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  1. Maybe have an IgG blood test done for food sensitivities/intolerances. It’s a finger poke and tests a large group of food. We had it done thru our naturopath, but I do know Everlywell has one you can order online directly. We did it for my child and removed the listed foods and the stomach aches and vomiting went away. Not saying this works for everyone though. Good luck!
  2. We are on Nystatin to keep yeast away. It is working, but I am worried once we stop the medicine, it will come back. What has worked for your child to keep yeast away? My child can’t swallow pills.
  3. Quan_daniel I know this is an old post, but wondering how your child is doing now?
  4. Hi Chemar, Thanks for this! When you click on the link it says not found. Can you copy/paste it?
  5. Thank you so much Sheila. I really really appreciate your response!! I am focusing on a super clean diet too and hoping it clears. He sometimes takes Claritin for outdoor allergies so will add to his morning routine for the antihistamine properties. Thank you!!!
  6. Limemom how is your 7 year old doing?
  7. Tropea22, I may look into this as well. Thank you Chemar!
  8. Tropea22 did you ever find a liquid B6 vitamin?
  9. Thank you! I haven’t heard of these. So you put them in lamps and lights in your home? Especially in lights in areas where computers are used?
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