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  1. Hi Gaga, don't worry too much. My son has more tics when he was 7, 8 or 9. It began to diminish now when he gets older (teenager now). I found that when my son had beef when he was young, he had head jerking. When we stopped giving him the beef, his head jerking stopped, but it would take like 2 weeks to completely go away. He no longer has jerking now even he has little bit of beef. I found out the probiotic, multivitamin, sesame oil, sweet potato, dairy free diet, coconut water help him a lot. Hope these help. I understand it is hard for a mom to see her child experience all these.
  2. How Much Probiotic per Day?

    Thank you so much! My son seems like getting better with his OCD after switching back to Renew probiotic product like less obsessive thoughts, less repeating the same questions. But he becomes cracking his knucle more than before he used this probiotic. His hallucination is getting better, but I am not sure if it because of probiotic or taurine. I would like to ask you that I found a strain somewhere in forum saying could help Candida, but I couldn't find it anymore. Do you know which one is it? Thank you so much!
  3. Thank you so much! What kind of meditation are you using? And what kind of meditation will the therapist be using? I googled search online and found that there are many kinds of meditation. Josyjoy
  4. Hi, I am not familiar about hypnotherapy and meditation during therapy, maybe for CBT or anxiety. Can anyone explain this to me? Would you recommend this or not? Thank you very much! Josyjoy
  5. Hi, I would like to ask how much probiotic would you recommend for a 14 years old per day? Can he take the full amount all at once in the morning, or split it throughout the day? I also see some probiotic needed to be refrigerated, but some don't. Which one would you recommend? Thank you so much! Josyjoy
  6. Hi, this school year has been tough! My son who just became teen has been out of controlled in school like playing dandruff, earwax, passing gas in front of people in classrooms. He has been sent to principal office often. He did his homework and study at home, but need me to remind him to do his stuffs often. He takes a lot longer time to finish than before. Usually sleeps at 11:30 or 12:30 at night. Easily to be distracted, and have social problem which can't get along easily with others. Please help! Any thoughts and ideas and recommended supplements will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!
  7. Hi, after the probiotic company switched its band, my son's OCD became severe. He used to have the ultimate probiotic with 60B. Since beginning of this year, he tried many different kinds of probiotic and inositol, but none actually help! He has repeated OCD thoughts, like calling people "fat", "stupid", cracking knucles etc. He kept confessing to me about his thoughts and the words he has spoken daily, but not able to stop doing it. He finished his homework a lot slower then before. Wonder off and can't focus easily. Any ideas or recommendation will greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi, my son did a couple times LENS therapy (biofeedback) in August, then he had constantly eyes tics with crossing his eyes. I wasn't sure if it because of the LENS he did or because of the peanut butter cereals he ate. But the food normally wouldn't cause him this much tics. The eyes crossing tics last for about 2 months. He now told me one of his eyes has double vision which he saw two images. If he wears eyeglasses, the second image may becomes lighter. I looked at his eyes, and felt that one of his eyes does not align properly as the other eye. I have scheduled an appt. with an eye doctor. Any ideas or thoughts will be greatly appreciated. I was thinking that even if he has therapy can adjust his eye alignment, the eyes tics will make his eye become worse again. Should he constantly wear eyeglasses. The eye with double vision is near sighted. Thank you so much for any ideas and thoughts and recommendation.
  9. Hi, my son has been struggling with bed wetting for years. He just became teen. The LENS (biofeedback) he did in few years ago helped him cut down the numbers of time to go to bathroom at night into once per night. Now he usually needs to get up once at night for bathroom in order to stay dry. However, if he eats some really sweet fruits, or other food (not sure), he will wet his bed even if he is up once for bathroom. Any ideas or any recommended supplements will be appreciated. Thank you so much!
  10. I tried Coconut water, and seemed like helping my child. Not sure about your case.
  11. Homework and Bad Ticcing

    Sorry to hear these. Did you discuss with his teachers about his situtation? It is so important that teachers understand him. Sometimes, teachers may try to adjust based on his situation by reducing the amount of his homework, and have him to study more instead of doing homework. Did you also try to reward him by having him to do something fun aferward like compuiter games, going for walk, riding bikes, watching movies, having fun activities on Saturdays and Sundays. In other words, some fun activities for him to look forward after homework, or after 5 days schooling. So that he won't feel school is so painful. On the other hand, does he feel too stressful about the school? Does he like the school? Does he feel comfortable about the school? Is this the right school for him? More importance is he learns rather than finishing a bunch of homework. 6 to 7 hours in school plus homework time at home may seem stressful to a student. You don't need to answer back these questions, just some thoughts that you might think about. JJ
  12. My son, who is going to be 11, have serve crowding which block other permanent teeth to grow in right place. He still has many baby teeth which haven't been fallen yet. Before I decide whether or not have him to have braces, I would like to ask comments from many of you about how orthodonitc affects tics, and will that go away. Do you think if it worths to do braces even it will trigger tics. Thank you! JJ
  13. Need help with GABA

    Thank you Chemar. I will be careful about the use of GABA. My doctor never mentioned this to me. You said GABA should be gradually added, and maintained for a period, then gradually titrated down. So what is the starting dosage you would suggest? How long do you think I should maintain this GABA for my son? How much should I titrated down when ending GABA? Will GABA elevate serotonin? Thank you so much! JJ
  14. My son, 10 years old, has done urine test for neurotransmitters recently. We found that he was basically very high on Glutamate, Dopamine, Norepinephrine, and Epinephrine, but low on GABA. Doctor said in order to bring those down and bring GABA back to normal, he needs to have GABA 700mg once a day and then increase up to 700mg twice a day for a year long . I learned from this forum that taking GABA long term is not good. Therefore, I would like to ask if it is okay to take it for a year to see if his neurotransmitters back to normal range? If taking GABA for 1 year is not good, what is the longest length of time he can takes? Thank you for advice! JJ
  15. Hi Chemar, You mentioned about St Johns Wort (for OCD). I am looking for something which can suppress his OCD but won't trigger his tics or make him more irritable. My son is very high on serotonin. He has so full of obsessive thoughts recently especially when I introduce new food or new medicine or Craniosacral Therapy, or even starting homeopathic or any new things which go into his mouth. His obsessive thoughts can include keep complaining people who are bear feet and walking around in house or putting bear feet on chair or sofa, obsessively tickle people feet when he sees people bear feet, obsessively saying some words or sentences which I asked him not to say because of impolite, and even more which is I think is serious. He is taking Bontech multivitamin with 50mg inositol in it, 60 B probiotic, 1000mg taurine, and homeopathic (911 stress control, which seems to reduce his eyes and vocal tics but elevate his OCD). Can he take St. John Wort with those without causing any side effect? If yes, which brand would you recommend? What dosage for 10 yrs old? Will it elevate his serotonin. If not, what other recommendation you think would be good for him based on the describption above. Thank you very much for any advice. JJ