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  1. I am interested too ... will try to remember to check back here in a few days!
  2. It's CBD oil - we are in US, so you can buy online.
  3. This is very similar to what we see with our son. Extremely AIG/great grades, friends, good at sports etc. But has a few sensory things, temper and repetitive movements. Hmmm. Recently got a full neuro psych evaluation and he is "normal/fine" so would we go to a neurologist next??
  4. Okay, interesting! So a kid can seem not really OCD (messy room, no obvious compulsive behaviors like hand washing or counting or anything) but the tics themselves might be how it is expressed. I do notice a couple behaviors that would also line up with OCD: wanting the car window to be closed and locked so wouldn't be tempted to throw things out window saying sorry sometimes compulsively, can't seem to stop.
  5. Someone in another post or forum had written years back about their child starting a movement to relieve discomfort ... but then not being able to stop doing that movement. For example, an allergic kid would clear his throat due to post nasal drip, but then keep doing it for weeks or months out of habit. Or scrunching a nose from having a cold, but then not being able to stop. Or sweeping the head to the side to get long hair out of the face, and even after haircut not being able to stop doing that movement. Also just merely suggesting a tic to the child makes them want to do it more. (Mine says this all the time, does this mean it has OCD derivation?) Are OCD kids of tics treated differently? Are tics, just tics - maybe from different origins, but all considered the same sort of thing?
  6. Tried it with 12 yo son for about 6 months, didn't really help. Charlotte's Web CBD oil.
  7. We have, and it hasn't helped ... but I'm sure it would for some! Worth a shot ...
  8. Chemar, Thank you again for responding! Sorry I just saw this (I don't get notification when someone replies to my messages) when I remembered to check this forum. So interestingly enough the neuro-developmental optometrist did find some issues with "overshooting" on focusing on things closer up. She prescribed lenses that help strengthen his focusing, so more of a visual therapy than a passive correction. I will monitor for the next few months to see if tics decrease. So far so good, though the glasses aren't always comfortable for his eyes. The other thing I discovered after a Brain Balance evaluation was that he has vestibular dysfunction. I toyed with the idea of doing their program but $6500, though not prohibitive, is quite a lot of money for no sort of guarantee in help. I opted to go the OT route. So he does vestibular related therapy once a week with some spinning exercises at home. Covered by insurance so that is good. Still seeing some tics but not very noticeable and definitely not getting in the way of life. What we're experiencing now is major inability to cope with all sorts of things in regular daily life. The no coping skills IS affecting our family life but I'm doing everything I can think of to handle that ... to no avail. Always something. Anyway, thanks for your help!! Getting back to the original question - no neurologist visits yet.
  9. Hi everyone! I was searching back through this forum and found that I posted the question I was going to post today FIVE YEARS AGO. My now 10yo son started tics at 5yo after vax. But there could to other factors playing into this so not totally blaming the vax. Anyway, since it has been going on for 5 years now I wonder if I should take him to a neurologist. The reason I am wondering is because I have seen lists of other disorders/conditions that could be causing the tics. Here are my latest discoveries: 1. An acquaintance is a neuro developmental optometrist and she said my son *could* be having trouble processing what he sees neurologically and it could be causing the eye blinking/rolling tics as well as other facial/neck tics. 2. I have been noticing that beyond the normal tired/end of day increase in tics, the times that seem to exacerbate tics (esp the eye roll after hard blink) are when someone is talking to him or when he is concentrating/watching something. Like the info coming in takes a little more effort that it typically should and his eyes are compensating to try harder or something. 3. Also he often will not "hear/understand" the first time someone says something to him. Almost always an adult talking to him will have to repeat the thing he or she said and still he might need clarification, Auditory Processing disorder causing tics? Something visual too? Would love some feedback if anyone has ideas!!! Thanks!
  10. I havne't been on these forums in a long time but my son has had tics for 5 years. We have seen a lot of alternative practitioners and I've thought about this a lot. I think your son's situation makes perfect sense to me in terms of certain triggers causing anxiety within his body. The psychological/emotional stress needs to be released somehow and it comes out as tics. I don't have a solution for you BUT I would look into tapping / EFT. If he could do tapping about his fears, I wonder if the tics would subside correspondingly. Have you heard about tapping? It is quite powerful and effective. I feel for you! Best of luck!
  11. I originally posted this way back in 2010! Gosh, we're still at it. He went through NAET for 3 months a few times week last spring - not any noticeable change. Did see another integrative dr. and was on amino acids powder and tons of supplements for months which seemed to help some ... but then was on a specific antibiotic to treat a "bad" bacteria and saw GREAT improvement for 2 weeks. Went off and symptoms creeped back in. Tried to go back on it later and got hives and major reaction so couldn't take it. Have been seeing an acupuncturist (for herbs only) since Feb. Helping on and off. Off gluten now, helping some but it's hard to be 100%. Next is craniosacral therapy. And I have been thinking about the GAPS diet to heal the gut for months now but it is very daunting. I am ready to be done with the "journey" and just have a normal life. The tics are one thing but the extreme behavior is draining. Anyway, just thought I'd update.
  12. I'd be interested in a follow up as well - thanks!
  13. This sounds SO much like my DS 6. Everything started with the 5yo vaccines Wish I could go back in time. Definitely gone down since that spring but still have lingering things that come and go and I wish they would all go away! He too is worse at the end of the day when tired or when excited/stressed or esp. when being talked to in a "concentrated" way.
  14. Hey there, Geez, yes 6 weeks vs. a weekend! From what I've learned yeast is very hard to get rid of and can take a very long time ... I'm not an expert though...
  15. Hi guys, Follow up at my integrative medicine doctor today and he prescribed Diflucan for DS5. His tics have been worse in the past few weeks when they were almost gone during Sept/Oct but then came back recently. Itchy skin, cloudy urine and some other markers in his bloodwork from this week. Doctor is convinced he has a yeast issue even though he didn't at all last spring when tics began. He wants him on Diflucan for 6 wks and then on again off again after that. Should I be concerned safety/side effect wise about Diflucan? Thanks!!
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