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  4. What helped your son with mouth tics?
  5. Hi MLee I agree that Cognitive Behavioural Therapy was very beneficial for my son in many respects, especially with vocal substitutes etc But some of the "mouth tics" can also be involuntary motor tics - which is a little harder to apply those principles of CBT to I think?
  6. CBIT can help with vocal tics. You can find an OT that teaches a competing response.
  7. Does puberty help tics lessen?
  8. Hi Silver, Im glad to hear the tics are fairly mild. although i understand how hard it must be for you to go through this with both your daughters. We also have a appointment 27 July for a evaluation with a therapist. Most days i get so frustated with myself that i let the tics control my life especially at moments i catch myself only seeing his tics instead of the amazing boy he is, and it makes me feel like a bad mom. The good thing is he never says anyting about his tics and is very happy indeed, i also noticed many times he is not aware that he is ticcing. I wish you wish you all the best with your daughters.
  9. @Deanit how are things going? My daughter continues to have tics, but I find them to be fairly mild in that they aren't distracting to her day to day life, people haven't said anything to her about them and they don't bother her. Currently she has a left eye wink, bottom lip stretch, slight stomach contraction that makes her hunch her shoulders over ever so slightly, her left big toe is constantly moving and a throat clearing/grunting sound (very hard to describe and I haven't been able to mimic the sound myself). I hope you are doing well!
  10. Hi @madimi - sorry to hear about the eye rolling tic. As I mentioned in previous posts my 12 year old started with that in January, after a couple of weeks it went away, then re-appeared in April, now it's gone again - the occasional multiple blink of the eyes, but nothing like what it was (for now). Her throat clearing tic however is another story! My 8 year old still has frequent tics, but have stayed fairly "mild". She is still doing a left eye wink, bottom lip stretch, slight stomach contraction, and I've noticed her left big toe is constantly moving. She has a throat clear/snort type sound she makes, it's really hard to describe, but that's the worse of all of them right now. I try to keep positive, some days are better than others. She doesn't seem bothered by them. The only time recently she's mentioned any of her tics to me was yesterday when she fell off her scooter and scraped her chin. Unfortunately her bottom lip stretch impacts the chin with the movement a bit, so she was feeling sorry for herself about that tic as it was hurting her scrape, but today she hasn't mentioned a word about it. I do see symptoms of anxiety in her and I find it's getting worse, so I am going to be looking into some therapy to help with that, as from what I've read anxiety can also make tics worse, so perhaps if we can help manage that, her tics may get better.
  11. Welcome to the forum Linda. My son used a mouth guard for a short while when he had some teeth grinding/snapping tics - but it was more to protect his teeth than to control the tics. Thankfully that form of tic didn't last long. There are some discussions on this forum from parents who have had success treating TMJ with specialized mouthpieces- and found it relieved some tics - but I don't know if that would be relevant to what you are asking about?
  12. I hear you. We had gone through the same, after 2 years of cool down, we had a peak 2-3 months ago. And now it went away almost 90%, we are not back to the lowest levels but close. In the mean while I noticed that, while she looks though as nail outside she is disrupted if I get angry with her for a reason and she thinks our relationship is hurt (internally). That’s my guess by the way, as a parent. Then her tics get elevated rapidly. I am now focused on controlling the way I get angry and emphasizing that even at my angriest moment she and wify is my number ones and it’s quite ok that we have these kind of moments now and then.
  13. Hi Mert thank you for your reply. At the moment i feel like we take 2 steps forward and than 3 back. From having very very mild tics for 3 years now suddenly a big rise and i think at the moment we have at least 6 tics active, eye tic a nose wiggle and playing with the air between his lips which creates a sound ( best way explain) and a ocassionally throat clear. I been trying very hard to keep anxiety down been going every day to the beach, at those times tics are almost absent. But as soon were home non top tics The eye roll started few weeks ago very frequent for 2 days and than subsided to mabye a couple times a day, till yesterday again very frequent. So on and all the last 6 months we have seen big increase in tics and many changed form. Im starting to lose hope a little bit especially since i had hopes with school over he would be more relaxed. Well this was me pouring my heart out once again.
  14. I’d recommend controlling anxiety if there is any and spending time with activities that require his/her focus (activities that don’t increase anxiety, ie he is not afraid of loosing the game etc) Tics are very personal and it’s not easy to estimate how long this tic will be around but my experience with ‘eye’ related tics are, they are among the ones that stay the shortest time. Usually they go away within 1-2 weeks (in our case) , but they usually did come back couple of times before they went away for a log time. But again this is my experience. PS: you may already know, but make sure that you really really ignore the tics. Don’t let the little one catch you looking for the tics.
  15. Hi, Sadly my son has developed a eye rolling tic. Mabye anyone advice how to handle this because at the end of the day he complains about a headache! thanks a worried mom
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  17. What have people found helpful to control tongue click and other mouth tics? Does anyone wear an oral appliance? What works for you?
  18. I'm of the opinion that vaccines can be very harmful, however; my child suffered with tourettes/tics for a few years and had never received a vaccine. As posted elsewhere she is now tic free as long as we stay on top of fragrances and diet.
  19. Totally incredible posting! Loads of valuable data and motivation, Author sharing such a wonderful article with us.Thanks for posting.
  20. Sorry Luckyone. I agree with you that ability to participate in normal activities should not be hinged on your personal medical decisions; and also our adult children get to make their own choices whether we agree with them or not, and they get the natural consequences as well. Just to share, I have been here for a very very long time going through Pandas and Lyme etc. We FINALLY hit on our proper diagnosis of functional B12 deficiency probably due to a genetic factor of Transcobalomin 2 deficiency. It is insane that "I" had to figure this out through my own research and can't even get proper medical documentation, never mind treatment, for this "known by the medical community" type of problem. And yes, my daughter's issues started with a vaccine as well. Mercury, (removed from most vaccines in 2000) probably caused her primary deficiency and she has not caught up since. (She is 23). We finally are treating her properly. READ Could it be B!2? By Sally Pochalak
  21. Hi Jacke My son had to have some vaccines for a trip abroad when he was younger - but although I was concerned - his tics did not seem to be altered after the vaxx. However I know some parents have found any vaxx to be triggering, and I wonder if that may be due to the actual immune response rather than the vaxx per se. I say that as some people with tics (my son & dh included) seem to tic more when they are ill, and our physician once suggested the immune system ramping up could be the trigger? Just a thought to add to this discussion.
  22. Hi Jacke, Welcome to the forums. I'm sorry your son has dealt with tics. I hope he is has been improving? As for vaccines, there has not been much research on it. We have a summary in this article. https://latitudes.org/vaccine-research-thimerosal-tics/ It primarily connects thimerosal with an increased incidence of tics for some people. Relatively recently, the preservative has been removed from most (although not all) vaccines. We do not have information on a specific vaccine that might be related to tics. I hope this is of some help to you.
  23. My son is 19 years old now but looking back all these years, his tics/Tourette's started after several vaccinations. Is there a link and if so, is there one particular vaccination that has been correlated to Tourette's or Tics?
  24. Hi Mayzoo! We are looking for Deb and/or the nurse practitioner who used to work with Dr. Rao. Do you know how to get in touch with them?
  25. I have seen the same things in my son a haircut triggers waving his forhead, playing football it triggers pulling up his football socks constantly etc....sometimes i think his brain is on repeat like everyday gestures we do stay on repeat. And i like to believe in the science that the brain is still inmature and will correct itself while getting older. In the meantime i stay alert for any other symtoms.
  26. I value your experience and since (unless allergic or renal issues present) mg is harmless, it can be tried. Given your positive experience I might also retry it in the event of peaks. (I read the hypothesis though wouldn’t consider it as a clinical trial, but still valuable material) I did not read the tic trigger book, so won’t be correct if I comment. My experience is, which is anectodal and should not neccessarly be same for anyone else, tics change so as some/most of the trigers. And for my case I figured out that unless it causes extra stress, repeated triggers can shorten the duration of the tics. ie, Swimming googles caused a lot of tics around the eyes and I tried avoiding them as much as possible. Only after I gave up avoiding them tics went away. Same for voleyball , she had specific tics that started immediately when we started playing volleyball, i kept on playing and they went a way in one week. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts, I think we can learn from each other.
  27. I really don't want to engage in disagreements, as that just isn't why I am here. Nor am I now, or have I ever, tried to suggest magnesium is beneficial to everyone who tics. But when my son was suffering from severe tics many years ago, after horrible effects from the medications prescribed, I found Bonnie Grimaldi's hypothesis on magnesium and other nutrients helping to reduce (not "cure") TS tics. Her initial writings formed the basis for other research. It was life changing for my son! For me, the only result I needed was to see for myself just how beneficial it was for my son. And as I have stated many times, we always worked under supervision of a trusted health professional, and I used my own training to be diligent in checking things out carefully. I'll repeat too what I have said since the start of our TS journey - there are many different reasons that people tic, and many different ways that may help them to tic less. I had only mentioned the Tic Triggers book in hope it may be helpful. So I will just leave this discussion to avoid detracting from the benefits others may find, and wish you only good progress as you seek to help your child as well.
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