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  1. Chemar

    Tic Attacks in Car

    We have had numerous reports here of children ticcing more in *new cars* - but the post indicated this is a 2003 Ford Explorer?
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  2. kdelaney114

    Tinted lenses

    Hi tropea22 - When I was younger i had blue tinted glasses, Lights, screens, paper, etc. I found it to be very helpful for my Tourette’s because the color was so soothing for my eyes. After that I went 15 years without it and am just now getting back into using a blue tint. I’ve noticed it calms me and my tics I nstantly. ive noticed with tics that we are so sensitive to not only our diet, but every other one of our senses as well. For me loud noises trigger me, bright lights esp white, too much screen time and even watching tv will trigger me, my emotional state, different textures of cl
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  3. Hello! I wanted to share some things that I think may be helpful to understanding a part of the puzzle, for some, with Tourettes and also OCD. Many years ago I was an active member on this forum. My son, Daniel, has Tourettes and I have OCD. The very good news is my son is now 19 years old and honestly you would never know he has Tourettes. He is doing amazing. Once in a while I see a little eye tic but that is it (but barely only when he gets nervous. What a difference from when he was 7 to 10 years old). But I want to share with you some insight that may help some of you that I h
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  4. Hi there! I’m 25 now but was diagnosed at 7. I had intrusive sexual thoughts, thoughts of hurting others (these were rare and mainly about the people who took my blood because I was entered into a testing program since PANDAS was new-ish), intrusive thoughts about my parents dying (I think this is where a lot of the separation anxiety comes from for PANDAS kids because I was afraid to say the stuff out-loud in case it came true, I didn’t want them to get hurt I was afraid of losing them every moment of everyday), intrusive thoughts about really bad things happening to my dog (I remember f
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  5. kimballot

    New Hope New Year

    Hello fellow PANS/ PANDAS parents. Some old-time folks may recognize my name. Others are likely unaware of the struggles my family has endured for the last decade. I found this forum in 2010 after a H1N1 hit our family in the fall of 2009 and my son was hit with yet another PANS exacerbation. He was 12 years old at the time and had struggled with chronic sinusitis and Pans for much of his life, though the preceding 5 years had been relatively quiet as a result of a 2007 tonsillectomy. The H1N1 set off a major immune response that led us to Dr. B in CT who found a large muscle in his et
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