halfway through and started coughing really bad a day or so later and said I need to see doctor a couple of days later. I could tell the couch was tic like if it makes sense but never coughed during night. Her voice was getting scratchy the next day bc of the coughing it was sad. I really started wondering if it's bronchitis or something in her chest. I always had a feeling it's the milk before I take her to doctor so for 50 cents a day dd agreed to go milk free (. I am a sucker and desperate to try) dad gave her another 50 cents so she is rolling in the dough. guess what within three days her coughing is like 75 percent better! So basically the milk is causing all this issues. Her coughing is now at 90 percent better. It is so interesting and crazy how milk can cause issues that others would not realize. It causes tics in my daughter. I can hear the rhythm in the cough and sniffling and it's crazy how it's a food item that causes it. She is doing so much better we also took some more sugar out that ds is bringing home. It's not bronchidits and her voice is back and she knows she is feeling better. A week later with dairy free she is doing great. I feel like I have made her suffer for months but it just progressively got worse. Tics come from so many things and foods seem to be a big one here. Hope this can help others. Mar
  12. Pippi congrats and I totally agree with you. I had and have the same situation where diet completely helped my kids. You found the triggers and am so happy for you and your child! It is hard work but when you see results it is truly priceless and totally worth it! I do the same with packing and home cooked meals but the benefits are amazing.
  13. Very proud

    Thanks chemar and always thanks for the guidance you have given to me throughout the years. You are a big part of where my son is today. Along with the many caring parents. But I will always remember your wise words and comments that kept me strong. Thanks !!
  14. I just feel like I have to tell these stories to give hope and encouragement. My boy was bad from people who have read and know. He had a baseball game today and did awesome. He just turned 12 and rocked it at pitching and slammed the ball out during hitting!! He got the game ball and best Mother's Day ever!! This is a boy who at 8 kept striking out and just had so much issues and went through a lot. Life is amazing . I still watch him and trust me have fights about diet and sugar mostly. It will always be a struggle that mom is crazy. Dd was trying to open up a v8 at grandmas house and literally has no clue how to open a pop can. My kids never drink pop and I felt guilty but then said no I don't care! I always hear so and so does this and that and I don't care. Never give up. Never give up hope and continue what your doing. happy Mother's Day to all!!!
  15. Beerae22 things will get better!! I have had so many of those days trust me where I just wanted to curl up or I just felt this is the rest of my life. It is not get back into it and you have to keep living and have that strong attitude. My mAin deal was with ds and when dd would not go to first gradewithin two weeks of screaming and crying and me dragging her out of car and what not. Basically things will pass . It is a struggle but do not give up. Help in he way you can and don't be hard on yourself .