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  1. I have been following this thread with interest as I have just started my son on magnesium and worry whether it is the right thing or have I got the right dose... the last thing I want to do is make things worse. I have started him on Mag Phos (each tablet contains 500 mg of the mineral tissue salt magnesium phosphate) and it says on the container to give kids 1/2 a tablet 4 x a day. Does anyone thing this would be okay at this dosage. First day we saw an upsurge in his tics but on the 2nd day by the afternoon they were hardly noticeable. I too would appreciate some guidance. Thank you...
  2. Thank you for your reply which I found helpful. Because my son is almost 12 he can explain to me about his tics and we can talk about them together which is so helpful. I has no ADHD or OCD and apart from the tics, is just your average, mainstream 11 year old. In fact if it wasn't for the neck clicking one in which he rolls his head, you really wouldn't know he has them. When he is on the computer, playing Nintendo or on his ipod you hardly see it, it is just when he is not distracted by anything or bored. When he isn't occupying his mind he says that he gets a feeling that he has to click whatever joint it may be and after he does he says it is just the most wonderful feeling. He is not upset by his tics and is still the happy go lucky loving boy he always was. I try not to talk about them too often as I don't want that to be an influence but have left it open that if he wants to talk about it then I am always there to listen. I am trying him on Mag Phos to see if this helps as now that it is school hols, I think this is a good time for be to be able to watch and monitor things. 5 weeks ago when the tics started again I felt my heart break and had this feeling of being so alone and afraid for him. Now I have found a new closeness in our relationship and that I know we will get through this together. Things really aren't that bad.
  3. Hi, I'm new here and relieved that I have found somewhere to come and read/chat about tics. I live in Adelaide, South Australia and my son started having his tics about 2 years ago. After almost a year of no tics it seems to be back with a vengence. His latest tic is clicking/cracking various joints, mainly toes, ankle, knees, fingers and neck which has gone on for almost 5 weeks now. Yesterday his left big toe was so sore he couldn't put his shoe on and after taking him to the doctor and getting an x-ray it seems he has fractured a bone! The doctor didn't want to hear about the 5 weeks of cracking his toe or the other tics, only the problem of the fracture itself which was disappointing and frustrating. I am just wondering if anyone else here has had a similar problem and also there is any advice about getting to sleep at night as he is so busy cracking his joints, it takes a while. Thankfully school holidays are about to start and I am hoping that with this the tics will subside. Any comments will be greatfully received and thank you in advance for your time.
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