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  1. Anti-hystimines aren't suppose to be used, are they? My son's eye blinking was coming and going and worse during certain seasons and when we gave him claritin, it made his eyes dry and he'd blink even more.
  2. Sorry about your son's reaction. It's great though that you have found what his triggers are and can again go back to him eating safe foods and he'll be okay in a few days! My son has had specific foods elimated from his diet and today he's having a school party with one of the foods (cheese pizza) and I'm a bit uneasy about how he'll react. He's only been on the diet for around a month and a few weeks back did let him have a few no-no foods and he began ticking for a day or two. Not sure what to do about Easter. I said he could eat chocolate (which we eliminated) which probably wasn't a good promise to make to him.
  3. We haven't done any food testing yet, but he did have the skin pricks and was found to be allergic to dust mites, dogs, and a few other things. His bedding is covered with allergenic sheeting and I change his pillowcase every other day (and flip it over so he's only exposed to each side once per wash) so none of the dest settling around the room gets on his face. His bedding is also washed in hot water. I'm not sure how much all the cleaning is helping. I still use regular cleaning products - windex and also regular laundry detergent - All Free and Clear and he's not having reactions to that. I bought organic/fragrance free shampoo and that didn't help him at all. Seems like the food is the main culprit. He's having cheese today b/c of a school party and that'll be a test of how sensitive he is to that. It'll be the Alfy's type pizza. No asthma.
  4. Hi Pat, My son first had a spacer for his bottom teeth. Two baby molars were pulled and a device was put in to keep his teeth from shifting around before there was a chance for his adult molars to grow in. The *DAY* he had that put in, his tics (blinking, grunting/throat clearing) started. (Before then, if he had tics, we wouldn't have known - nothing noticable to even spark concern) Then last fall he had an exander put in. One of his adult teeth on the top had grown in and was grinding against a bottom tooth. The idea was to spread his palette with the expander and then put braces on him. Again, right after that second appliance was put in, his tics became worse. Neck shruggging and a bunch of other movements. We pulled everything out and told the ortho we thought it was causing the tics. He said he hadn't heard of such a thing and agreed it was a good idea to see if taking the dental work out would help any (because anything is possible - as far as he was concerned). He designed a clear retainer for my son to wear on his upper teeth 24/7, so the teeth would stay in the new place the expander had moved them to, and he wore that for a few months. No change. Still the more severe tics. We took the retainer out and at that same time, changed his diet and added the supplements and his tics nearly have gone away. It didn't happen the same day. . .about two weeks later. The only set-back was when I let him eat a buch of candy at a school event. He ate a bunch of products with food coloring in it. Regular sugar doesn't seem to bother him (he eats granola w/sugar added and is fine). It's just the dyes in the candy. How is the craniosacral therapy working out for you? Any change with the removal of the retainer? Did your dentist say anything about removing the retainer?
  5. Has anyone not vaccinated at all? Just curious as my son has tics at age 9 and we opted to not get him vaccinated as a child and have filled out the form for "philosophical reasons," and he's in public school unvaccinated. My husband and I now wonder what would have happen had we had him vaccinated and how much worse things could have been. We had planned to get him vaccinated for chicken pox if he didn't get that by age 12. What do we do now?
  6. Hi everyone, This is my first post and I just wanted to share a bit of what has helped with my son's tics. They're not entirely gone, but dramatically reduced. First a bit of background. My son's first tics were blinking and grimmacing and that started *the day* he got his major dental work done. He has spacers put in his mouth. My husband and I were in denial and had him allergy tested (allergic to dust mites) and did all we could to reduce exposure to that. His blinking waxed and wanned and we decided it was seasonal. THEN, it became drastically worse after he had an expander put in last fall. Suddenly he began shrugging his shoulders nonstop plus many of the common other movements. His ortho said he'd never hear of dental appliances causing tics/tourettes and it took a lot of digging around online before I found just a few with similar onset as a result of dental work. So, I have researched so much on different ideas and, of course, the first thing we did was remove the spacers he had in and his expander. The only other stuff we've done thus far is remove certain foods from his diet: Asparatame (he was chewing a lot of Trident & eating Yoplait light with aparatame in it), chocolate, all cheeses, nitrates/lunch meats, msg, & products with food coloring them. In addition, the supplements he's taking are: a multivitamin 2X per day, magnesium 300 mg, taurine 500 mg, and Vit B complex (a high concentration one). His symptoms aren't entirely gone, but doing all this has helped a lot and hopefully by me posting this, someone will be helped. I really think the dental work was the primary trigger for him. I realize all kids are different and not every treatment will work for each one, but with the above "treatment," taking out the foods doesn't cost anything, and the supplements total were around $30 and they'll last a few months so it's always worth a shot. One quick bit of advice. The capsules the supplements are in are size 00 and too big for my son to swallow, so I break those open and put the powder in smaller vegie capsules that a local healthfood store sells. (He's 9 now and IIRC, he was about 6 when he first showed symptoms.)
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