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  1. Thinking about you. I remember when this all started with my son the roller coaster ride we took as well As parents we get in this mission to figure out why this happened to our kid, how and what to do. We also have zero history in our families. My sons started younger, he was two when signs came out, he's 9 now. In my heart I felt vaccines triggered them! I could be wrong but its what I believe. I stat away from those, went totally organic, give him magnesium and extra B vitamins, no dyes or candle scents, always prepare him because of excitement, keep him active, he took karate for years and
  2. We tried enzymes and bought an expensive brand thinking it would help but it just increased his tics. It was a disaster.
  3. Do you know the type of magnesium they are using and what brand vitamins? Does he take baths? Epson salt baths are good too. Magnesium has really helped us, we go through our uos and downs sure,and usually when we go through a bump I increase magnesium. Typically any excitemnet like video games will set them off. Without streessi g him out try and limit. Exercise type activities help calm the tucs. If he has an Xbox 360 or Wii maybe try a game to get him moving an active vs Minecraft for example. Xbox has great sports kinnect games.
  4. I totally understand what you are going through. I did lots of research and drove myself crazy because I needed to get that magnesium in my son but didn't want to fight him. I found that organic lemonaid, comes in a glass bottle will mask the kids natural calm quite well. Another thing I do is buy capsules of magnesium, one is brain something the other by solaway! My son drinks tons of water a day so I sprinkle the capsule in his waterbottke and he actually has no idea. Aw found the Epson salt lotion but the smell bothered him. He isn't into baths anymore but when he was the salts helped. Hope
  5. Thank you so much Chemar. I am going to look into NUCCA as well and thanks for the Jasmine information, I will be sure to order that one.
  6. Wondering if anyone has tried essential oils to help relax and reduce tics. In addition chiropractor care specifically KST method. Thanks
  7. I agree its a great book. We found out my son had food allergies and deficiencies after he was DX. Magnesium is important for tics, there are many options out there for internal use and soaking in epson salt. We avoid dyes, nitrates and have gone organic free as well. We just started KST therapy, a form if chiropractic. I try all natural approaches and refuse to medicate. He's gone months free of tics but as school approached they came back full force. Any questions we all are here for you
  8. For my son when he was tested, we had two sets of lab work done from two different labs at my request. Also the ped suggested next time he was sick, to have him tested at that time too so we did that.
  9. My son was two and the same thing happened, the tics often changes and the docs kept saying it will go away and if it doesn't after a year then we will look at it, well they never did go away and he is now 7. They are on and off. The docs wanted to medicate him after a confirmed dx but I am trying all natural aspects that I can. We tested for PANDAS it was negative, tested twice actually. WE only use organic, no dyes, no smells, no preservatives and found out he had food allergies so stop eating those of course. Also stopped vaccinating and increased magnesium. It's on and off, sometimes they
  10. I believe food allergies that are unknown along with vaccines could trigger. I remember my son had a bad reaction to vaccines and then these came out so young, I blame them.
  11. Thank you all so much. I am going to research everything you said. I appreciate it so much!
  12. Chemar, I read through your post with the list of things that have helped your son, but I am so confused. How do I get that all in him. Is there one vitamin or do you buy them all separate? Is there a certain brand you use? What if my little one cant swallow pills and hates the taste of liquids? Do you have an exact list of brands that you buy?
  13. I know Magnesium and the B vitamins are important, anything else I am missing that could calm his tics? What does everyone out there use, and what brands? Thank you!
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