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  1. Thank you Chemar. Did things eventually settle?
  2. We are just back from vacation and my child had a lot of gluten and dairy. A new vocal tic has popped up as a result. We are home now and am trying to reset things w supplements and food. Has anyone had this happen before and if so, how long did it take to get back to baseline. How did you get back to baseline? It’s so upsetting. Things were very mild and stable prior to our vacation.
  3. Thanks Chemar! This is a great article. Appreciate you forwarding the link. We are doing vitamin d, magnesium glycinate and b6 (p5p form). We are seeing good results. Things are very mild. It’s good to know that NAC could help too (if needed). Thank you!
  4. @JulesYou how is your son doing? Have you found anything that helps with the vocal tics?
  5. Magnesium glycinate and b6 (p5p form) has helped with motor tic reduction. Not sure about vocal tics
  6. Conanjaguar Are you seeing success with tic reduction with those supplements?
  7. Did the mg make him tired?
  8. Ok thank you so much Chemar!!! I found an article about that combination as well. What type of magnesium did he use? Was it a gradual reduction and does he still take the combination? thanks!!
  9. What about mg and B6 (p5p). Has this combination helped?
  10. Has anybody’s child had a tic increase while sick with the flu? Did it settle once they were well? Any help appreciated! thank you
  11. Do those old print Latitide magazines still exist. I have a hard time finding information from Bonnie Grimaldi. Did she retire?
  12. Chemar, How did Mg and B6 help your son? Does he still take them? Thank you!
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