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  1. DS10 has had PANS for 5 or more years. In the 5 years, this is the first time that I have seen him 98% tic free, urinary frequency free, OCD free and anxiety free. It has been a long, long time since I have seen him so relaxed. That being said, he normally backslides when school starts in the fall. So Fingers are crossed. To me the big change has been finding the source of the infection. He had been on a daily dose of azithromycin, and it was making his PANS manageable, but he still had urinary frequency and tics indicating an underlying infection. So thanks to this forum and the kind parents
  2. I too have often wondered if there was a connection. I was strep B positive. I was put on IV antibiotics and my son was given antibiotics soon after birth. He was congested from birth and had trouble nursing because he couldn't breathe. He never ate we'll or slept well. We would elevate the head of his crib and put menthalatum on his chest and feet. At a year old he was put on allergy medicine and continued until he was five.
  3. Fixit, Just wondering how you resolved the issues with the antiviral medicine. Having a similar reaction with the ticing, moodiness, and aggression. Did you push through and continue with Valtrex or discontinue? DS9 is a week into the rx and he seems much worse in all 3 areas. He was doing great before I started the meds.
  4. I think the other generic is Sandoz. I too have heard that Greenstone is not a good brand to use. I had to have the doctor write the script specifically requesting the brand of azith. in order for the mail order pharmacy to fill the RX properly. On the dosing question - if a child is taking the azithromycin long term, over a year now, should the dosage be as high as the above recommendation?
  5. Anybody in the San Antonio Area that would like to form a support group? PM me and I will start an email list.
  6. Ds9 @ 63lbs takes 3mg as per RX by doctor. I can definitely tell a difference when he doesn't take one. Much harder to fall asleep.
  7. Ds9 has had tics for 3 years - his are much better now that he has been on an antibiotic. He takes 250 mg of azithromycin daily - since June of 2012 (weighs 63lbs.) Finding the right combination of abx makes a huge difference. Ds9 will flare and resume some tics that had stopped when he is in the middle of an infection. It could be viral or allergy related - any type of inflammation will cause his tics to increase. My experience has been to find a doctor that will work with you and look for the right combination of abx that works for your child. Don't stop until you find the right doctor and k
  8. Thank you EAMom. My son does have a PANDAS dx from Dr. I. in San Antonio so it isn't need to prove to a dr. but more for insurance purposes. I will wait for an exacerbation to run the test. Thanks for the information and input. One more question - if the PANS/PANDAS is brought on by lyme will it show?
  9. I have the test kit sitting on the counter and am contemplating when to have the blood drawn. DS8 has been on azithromycin 250 mg daily for almost 1 year and right now he is about 85%. Will the kamkinase levels show if the child is not in an exacerbation? I would like to use the results as a tool to show the insurance company that ds has PANDAS. He was turned down for IVIG by BCBS. Should I wait till he has a flair or go ahead and do it now?
  10. My son was also diagnosed with TS and the comorbid condition of ADHD. Last year was a really rough year in school - spent much of it sitting in isolation because he was very impulsive and continuously bothering other students in the classroom. We tried Tinex, Clonidine, and Risperdal. What really helped was an antibiotic because his behaviors were being caused by an underlying infection. He now takes daily antibiotic and Strattera. He does have a 504 for his ADHD behaviors in case they become overwhelming for a classroom setting like they were last year. As a side note some TS children actual
  11. DS8 weighs 64lbs. We have done comprehensive blood test to try to figure out what the underlying infection that keeps triggering urinary frequency and low level tics. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Test Result Flag Units Reference Natural Killer Cell Surface Ag Ab NK (CD56/16) 180 /uL 90-900 %NK (CD56/16) 7.2 % 4.0-26.0 WBC 8.7 x10E3/uL 4.0 - 9.1 RBC 4.29 x10E6/uL 3.91-5.45 Hemoglobin 12.3 g/dL 11.7-15.7 Hematocrit 37.3 % 34.8-45.8 MCV 87 fL 77-91 MCH 28.7 pg 25.7-31.5 MCHC 33.0 g/dL 31.7-36.0 RDW 13.7 % 12.3-15.1 Platlets 332 x10E3/uL 150-349 Neutrophils 58 % 4
  12. Ds8 was perscribed Clonadine at the lowest rate 1x per day in Feb. of 2011. It turned him into a zombie and he was non-functioning even on the lowest dosage and was still ticing and had major ADHD. He was then given Intuniv,again at the lowest dosage, this did not stop his tics or impulsivity. He was taken off of it and was given Risperdal for 6 months. Still had issues with AdHD and focusing. He now takes Strattera 10 mg which we have found to be very helpful for impulsivity and ADHD issues. From my experience you should not double the dosage of Clonadine as it is very sedative and should
  13. Ds8 does not do well on allergy medications? We have tried Zyrtec, Allegra, Singular, Benadryl, etc. he becomes hyper, aggressive, and the last time we tried them he had ideations of death. Do you use other options to treat seasonal allergies? If so, please share.
  14. What dosage of Pepcid are you using?
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