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  1. flmom. I found the hypnotist, through google. I found 2 in my area, and reviewed their websites. I got a "good feeling" about the one I chose...can't tell you why..just a "good feeling", and decided to give it a try. So glad I did.
  2. Hi everyone. I haven't been on here in awhile, and a funny thing happened. I was just thinking today, that I should do a followup (it's been about a year), and then someone just happened to PM me from this group, so I said to myself: "why not do it now?" So, here it is. We are doing extremely well...not 100% as proven by a simultaneous herx between our dog, both my sons, and myself this evening...but the herx is over, we survived (2 of us were raging, but we were all aware, and took some things to calm us down.) My 21 year old is a senior this year in Aerospace Engineering, and my 1
  3. DS had for years...still has very occasionally. I would suspect lyme.
  4. I, too, wish I could attend. I have been to the last 2 (the first for Elizabeth Wray last year, and then the one in January for Justina.) Went up by train. I have a major meeting I have to be at that day, and cannot get out of it. The last one for Justina, on January 10, when we were fearful she would be permanently taken from her parents...only about 20 people showed up. There needs to be hundreds of people there. Right now, child protective services in MA is under fire, because a child who was truly at risk, disappeared, and is presumed dead. The persona who was supposed to be keep
  5. Please join us to support the Pelletier family at what could be the last court date to decide whether custody of Justina will be given back to her parents or if custody will be awarded to the state of MA . Remember...this could be any of us. There have now been at least 5 children that this has happened to in the past 18 months. Justina has been locked in psych wards for the past year (1 year this month!!!) All because her parents were following the medical directives of her metabolism specialist from Tufts University. I hope many of you can come. This will be in front of the Court Hous
  6. t_anna, I know you said that he responds to the ones in crisis first, but if Ophelia22 was in the ER having a severe reaction to the medication he prescribed..... But, in answer to the original question...some of the drs are more difficult than others to get hold of. After 8 years of dealing with this, I refuse to deal with anyone who does not return my calls or emails anymore. I feel I wasted way too much time in the beginning trying to get hold of people who were not going to return my calls. It would be wonderful if an appointment could be made, but, at least back then, our pediatri
  7. ktdommer...I know this doesn't answer your question about disability, but I am wondering...given that he is now an adult, and probably has been under treatment for awhile, if maybe an alternative treatment might be considered. Both my children are now adults (18 and 21), and they have been treated for many, many years...my 18 year old had sudden onset at 8 years old, but it still took us 4 years to get dx, and then another year to start treatment. My 21 year old was dx with Asperger's, and then we found out that he had PANS when he was 15. Both have taken tons of things, both have had PEX a
  8. ophelia22, I was wondering how things were going for you. I know it's been so hard all these years. Sounds like Dr. N. is working out great for you. I'm really glad. And, I agree with you about Drs having respect to return calls. There's no reason for doctors not to return our calls.
  9. I have several silver fillings that my dentist told me awhile back were going bad. I am now having some tooth pain, and he said it may be related to one of them. I know not to use just anyone to do it (he insists that it's just as simple as taking them out, and using a vacuum, but I know that's not so true.) Any suggestions in the Philadelphia area (includes central NJ) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Any idea why? Have you mentioned it to him? This could be several things, including maybe he is sick, and she has a flareup around him? I don't really want to think worse, but it is concerning, especially with a non-verbal child.
  11. Are you sure he's not the dr. behind kidnapping all the kids at BCH?
  12. Croatianmum, Have you tried homeopathy? It treats at the cellular level. Since we started, we are doing extremely well. My children each had 1 PEX and about 7 IVIGs. They helped, but not held onto the gains. We did treat for lyme and many co-infections (my younger son was dx clinically for lyme, bartonella, babesia and erlichiosis, as well as other infections, and my older son was finally diagnosed by blood test as having bartonella...I used Galaxy Labs 3 draw test after his emergency open heart surgery). Another thing to do is to really treat the gut, because 70% of the immune system
  13. I was going to say the same as mdmom. The low WBC that you mentioned may indicate babesia, as it affects the blood, and both babesia and bartonella can cause the mood changes that you are mentioning. Does he have any stretch marks (typically deep reddish/purple) or indications that there might have been some. They can be, literally anywhere on the body? What about foot pain? Both of the latter or clinical indicators of bartonella.
  14. This really has nothing to do with RomneyCare and ObamaCare. Neither one is taking away yours our our ability to pay privately for services. And, this case has nothing to do with who is paying. This has to do with several people at that hospital who have some kind of power issues, and for some crazy reason are not having administration deal with it.
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