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  1. If you're in a high radon area, I suggest a realtime monitor to give you better information. The test kits you mail in are ok, but they sure miss a lot; particularly the spikes in radon concentration usually seen when the temperature dips in the winter. I have the Airthings Corentium Home Radon Detector and it works well.
  2. Go boilers! I had finals many times in that building where their lab is. Here is a link to the overarching study as well. ENIGMA-Tourette Syndrome « ENIGMA (usc.edu)
  3. I am curious if anyone has noticed any side effects from chelated magnesium L-threonate supplements that might be good to keep a lookout for. I took the dosage that was recommended to my 9yr old and noticed that it started messing with my heart rhythm.
  4. As a building scientist, I notice a huge misconception about the public's perception of mold. Most always focus on extreme cases of "black mold" where the person has been living in a major cesspool of spores, but the vast majority of cases I see are marginal situations that simply deserve a simple cleaning and an adjustment to interior air humidity control. Moreover, it really surprises me when I see someone super concerned about a small amplified area of spores on a window pane condensation, but are not concerned about a whole host of more troubling IAQ problems such as: burning 10 scented candles, pumping febreeze into the air constantly, scented cleaners, radon, high voc paints, wet dogs on carpets...etc. The list goes on.
  5. I notice my daughter's increase in tics the day or two before cold/virus/etc symptoms arise. This has happened at least three times since school got back in session. The tics do go back down. In fact, they almost completely disappear if she's laying in bed sick all day. Will also mention that I notice loosing teeth doesn't help. Any slight infection/inflammation seems to aggravate tics.
  6. You may not really be eliminating the mold and are adding a touch of fungicides that maybe you're reacting to.
  7. Sorry for not seeing this sooner. My daughter's TS flare had lasted around 6 weeks. It prompted us to become more proactive about TS (visited naturopath, did research here, had a useless visit with a neurologist). What worked really well for her was a 1.5 cups of Dr. Teals Aches and Pains bath salts in a bath every other night. I kid you not, she went from vocal tics and head shakes 15 times a minute down to 3 a day after like the 2nd bath. This is lower than pre-shot frequency. We also got her on probiotic and enzymes to fix some GI issues (long term loose stools) based on recommendations from the naturopath, and it has definitely worked but i cant tell if that also improved the tics because the baths were already working at that point. Regardless, we have been in a good place for at least 4 months now and don't want to change anything.
  8. While I cant comment on mitigating TS from mold exposure, I am a building scientist and you would be surprised at how many homes have mold issues; even the new ones. A lot of times it may be marginal levels of mold that might not affect most people, but I suspect will be a trigger for those who are sensitive. Oversized HVAC systems promote condensation on the ductwork in the summer by short cycling, combined with poor duct layout, and it is SUPER common for HVAC contractors to improperly oversize a system. For example, when I had my AC replaced, 3 out of 4 quotes included systems that were WAY oversized, because none of them actually ran the proper calculations, and maybe some wanted to sell more expensive systems. As the OP has found, a whole house dehumidifier can really help control condensation by controlling interior RH independent from the AC system. A whole house air scrubber can help too but you do have to be mindful of the effects of ingesting ionized particles (not really studied well). Another consideration would be in-room HEPA filter systems. Condensation can form in some really sneaky areas aside from marginal HVAC systems as well such as cold water plumbing pipes. anyhow, just my 2 cents from the building's perspective oh and if you havent already, seriously consider having your tap water tested and give some consideration to whats in it. There are some really good mineralized RO filter systems out there.
  9. Just another few data point for you all, my 8yr old experienced a sudden flare in her TS tics within about 8 hours of the pfizer covid vaccine #1 in November 2021 which lasted a few weeks. For me, when I got my Covid booster in November 2021, an old lumbar spine L4 nerve compression issue that I had (and had not acted up in the previous 8 months) flared within about the same timeframe (8hours) of receiving the booster. Not saying not to get the vaccines, but there is definitely an inflammation thing going on.
  10. We went through two tries of a high quality Suntheanine and also noticed a waxing of tics in our 8 yr old. We tried it on our Naturopath's suggestion.
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