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  1. Yes, we saw Dr. Lazarus. My ddwas young at the time (6 or 7) and it did not work for us. If your child is very bothered by his tics and truly wants to do something about it then it may work for you. The kids are given things to do at home to practice the technique. If you have to monitor and encourage your child it won't work. The internal motivation is what is needed to be successful. I was also turned off by how expensive the therapy is now IMO. When we started it was half that cost. I'm not sure why Dr. Lazarus has increased his prices so much. It is disheartening for those people that could benefit from the treatment yet can't because of the financial burden. There aren't many that specialize in this field and it is just unfortunate that it is so costly as studies are showing some success. I wish you much luck should you try. I have been there wondering if I should try something or not. I know how hard it is and I'm sorry for the pain I know it causes. All the best.
  2. I appreciate the response. Sorry it did not help your son. The only reason we are going to continue to try is because I know it has helped some. Maybe this time we might catch a break.
  3. Been one week since acupuncture and my dd's tics are still increased. Has this happened to anyone? Worried if I should do our next appointment. Some say the reactions get less and less with each appointment. Anyone agree??
  4. Has anyone experienced a herx reaction after having acupuncture. My dd's tics increased after her first appointment along with developed new tics too. It has been 3 days and no relief yet. Anyone have an experience to share?
  5. Thanks - I am going to post and see who has experienced a herx. If you know of who I may ask, I would appreciate it. I have done a lot research looking for someone - found a neuro clinic but even they didn't have too much experience with TS or tics. I decided my best bet was with a pediatric acupuncturist. It seems like a TS doc is rare unfortunately.
  6. No I don't think too much. Not TS but tics. Why should that matter? Help!!
  7. So my dd had her first acupuncture appointment this Saturday and her tics have been increased ever since. What does this mean? Is it too soon to expect any change? I know everyone will react differently and possibly not at all - but I didn't expect this. Any advise??
  8. Chemar and crazy - did you find the acupuncture helped with all over tics or just facial? I have read it being most effective for facial tics . My dd has neck tics too - they are the most bothersome at the moment for her. Sorry if that is a dumb question - just reading too much I suppose.
  9. Thanks for this. We have our first appointment on Saturday. I am hoping for the best. We have tried many things without much success so I am keeping my fingers crossed.
  10. Thanks Crazy (feel kinda bad calling you that..) for your response. I have read about tics getting worse after and that is making me a little nervous but sounds like it doesn't last too long.? Would you mind telling me how long until you noticed it making a difference? Just want to be realistic. Thanks!
  11. I have seen some old threads on acupuncture, can anyone share any recent experiences with it and if it has been successful? my dd13 has just said she would like to try it. Any advise is appreciated. Helped or hurt the situation??
  12. Can you tell us what tests were run and how the infection was found? I have tried a lot of testing for my dd but fear we may have missed some. Thanks.
  13. now that tdap is required, I can no longer slide under the radar at school. I know there are exemptions but also know our doctor doesn't agree with me (her own child has TS) and probably won't write letter. We are just now trying HRT and trying to get a handle on the tics and I am terrified of what could happen. Has anyone given tdap to there child and had any or no problems?
  14. thanks for the replies. This really helps.
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