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  1. I think it takes many weeks to get gluten and dairy out of your system. I can’t remember exact length, but I do think it’s longer than 2 weeks. Hope you see some tic reduction soon.
  2. Chemar do you have a good recommendation for a non fish oil omega 3 supplement that won’t cause histamine issues?
  3. Tropea22, I’ve heard this a more readily available form of omega-3, although it is fish oil to Chemar’s point. Are you liking it as a supplement and are you seeing any results?
  4. Kuma Have you tried removing dairy as well? We removed dairy and gluten and found it helped reduce tics. We also removed eggs as our child had sensitivities. And sugar is a big trigger. Also, we went to an alternative doctor and had a stool test done (GI Map is a good one) as well as food intolerances blood (finger prick) done. It helped identify problem foods we should remove and the stoool test showed some gut issues we needed to address. Some people like the OATS urine test as well. Testing along with working with an alternative doctor has helped us as we heal our chi
  5. Hi Deb22, Did you have remediation and has it helped?
  6. Quan_daniel I know this is an old post, but wondering how your child is doing now?
  7. Hi Chemar, Thanks for this! When you click on the link it says not found. Can you copy/paste it?
  8. Thank you so much Sheila. I really really appreciate your response!! I am focusing on a super clean diet too and hoping it clears. He sometimes takes Claritin for outdoor allergies so will add to his morning routine for the antihistamine properties. Thank you!!!
  9. Limemom how is your 7 year old doing?
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