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  1. I want to mention that it's also not about the gum. It might help for the moment but if you haven't already look into foods. Dd and ds are dye free and preservative free and are both on diets bc of food sensitivities or allergies. I have witnessed connections with foods or sugars that have set them off. I just want to say gum alone will not help ag least in my case. Cleaning out diet and all the bad things and gum helps out tension and stress. I am not sure how old your child is and what else he is experiencing but you need to get down to the real issue. I Am only saying this bc when ds was 7 and people would suggesting give him gum for mouth tics and lips and it would help with stress that did not solve anything. Look into the diet. let me know if you have any questions. Mar Mar
  2. Like ds would say "I follow you". It's a crazy commercial that they think is funny but seriously ds is going into sixth grade and needs this shoot. I am freaking out. What to do?? My son has tics so it scares me. A part of this shot is tetanus which I think he needs because he is all over and who knows with boys. But combination with whopping caugh and the other I just don't know! This is a crazy hard decision to make especially when you kid is dealing with tics and/or with other issues. I am stressed and don't know what to do also. Anyone chime in please. Ds has allergies also so need to look into that! Mar
  3. We use glee gum also. We have not touched any other In the last three years. They all have aspertame and what not but that's my crazyness. Mar
  4. I just want to second the chewing gum. We use this and it does ease the tension for them. Mar
  5. Vocal tics can be hard to diognois. Dd has more of these then ds ever had. She repeats things and does make noises that she repeats. She is I am able to control it and so is she meaning that it could not look as noticable . We are probably lucky but she will make sounds here and there or repeat something or make a loud scream but it is very limited which is what I thank god for. So far she doesn't have the full blown eye tic or licking tick of any any type of tic that causes lots of pain and stress in ds.. She does this screaming tic during homework and has said that eating and sucking on a bannana or something helps her through it . What I have realized is that she feels like screaming threw this homework if she does not have some stimulation by eating a bannana or orange. This is nothing excessive she does it and gets through with it. At this age I never seen this at ds. This is crazy to say but she seems more controlled. Big she is young and we will see what happens. Mar
  6. Just want to point out that there are still no noticable tics. His tics have been doing great since he got busted. But he is very fast and clumsy and all over. But heck at times I will take this over constant tick. I just hope this does not plod in my face. You give one away and take another. In his case I am seek stress sys a big re in his tics especially if he is hiding food intake and lying. Mar
  7. I am seriously freaking out! What does one do!!! Background DH tics and ds does also. Dd does show signs but not the same. She needs expanders in top and bottom for six to nine months!! Her teeth are messed up basically . They can't grow in bc there is no room and j have been letting it go for a year hoping that they will come in and no. She needs this or getting several teeth pulled with the smallest little cute mouth ever. I am so afraid to open up that can of worms . One hears about the good and bad and you wonder and worry with no choice! Arg!!! Mar
  8. I know how you feel. My Heart breaks everytime he tics and that scared afraid feeling of will he be okay?? Could he deal with this and no one better mess with him or else!!! My ds will be ll in a couple of weeks. These kids are smart and tough! He tells me these are his habits that he can't control. He has this open relationship with me that he can discuss so we node and smile. I am glad that he knows I understand. It's stessful for me bc I don't want to see anyone pointing it out!! But I think talking to me will help. Mar
  9. This could all be coinsidential but just want to get it out there. Every child is different. My ds got skin prinks at eight at that's where we found out about all outdoor allergies. He was miserable at the time with constant congestion sneezing bags under eyes and assumed sinus infections with meds bc ped didn't know why he was always congested. Then allergist informed me he is/ cound get asthma. It was a lot to take in. His tics were coming out at this time more then what i have seen in past. Then got tested for food sensitivities and 28 things came back and skin bricks came bad positive for several of those items. My point is get them tested! I would never in my wildest dreams think this would come up. I always though never that foods could be causing an issue along with everything else. The crazy thing is is that the foods he always ate and loved were causing him issues. Eggs, cheese, milk and so on were his intake and to think this could be a culprit shocked me. One thing I have read about many of times is that foods you crave could be foods you are sensitive food. I could be talking out of my a** but I got so sick of ped telling me that my daughter has leg pains bc of growth spurts. During ds issues I really started to get interested why ds would wake up screaming in the middle of the night with leg pains. She would also get more and more with the having to use the toilet half way thru dinner. This was at 3-4 yrs of age and with the leg pains that would come and go but when they came she was in a lot of pain not sleeping through half the night. She would have episodes at age two that were scary bc I was like why is she in so much pain. they would always check her stomach and legs and say growing pains. When she got older like 5 I think they starting spilling over to the daytime. My legs hurt and she wouldn't want to ride bike. This is one thing j want to point out is one will say its lazyness. We would walk to park bug then j had to carry her and scooter back bc of legs hurt and are tired. She would have a week of at night but then be ok for months. That's why ped assumed growing spurts. I got her tested bc of ds. She has issues with gluten and milk. Going gluten and milk free for her was a wake up call!! Within the first week she ate her dinner with no bathroom visits. This alone was pure amazing. I always though she did this to get away from eating. All the my dinner is cold now and the reheating and feeding her. She actually sat there and ate. Even ds noticed and commented on how dd is not in the washroom. There was no leg pain after that. She stopped waking up with leg pain or growing spurts as every one assumed. Sometimes you have to be your own advocate. I would of never figured this out without learning about ds issues. Silently I feel like he helped ! I feel in my experience that growth spurts do not cause tics. Dd is in line to get expanders and I worry! I guess what I'm am trying to point out that you can't assume what one person tells you and you never know if their current food intake is fine bc that is what they always eat. Also I hope I am wrong in your cases but this site is the right place to start. This site and these parents have taught me so much!!! This site has guided me through everything. I have learned so much. I give all my credit to all these parents!! Mar
  10. Eamom you just freaked me out. I am the no sugar mom. I hate all holidays! Yeah Easter bunny! I do give them certain treats and dd is the one that reacts right away!! A couple packs of Annie bunnies for dd ( like fruit snacks) and dd is wired!! I swear when these kids leave my house they are going to go on a sugar craze and who knows what will happen!!!! Sugar is a huge issue here!! Don't get me wrong they get there treats now but i do see bad side effects always!! Ds who is older now will be like she is going crazy from sugar!! Not that he is one to talk but dd is horrible!!!! Like when I limited her sugar intake bc of ds when she was 4-5 she was on the ground kicking and screaming!!! I hope I am not cursing them but I know it's just bad!! Mar
  11. Sorry for the double post but I just want you to know that we also have tics in the family (DH) . And I regret that I let it slide with my son. He had a lot of allergies at eight. So j started tested dd at an early age bc j was scared. Nothing came back on skin prinks but took her to somewhere else and milk and gluten and sugar were taken out. She does not tic like son did but I wonder if this helped her. They are completely opposite in attitude and things but bc of ds I was able to catch her issues and help her a lot earlier. Mar
  12. I just have to mention that this is exactly what I noticed jn my son when he was younger. I beleive I first noticed an eye tic when he was three in the fall. It lasted a couple of weeks and then as he got older I swear is was always in the fall and spring. It would always be oct/ nov and then April. I definately beleive there is a connection with allergies with him. It just keep getting worst and at eight he had all outdoor allergies and then some when we finally got him tested. I would say keep an eye on it bc it got worst and a started seeing a pattern every year. I don't want to worry you but definately keep an eye on it. He started limited a lot of foods and his allergies got better. Mar
  13. Very curious on how he relates this to pandas but sugar is my kids is very limited. Mar
  14. Sheila Thanks for the links! I am hoping she will do okay. I will start it when school is out and will keep everyone posted on how she does. I think it's good to know. Thanks! Mar
  15. My dd has horrible teeth with no room for them to grow!! She just went to orthodontist and is in line to have palatial expanders bc of no room in mouth and teeth have no room to grow!! Dd does not have all the tics that ds has had and has and I fear that this will start issues but I fear that there is no choice for her. I will have to ask but from what I have been told she will either have to have multiple teeth ripped out or this. She is my chd with mild tics and nothing like her brother but this scares me. But I know that she needs help with her teeth. She needs them for 6 months. I was thinking of starting when school is out but do worry. I have talked to several parents who have gone through this with their kids and had nothing but the best comments with this doctor but I fear that this will bring on tics!!! I have to help her with her teeth and pray that if doesn't cause adverse reactions!!!? Any Info on these expansions would be helpful?? Mar
  16. Jen 85 h can pm me. My dd had this in kindergarten and it's hard!! Mar
  17. I feel the pain so much!!! Ds with all the issues never did this and then with dd this was the worst!!! She had an i think 1st grade or kindergarten but what ever it was bad. She had massive aniexty every morning with my stomach hurts and diarrhea. She went on bus but then would not go. She screamed bloody murder and could not drag her out of car into building. Took here home and made her stay in room to rest and sleep bc she missed school. Had a talk with her and she said she did not want to sit next to certain boy had teacher chance seating and she went back. But then in first grade same thing again every morning was stress and worry in eye and diarrhea and I became the harsh parent. I remember being out there every morning riding bikes before I drove her to school and told her to be strong. She would have tears for the whole 5 min drive and ask if i will pick her up. I said no bc have to be home for ds bc they are on diff times. I remember calling DH and saying what the heck am I supposed to do!! It was weeks and months of embedding in her head that the stomach pains and diarrhea are stress related and if u stop worrying it will go away!! I would tell her if she doesn't go I will go to jail bc kids need to go to school. She lived through the toughest 1st grade teacher!! She was like a drill Sargent! This I think made dd axiety worse bc her teacher was so harsh! I recall talking to her teacher the second week of school to try to figure out why she does not want to go and the teacher tells me she talked during restroom break and got punished and that she got moved in class. That she needs to stop talking!! Restroom break seriously!! This teacher should be a fifth grade teacher. All the aniexty my dd went through is crap due to her!!! The only good thing is that all other teachers will be the best. She has an awesome nice teacher in second grade now and is doing well. She knows now that if her belly hurts its stress and she worries big she takes bus to and from school now. Kindergarten and 1st grade in the beginning were horrible!! My stress level was up the roof!!!! Every morning of smiling riding bike and telling her that belly ache is not sickness and telling her to be strong!!! Reminding her that diarrhea does not mean your sick that it is a sign of worry and aniexty and telling her that we all get it and you need to be strong. I think the axiety with her was more then dealing with ds. The crying and trying to get her out of car bc she was so strong headed?! It took a toll on me!!! She might hate me one day but I keep telling her I will go to jail if she does not go to school. In my case I feel u can't give in. If she seen me give in and say don't go to school she was happy. Sometimes tough love has to work but again every child is different. She is so much better this year bc she has a great teacher and also as she is getting older shd realizes she needs to be strong and focus when belly hurts. Mar
  18. From my past experiences with ds allergies do bring on tics or OCD. He has all outdoor allergies and mold. I never open his bedroom window and have an air purifier in upstairs hallway. With no sickness and just allergies brings on some pandas symptoms definetly. Limiting his food sensitivity and allergy intake with food helps with him not being congested with then helps with less missery and everything else hitting. I think it does take a toll on the immunity and makes things worst even when there is no link to an actual infection. I try to make him take quick shower every night just to rinse off pollen before he goes to bed. Yes he would always tic in the spring and fall when he was young before I new any of this and always wondered at that time why it happened in those seasons. The blood test we had was a food sensitivity one that helped a lot. Ds is not on any allergy meds in years bc he does not get that congested bc of food limits. Yes we get the shimmers with both ds and dd. but I feel whichever way works for anyone to make sure the congestion doesn't start is the best. That's when he was the worst. Once that congestion hits and if hits the sinuses its tough!!! Hs has been doing good with our protocol and it limits the outbursts and overall pandas response or j guess allergy response of feeling miserable. Mar
  19. I guess even the metal being in her mouth for six months. Any feedback. Like I said there is no choice with fixing her teeth. It's probably this or extractions and braces!
  20. So tooth dd to orthodontist today bc several of her teeth are not coming in bc no room . Anyway my question is they want to put in platal expanders on bottom and on top. Dd has been doing well with no tics and it just scars me. I have read that it could cause voice changes and excessive Sylvia. Which I fear can cause issues. She is happy and all ready to get this done since her favorite cousins had braces at same place. In her situation with I need to confirm she will need several teeth ripped out and what not if we don't go this route. Has anyone had any experience with this???? Curious and conserned?? Mar
  21. This is very interesting and though i would share. After last incident with ds if was a week of crazyness. Ds comes home with paint all over clothes bc they painted neighbors cedar swingset in neon green but I won't even go there. Anyway between the cupcakes and fence and then one of the neighbor kids blurted out that my son drinks pop at the neighbers house i was like what!!!! Ds was exhausted and defeated by then. We knew it all. The thing that is interesting is that his tics are so much better. I think it was from the stress of having the pops and trying to hide it. Interesting!! Mar
  22. First off yes I found out it happened to a 10 yr old boy down the street last week. The car stopped and the man asked if he wanted baseball cards. The boy ran in and police was called. Second sorry for the crazy long post . I do give them sweets they have their cookies and ice cream and I make shakes bc I know you can't take that away from childhood. What scarred me is that ds is allergic to eggs, peanuts, yeast. These are the things he has not had in years. So basically I was afraid that he could of had one of these things without me being around. He is not deprived with sweets. They do have their junk yes I limit it but yes I'm bad and there are days where they indulge but with the cookies he can have and with the candy that is okay. This is another reason why I was so surprised!! He does have cookies and ice cream and fruit shakes and chips at home so it's not like he is deprived. Everytime time we go to a party j have my bag of cookies and ice cream for desert as others are eating cake. I think it was a fear of what was in it. And I was shocked that he took the chance without thinking twice.? Crazy.. Mar
  23. I am in shock. I know he has done this in the beginning but he is the child that I trust and as he got older realized that foods do cause reactions. So dd goes to a a neighbors kid party away from home and ds went to the house to hang out. He was there for several hours before we got there bc they were having a family party after the girls got back. DH goes first bc I am trying to figure out computer problem at home. I show up and like a half hour later wonder where ds is. ( side note I buy cookies the kids could have so dd could take to party and she took 4 from new box) they left house at same time. So find ds and he has chocolate all over lips and on five different places on his shirt?! My first reaction is what the *****???!!! I ask him what he ate and he looks guilty saying nothing. I tell him to go look into the mirror . He looks and has fear in his eyes and says he had a cookie from home. I say really when I have been home and don't recall u coming back to have one. Tell DH . Soi tell ds that 4 cookies ard gone so I will know if more are missing. So DH brings the box so the kids could have dessert. DH tells me that he turns around and ds is like see their are 5 cookies missing and DH says could if be bc u have one in your mouth. He tried covering his tracks!!!! It just scares me bc their have been certain foods that ds has not had in years or has he?? And I don't like him trying things with me not being there!! He lied!! I know he is getting older and he is probably annoyed with all this but it's just not right. I am curious what he hadand how often this is being done since I have been wondering about him lately. Then he has been going to play with kids on the block without checking in for hours. The other day I actually drove down the block looking for his bike and couldn't find it? And I have ts him to check in!!! So at party today moms are saying that there is a man driving around our subdivision who is targeting boys and they mentioned a 10 year old and that He is using a baseball mitt to lure!! So not only will we have a talk about his lying and what he had but also no more going out by yourself!!! I know his axiety will be off the roof but I have to tell him about this predator!!! I know this will happen with food as they get older and it's hard for them and us.. I can tell he has been having sugar cravings lately and I am like the police limiting things and it's just so frustrating. I hate doing it but sugar is not good for him bc he reacts!!! He bounces off Walsh at times and has axiety and I know sugar plays a roll. He will be 11 soon which is scary!! I need to sit down with him and explain that his tics ( he refers to them as habits) and other behaviors are related to food to a degree. How do u explain this to older kids. I know this will cause axiety in him which will lead tk more tics. It's just hard.. Mar
  24. LLM u are the mom I was thinking of. I have a list of six more doctors that I found thru that site. So I will have to call and see if they are familiar. I remember you saying that it takes an hour or more for the test. So when she said yes we have a test for it it just sounded like a 5 min test especially when she didn't seem to know what I was talking about if turned me off . Quick question . He really needs a new pair of glasses should I go to a regular eye doctor and get his glasses or wait to his appointment with the ci. Silly question but do they prescribe regular glasses also or if they are the ones needed for ci does he wear those all the time and need a regular pair. I just don't want to go out and get a pair of glasses and then find out he needs or is recommended another type of prescription. Thanks for the info! Mar
  25. I think they definetly help with something. Ds will actually ask for one bc he saids it helps to relax him. He says he just feels calmer after. I give him one when he asks for it. Mar
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