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  1. My2sons, We are vegetarian, so I don't have any experience with organics meats. That's terrible that they are spraying them with gmo during processing, how frustrating! We have found that we thought that she was sensitive to certain foods. We thought that she couldn't have dairy because she seemed sensitive. We also thought for a while that it was the gluten. Soy seemed to cause her to react. What we have found, is that it is just the pesticides, but not the food. She is so severely sensitive to pesticides, that even if she has a small exposure, she will tic. Fruit of all kinds is a big trigger, especially apples. She also has a huge reaction to potatoes that are non-organic. This includes potato flour in bread for instance. Corn is also a huge trigger. Nuts, as well. Now she has no food restrictions at all. She can eat anything as long as it is 100% organic. If she accidentally eats anything that is not organic, especially fruit or potatoes, she will tic until it leaves her system, about two weeks. Some foods only cause her tics for about three days. Now that we have been extremely strict about her diet for several months, she seems to be healing and her body reacts less strongly when exposed to pesticides. Last summer her tics were constant and complex. The longest time between tics was less than two seconds. It was terrible. When we were eating mostly organic, we saw very little change. It wasn't until we went 100% until we actually saw a huge difference. It took a long time to realize what things we kept accidentally eating without realizing. Once we bought organic spices, and organic vitamins, etc, we saw that the tics completely went away. What I realize is that since certain foods are treated with more pesticides than others, we started to think that it was those particular foods that were the trigger. What we found was that it was the pesticides themselves. She eats any kind of fruits, nuts, dairy, corn, eggs, vegetables, etc without reaction. Also, we noticed a huge difference in her impulse control with no pesticides! I hope this helps!
  2. I am new to this forum, but I want to share our success story with eliminating 99.9% of tics with my daughter. I noticed my daughters tics last year, when she had just turned nine. It started with shoulder shrugging and throat clearing and blinking. It then moved onto hopping, jumping and arm jerking. She would often drop things and had trouble reading since she snapped her head back sharply and her hands jerked the pages until they tore. She would swing her arms and accidentally hit people in stores. We did research, went to neurologists, tried supplements, gluten free, dairy free, cranio sacral therapy, etc. She had braces on her teeth, so we had them removed. No change. Then one day this fall we went apple picking at an orchard. That day, and for almost two weeks afterwards, she had the worst tics ever. It got me thinking about pesticides. So we tried an organic diet. After two weeks on it, there was dramatic difference, but still tics. Then we realized: We had to do organic 100%, down to the spices and the soy sauce and vitamins. Everything that she eats or drinks has to be completely organic. And it works!!! Since we have tried this, she is essentially tic-free. When she has a tic, it is mild. Usually we can pinpoint it to a food she ate, like a treat at a school birthday. When this happens, we help her detox with an Epsom salt bath. We have been on this diet for 6 months so I am confident that this is not a matter of waxing and waning. This diet is not easy. It's not cheap. It completely inconvenient. It means that we have to home-cook every meal. We can't eat out. Ever. We pack snacks, lunches drinks etc. Despite the inconvenience, I am beyond happy that we found the trigger. I truly hope this helps someone else!!
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