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  1. Hi all, Wondering for those with older kids, how did the tics manifest as they got older? For those with tics that either disappeared or got very minor, when did this happen and was it gradual? Also, did they continue diet, vitamins and watching chemical exposure load after it was getting better? Thank you
  2. Thanks Chemar! After treating for yeast did you see a difference with your son’s tics? Was treating for the yeast something you did daily over a long period or just once? I will check out the link. My son is doing pretty well but has a small humming tic. Can’t seem to get it to go away. Hence wanting to research yeast.
  3. How does one check for yeast imbalance? What foods “feed” yeast vs not?
  4. Hi, my DS10 was just diagnosed with MTHFR c677t. I know this can cause histamine issues and the need for B6, B12 and folate supplementation. Any recommendations on how to do this for a 10year old ? That is —- b vitamin ideas/brands as well as ideas for histamine reducers? Thanks!!
  5. Any recommendations for doctors, ND or other practitioners to help with tics in the Seattle area where your family has found success?
  6. It’s been quiet on these boards the past few weeks. How is everyone doing?
  7. Yes. 1/2 to 1 cup Epsom salt in his bath water nightly for about 10-15 minutes.
  8. Thank you! Yes he responds very well and I’m glad to hear that others have done nightly baths too. This puts my mind at ease. Will continue to ensure he drinks lots of water and will watch for laxative issues should they arise. Thank you both!!
  9. My ds (10) takes nightly Epsom salt baths for about 15 minutes and is doing well with them. Is nightly too much or should we do every other night. So far nightly has been fine.
  10. I haven’t heard about essential oils and their benefits. How do you apply them? I’m so happy for you that the essential oils are working! Regarding food, we had a naturopath doctor (ND), do a food intolerance test. It is a simple blood test that tests for food intolerances (IgG). The test she ran was FoodStats Antibody Assessment by US BioTek Laboratories. It tests 96 foods. Gluten, dairy, eggs and sugar are big ones for us and it helped to removed them. Keeping a food diary helps too and writing down reactions to food. You’ll hopefully start seeing a pattern with some foods. Gluten takes awhile to get fully out of the system. We are watching salycilates too. Epsom salt foot soaks or baths help. We also have just started seeing a functional neurologist and they have been giving my child exercises. It seems to be helping but it’s too early to know for sure as it’s only been a few weeks. For us, it’s been a multi-tiered approach based on things I’ve read on this wonderful forum
  11. Thank you. Do abx help with inflammation issues or is there another way to address? blood draws are very stressful for ds. We even go to the Children’s hospital and it is still difficult. the PANS/PANDAS doctors want to run a large quantity of blood tests and it’s impossible sometimes to get it completed.
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