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  1. makes sense. i am trying to detox with epsom salt balts, drinking lots of water and he does go to the bathroom twice a day. the abx did take away all his symptoms so i keep thinking it cant be the vaccine right if abx brought him back. everything happened so quickly, strep, back to back sinus infections and vaccine..
  2. strep in November 2017, 2 month cough from dec 1 to feb 15. a mysterious 2 day throw up in feb and then dtap vaccine in feb as well. march pandas started.
  3. hi everyone, would abx work even if you cannot identify a trigger? my son had so much happen within a 4 month period ( strep, sinus infections, flu, prolonged cough, allergies , vaccine) that i cannot say with any certainty what his trigger is but he is responding to abx. the vaccine was the one that occurred closest to his onset...could abx work on pans triggered by a vaccine?
  4. i heard peeling fingers and feet are a sign of strep
  5. Is that the same as strep? But maybe in nose? My son got strep in november but we treated with antibotics and then in dec had a 6 week cough. When we took him to pedi for the cough they said his ear was red and gave us antibotics. I think they labelled it middle ear infection. The antibotics did nothing and the cough persisted until it stopped on its own and with the help of allergy medicine. march tics started with some anger issues. He seems to get mad quicker. Tics come and go but throat clearing always present. I can control tics somewhat with allergy medicine but the throat clear always there regardless of medicine. Then a few weeks ago my son got a throat infection/croup and was given steriods. Throat clearing stopped with 3 day steriod but came back. Now last week we went to allergist and he commented on my sons throat clearing and checked his ear and said he has fluid in his ear. Told me he didnt want to give me antibotics but suggested salt water gargle and going to ENT. I looked up fluid in ear and came up with serous otitis media. I read 40 percent of time fluid in ear is this streptococcus pneumoniaebacteria. I tested my son ASO a few weeks ago but it was less than 20. Any input is appreciated.
  6. I keep reading about essential oils. Do you apply the oils on your son?
  7. Been on zytrec but we lessening dose in order to calm his behavior but doesn't have same effect on tics.
  8. My son started ticcing march 25th, My son been on zytrec for a few months and really does help calm his tics by 90 percent but his behavior was getting alittle roudy so we switched to Clartin. Weridest thing with clartin his tics are horrible. Any reason why that is? Isnt zytrec and claritin the same? And why does my son stop ticcing on allergy medicine anyway? Are his tics allergy related. My nuerologist said not related.
  9. I meant to write mask all the tics.
  10. Thats encouraging to hear that your son is so accepting of his condition. When you say the tics are somewhat under control with guaficine would you say there is a 40, 50, 80 percent reduction? I am not at the point i would start medicine but wish there was a medicine that masked all the to s, i know i know wishful thinking
  11. Sorry you are going through a hard time. Were you able to get an appt with a pans/panda doctor? When my son started with tics 3 months ago as well i started him on magnesium gummies, probotic and omega 3. I also started incorporating epson salt baths. I also suspect something with the allergies because it started right in the start of allergy season.
  12. i have a pandas question, did he have alot of strep/ ear infections close to when the tics started? Do you also treat the autism? i never heard of Mitochondrial Deficiency, what are the symptoms?
  13. Shelly76, your son had just blinking for 4 years right? that was his transient tic? Is he diagnosed with anything else, adhd, anxiety, ocd etc?
  14. my son didnt either in front of neurologist until i have him my iphone and then he did.
  15. yes i am using the natural calm gummies, before the gummies i used the powder in his juice. but in order to cut down his juice intake i switched to the natural calm gummies. it is like a guessing game right? hate that there are not better options for these kids.
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