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  1. I agree, the positive that he is a more understanding and empathetic person is wonderful! For the supplements he took was it due to bloodwork showing deficiency? We had some blood work done recently and some deficiencies popped up. We are now working to increase those thru supplements and it seems it is helping. Can that really be happening? Wondering if you saw such a thing.
  2. Thank you! Did that tic eventually go away or are you always having to stare in the distance at an object?
  3. What helped your child with eye tics? If you found something, how long did it take to work? Thank you!
  4. Chemar did the supplements help during puberty?
  5. Does anybody notice a tic increase while eating? Why would that be?
  6. And then do people see that it settles more after puberty is over?
  7. Thank you Chemar. So happy for him that things are going so well! It’s also nice to see that things progressively got better as he got older. What a hopeful post. Thank you!
  8. Hi Chemar, I was wondering how your son is doing now with TS as an adult? How does he manage it? And if it got better as he got older, what was the age your saw things change? Thanks!
  9. What great news Nate! Glad your child is doing well. Thank you for the information on what is working for you. Do you think it could be salicylates?
  10. CBIT can help with vocal tics. You can find an OT that teaches a competing response.
  11. Does puberty help tics lessen?
  12. Hi ThreeAngels, You could always make an appointment with a PANS/PANDAS literate Naturopath and discuss with them. They may be able to help navigate things for you.
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