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  1. Welcome to the Forum LLYNCH though sorry to see what brings you here. I do want to encourage you not to lose hope! My son's TS tics were very severe when he was 10yo but we found, after going down a number of conventional medication rabbit holes, that there were ways to help him greatly through a more natural approach of nutritional and environmental remedies that reduced the things that were triggering his tics. Do take a look at our pinned threads as there is a lot of helpful info there, especially in the excellent resources of Sheila's 2 books on Natural Treatments and identifying
  2. Adding the invaluable Tic Trigger resource book here as well. Tourette Syndrome: Stop Your Tics by Learning What Triggers Them Guidance on identifying and managing triggers for tics and Tourette syndrome. Includes common triggers, family success stories, helpful resources, tracking logs, and more.
  3. There is also a lot of good info on this on the Irlen website https://irlen.com/who-we-help/
  4. Hi Mayzoo Sorry to hear you are struggling to get medical help with the abx. I am not sure which areas are covered by this thread from before that lists some doctors that members found helpful for PANDAS etc https://latitudes.org/forums/topic/5023-doctors-we-have-seen-who-helped-with-pandas/
  5. Hi greekdude Sorry you have not had a reply yet. I know more about Tourette Syndrome than PANDAS, so can't be of help other than to suggest you look at the pinned threads on this forum as there is a wealth of information there. Hopefully someone with PANDAS knowledge will be by soon to offer you some help
  6. Good that your doctor has agreed to check into this further! Not sure what tests they are running, but do note that if this is strep related = PANDAS then they need to run blood titres rather than just do throat swabs. The PANS forum has a number of pinned threads that explain this in more detail as well.
  7. That's so good that you are seeing that level of improvement :) I did just want to mention that anyone who may also have Tourette Syndrome should be a bit cautious of Tyrosine as, it aids in Dopamine synthesis, and Dopamine seems to markedly increase TS tics....
  8. Hi Barbs So sorry to hear of your daughter's condition. The dramatic changes you describe sound like perhaps they may be PANS/PANDAS related? Here is an overview https://latitudes.org/category/conditions/pandas-pans/ We also have a forum where you may find more helpful info: https://latitudes.org/forums/forum/17-pans-pandas-lyme-included/
  9. Hello Kate424 I just wanted to welcome you to the forum, and hope you may get some replies soon from anyone in your area who may have recommendations
  10. Hi and welcome to the forums. I am hoping others who know more related to Celiac issues will be along soon. I do know we have many posts related to screens and tics, albeit not specifically breathing tics. As I need to head out to work, I will check back later and try to give some links to other relevant discussions and articles that you may find helpful
  11. Hi MLee It takes a very long time to load but it still loads up for me? It's an archived page. I just copied it so will paste it here for future reference too Again the link to the archived page is https://www.oocities.org/torcha.geo/ts_main_bonnie_sup.html
  12. Hi 🙂 I get PMs from so many members who are desperately looking for guidance on this challenging journey to help their children. Apart from being able to share some of my personal experience, and to suggest searching the many helpful threads members have posted here over the years..... I cannot think of a better #1 resource than everything that is on the ACN/Latitudes homepage at https://latitudes.org/ I found the original Latitudes magazine many years ago as a desperate mom seeking answers to help my then 10 yo son, who was diagnosed with genetic Tourette Syndrome with very
  13. Updating here that I found an old archive of Bonnie Grimaldi's original treatment protocol for anyone interested: https://www.oocities.org/torcha.geo/ts_main_bonnie_sup.html
  14. Gradual is best - ie short exposure each day and see reaction to each device. We found using daylight lamps essential, especially with TV and computer/video games that have any flashing. You can get daylight light bulbs at Home Depot etc to use in standard lamps, and there are also more expensive specialized lamps.
  15. Hi We have used them for general gut health, but not directly for tics. They seemed a bit irritating for the Crohn's Disease that my son also dealt with and so we stopped them as supplements and instead used enzyme righ food like papaya etc
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