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  1. DS16 will finally have his tonsils (and possible adenoids if they look bad) removed next Wednesday. He has a central IV line so he will be on IV Clindamycin before, during and after surgery. Doc will also prescribe IV fluids to be administered at home, so hydration will not be an issue. Lyme doc ordered culturing test for tonsils. Would love any advice on how to make this process run smoothly. He is gluten and dairy free so I will need to be creative with getting calories in him - and he needs the calories - he is 6'3" and 122 lbs. He already has trouble maintaining his weight a
  2. http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/822146?src=emailthis If you can't open the Medscape article, just set up a free account and it will let you access the full article.
  3. Refresher...my DD14 is still quite ill despite 3 years of aggressive ILADS treatment for Babesia, Bartonella, Mycoplasma, Brucella, viruses, yeast, etc. We've addressed diet, MTHFR, detox, immune support, etc. I finally took her to an immunologist at the request of her neurologist who is treating her for Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (which 3 of her doctors believe was caused by Brucella). He is concerned that she has such a long history of weird infections. So the immunologist ran some basic immune function tests (we already knew her total IGG levels are normal; only subclass
  4. Rothman saved my son's life. We went there for ERP therapy for a total of 5 weeks last year (2 separate trips). It was worth the time, travel and inconvenience of being away from home. The second time we went was for eating issues related to fear of vomiting. I highly recommend you at least call there. Explain your situation to the receptionist and ask to speak with a doctor. The director of the program spoke directly to me before we made arrangement for my son to go. He went over my son's symptoms with me and decided that he would be a good fit for the program. It is also re
  5. This isn't exactly answering the question you are asking, but I'll comment anyway. I was given Terbutaline when pregnant with my DD14. she was breech and they used this intravenously to relax my uterine muscles in order to externally manipulate my uterus in hopes of externally turning her around (called a medical version). She does not have PANS/PANDAS or ASD, but she has Lyme & Co and is very ill and has been symptomatic most of her life. I never considered until I read your post how the Terbutaline might have affected her. My DS16 has PANDAS/PANS and ASD. I did not take T
  6. I recommend seeing a LLMD - they are trained to look for weird infections that other docs may not think to look for. Thanks to our LLMD, my DD14 was recently dx with an active Brucella infection. All of her mainstream docs are dumbfounded that the LLMD thought to test for this.
  7. Good for you and your child if you made the Flumist/PANS connection soon after vaccination. My son's PANS onset was not after the Flumist but he did exhibit his WORST exacerbation after the Flumist at age 9. He fell apart in front of our eyes but was not diagnosed with PANDAS/PANS until 4 years later at age 13. He has been climbing out of that pit of he## ever since. His onset of symptoms was post-appendicitis/peritonitis at age 4.
  8. My entire family eats GF and we steer clear of MSG as well. But honestly, I was under the impression that MSG contains gluten. I have never seen a certified GF product contain MSG. Of course there are products that contain no gluten ingredients but contain MSG. We use Bionaturae pasta as well. Even when we entertain, I serve this pasta to my non-GF guests and everyone loves it. I also like that it's organic - many GF products contain soy and corn, and I will only use organic soy and corn because they tend to be a source of GMOs if they are non-organic. GMO foods can create inflammat
  9. Thanks everyone for your kind words. The doctors said that Doxy could have caused it and yes, she was on Doxy for Brucella but only had been taking it for 2 days when the headache pain spiked last week. My theory is that something else caused the IIH (e.g. infection) because her headache started in November. But the Doxy tipped the bucket and made it worse. As far as the Brucella goes, LLMD feels like we should be looking in our history for the answer. When I was tested for tick-borne illnesses 3 years ago (2 months after we started the Lyme & Co journey with our children), I t
  10. Thank you all for the ideas you have shared with me regarding my daughter's headache. Just to review, she developed an unrelenting headache on 11/16/13 and up until last week no doctor has been able to find the reason. Her pain spiked last week and she was admitted to the hospital. Some smart pediatrician thought to look in her eyes and saw optic nerve involvement. Opthamologist confirmed papilledema (swelling of optic nerves), MRI (2nd one this month) showed nothing. So they did a lumbar puncture and she had an opening CSF pressure of 48cm. Highest pressure the docs have ever seen
  11. Waiting to hear back from PCP and ENT who did the culture of my DD14's sphenoid sinus back in November but never called with the results. I just happened to be looking over lab results today and had never looked at the culture one and saw the sinus culture contained "rare gram positive cocci and few white blood cells." LLMD says this is bad and probably is a huge factor in hindering her progress after 3 years of aggressive treatment. LLMD thinks it's the MARCoNS that Shoemaker talks about so he ordered BEG spray and changed up her meds. DD14 is on day 80-something of an unrelenting headach
  12. 4.5 years ago we originally embarked on our journey treating chronic debilitating symptoms that no mainstream doctor could link together. I was so frustrated because at that time my daughter was chronically physically ill and missing a lot of school and my son was close to institutionalization due to extreme psychiatric symptoms. I was being treated for anxiety and my husband was angry all the time. All of us had GI issues and both my husband and I had precancerous colon polyps removed in our 30's. I was desperate for help, which led me to an off-the-beaten path holistic doctor that took
  13. DS16 is compound heterozygous MTHFR. LLMD has him supplementing with sublingual compounded methyl B12 daily (been supplementing for 2.5 yrs). He also takes 2 Thorne Methyl-Guard Plus capsules QD. His serum B12 level is >1999 (normal range is 211-946). I still don't understand the whole methylation issue - we just follow doctor's orders and supplement. I have 2 questions: 1) Could the serum B12 be elevated from too much supplementation? 2) Is the level high because he does not absorb it? Thanks in advance for any insight you may have.
  14. Read my signature line. We've been aggressively treating Lyme & Co and lots of other issues for almost 3 years now. When we started this journey in 2011 my son's CD57 was 14. His CD57 is now 6. Seriously? LLMD said that Lyme is not the only thing that can suppress this - Babesia can cause low CD57 as well. What about mold? Can mold suppress it as well? So frustrated....
  15. Doc only said he would leave adenoids if they didn't appear to be diseased when he looks in there during surgery. I would think they could look healthy but be harboring all sorts of pathogens. I really want them removed just in case - perhaps I will ask our LLMD to request this.
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