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  1. Hi, My son hasn't actually been "diagnosed" with tourettes but has suddenly been exhibiting more frequent tics - blinking,humming,facial straining etc...We took him to see an environmental physician in St. Louis a few weeks ago that didn't say much, but suspected a Candida overgrowth and sent us away with Nystatin, Candida shots (I have to give him weekly) to desensitize him, and a probiotic. His diet guidelines were very vague and often contradicting with the Candida diets I see online/books. My son is 8 and although I will do anything for him, he is a child and needs a varied diet especially when surrounded by kids at school. So, I was wondering if all this is worth it. Thus far we have been off sugar (except for some whole fruits,) gluten and dairy. The stuttering got better initially, but came back yesterday....not sure why. We still deal with the earlier mentioned tics. So, as we are on a wait list to BE on a wait list for a pediatric neurologist....I am in constant research mode to do something in the meantime to help. I'm driving myself nuts with "what can he eat!?" Just curious if anyone has done something similar and if paleo would be a better approach - excluding grains. Thanks!
  2. Hello. I am hoping to get a recommendation for what kind of physician I should contact. One of my triplets (boy - age 8 years) has been exhibiting tourette-like tics (without having been clinically diagnosed) and although I can be put on the wait list to see a pediatric neurologist (5-6 month waiting list,) I see the symptoms increasing and it scares me! I was wondering if was best to see an environmental physician or a naturopath - or they one in the same? Please - any guidance would help! He started with excessive blinking and here and now: sniffing throat clearing humming severe stuttering (past month) eye rolling and facial grimaces (this morning) licking of lips (very chapped) jumping holding breath Thank you!
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