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  1. Hi T Anna many thanks for replying!!!!!!! no i haven't tried steroids but i have had antibiotics but only to treat other illnesses? Steroids have never been mentioned to me. I am going to see a professor of neurology in london, and i am hoping he will know more about PANDAS, tourettes and tics. I definitely need someone who specialises in this rather than a general neurologist. I am finding the Pramipexole have reduced the tics dramatically but due to horrible side effects i don't know if i will be able to continue taking them? The doctor you mention where is he based? xx
  2. Hi thank you so much for taking the time to reply!!!!!!!!! Yes i do have anxiety also moderate depression for which i take Sertraline. Please find below my story, it is long winded but its my template i can just copy and paste (its much quicker) 37 yr old Female Suffered Tics Since 8yrs old PANDAS as a possible cause? My first tic appeared at the age of 8.(that i can remember anyway) I would open/stretch my mouth, this lasted a very long time, I still do it on occasion now. Around the same time I began to jerk my torso, it was like I was tensing and pushing my stomach in and out. This m
  3. Hi i would appreciate any advice or thoughts i had measles age 9 months. Immediately after my mother noticed a jolting movement in my stomach. I am now 36 and have suffered tics (ones i can remember) since 8 yrs old, including violent neck/head jerk. Could it have been the measles ??? (PANDAS). I was diagnosed with tourettes at 19 but I'm not convinced. Am i too old now, how would they know? there is no history of tourettes in my family.. Lottie
  4. Hi, Sorry to hear your daughter is a tic sufferer. I am also new i am 37 yrs old and have lived with tics from the age of 7. Beginning with mouth opening/stretching then body jerks i my abdomen. At age 11 the violent neck tic arrived ( i jerk my head forward where my chin juts out) I have suffered this constantly now for 27 years. I have decided to try medication now as the pain and discomfort has become unbearable. I have just started Pramipexole ( Mirapexin) slow release, and the dose increases every 7 days. These are mostly used to treat Parkinsons and restless leg syndrome . Although thes
  5. I have a violent head tic, I jerk my head forward ( jutting my chin out) I do this approx every 3-4 seconds all day every day. I have had this tic for 27 years continuously. I am in extreme pain in both neck, head and upper shoulders, which are constantly tense. I am now experiencing a burning sensation under my skull ( as apposed to on skin) I am sure this is as a result of the tic. Does anyone else have this or a similar tic that has been ongoing long term Any advice would be great I am sure i am doing physical damage now !!!
  6. My Story Hi, Im new here and wanted to share my experiences, both good and bad. If anyone has any advice, thoughts or similar experiences please reply ! I am a 37 yr old female and have lived with tics since the age of 7. I contracted measles at 9 months old and was extremely ill. Immediately after, my mother noticed a jolting in my stomach when changing my nappy (I mention this as I believe it was the cause ) The first tic I recall was mouth opening/stretching, this proved very embarrassing at school. I still do the mouth tic but less frequent. The next tic appeared around age 9 and w
  7. Hi Danielle I have just discovered this forum. I am 37 and was diagnosed about age 20. You sound very similar to me! My tics began age 7 with mouth opening/stretching, then others came like jerking me stomach people always said "have you got hiccups". I used to just say yes as i was embarrassed .I had a vocal tic for a time it was a short hum sound which i tried to cover by clearing my throat.when I was about 17 another motor tic reared its ugly head, a violent jerking of my neck, i jerk it forward (like a chicken ). I still have it to this day and my neck is so painful and my muscles perman
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