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  1. Hi! I’m happy to see your comment as well, it’s great to find people who can do the same thing as me but especially people who are doing it in 2020 :)) I agree; my head often feels as though it can’t stop thinking, both during the day and at night. Like you said, everyone thinks it’s really cool, and it is, but it can get incredibly frustrating and very tiring. I’m glad to hear that you also rearrange sentences and words to make them into a ‘good’ length; it makes me feel a bit less weird and less isolated! And it’s really interesting how you count the pen strokes in letters. I’ve n
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  2. kimballot

    New Hope New Year

    Hello fellow PANS/ PANDAS parents. Some old-time folks may recognize my name. Others are likely unaware of the struggles my family has endured for the last decade. I found this forum in 2010 after a H1N1 hit our family in the fall of 2009 and my son was hit with yet another PANS exacerbation. He was 12 years old at the time and had struggled with chronic sinusitis and Pans for much of his life, though the preceding 5 years had been relatively quiet as a result of a 2007 tonsillectomy. The H1N1 set off a major immune response that led us to Dr. B in CT who found a large muscle in his et
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