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  1. michaeltamp, did you have an active infection? I've started them on the antiviral but am worried there is a medical reason I shouldnt. Both dd and ds have an active infection. I'm not sure if I should be letting the coxsackie run it's course.
  2. Hi everyone, I really need some advice at the moment. In crisis mode here. Ds7 and dd7 have coxsackie virus right now. They have not had a pans diagnosis as of yet but I have seen mild signs of Pans in the past. Older son is 10 and has Pans/lyme. I have sent my older son to my dad's house but he was exposed to ds7 during his most contagious period. So worried he is going to catch it. I have Valtrex at home (long story). My question is should I put them all on the Valtrex? I really don't know how much to give them and for how long I should have them on it. I know that when coxsackie is found in pans children, some doctors will put them on Valtrex but does it make a difference if they have an active infection? With all the symptoms? Do you think it would harm them? I have an appt scheduled with Dr. T. on Tues but still 3 days until that happens so I want to know if it's wise to start them on the Valtrex now. No one is showing any Pans symptoms at the moment but I am not confident they won't start to show up later on. Thanks.
  3. Can anyone please tell me what the treatment dose is for pandas kids with strep? And what abx? Thank you.
  4. Hi everyone, haven't been on this site for a long while. I will keep this short (pressed for time). Ds7 (no official pandas diagnosis - his brother 10 yrs old has pandas) had strep June 12. He was put on zith for 5 days, then amox for 10 days, then another 5 days of zith - regular strength regimen for strep. He finished abx, we swabbed him, results were negative. 2 days later he develops a fever and really bad sore throat. Took him in for another swab (pending results), doc gave me another 10 days amox (regular strength). I gave him 3 doses so far but his throat is worse today than it was yesterday. Thinking he needs stronger abx or combo....has anyone here experienced this? What should I be asking for? I've scheduled an apt with Dr. T. but that doesn't happen until next Tues. Thanks.
  5. Nicklemama, thanks for making me feel a bit better. If I knew for sure it was a stomach bug (viral), I probably wouldn't panic so much but I'm terrified that it's bacteria. Ds has had 2 exacerbations, both triggered by bacteria - strep and myco p. I hope it's not e. coli or salmonala. I will definitely report to health dpt...kinda don't want to give the restaurant a heads up and give them a chance to "hide" their negligence but I don't want other people to get sick eating their food either - I'm caught in the middle. They are closed today (national holiday in Cda today). I am going to collect stool sample from 2 of my children who were throwing up most of the morning and bring to a doctor tomorrow to see if they will culture it....in the meantime I will watch them closely...I don't think anyone will give them any meds at this point; they are both doing much better....eating now, keeping food in and playing (no more lethargy). The puking lasted about 6 hrs but seems to have passed. Just worried there is bacteria lingering in their sysmtems. It's been a crazy morning to say the least!!
  6. Panicking here - my ds9 (pans) had a b-day party on Sat at my house...we ordered Italian food for a local restaurant. Early this morning 3 (out of 5) of my family members are throwing up. I called everyone who attended the party and found that 10 people (out of the 20) that were here are bed ridden and throwing up. I am panicking, from my understanding, food poisoning is usually bacterial and can be quite severe....my ds9 unfortunately is included in that number and is also throwing up and has moderate fever. I want to start an abx (he is not on any right now)....not sure if he can keep it down though. I don't know what else to do. He threw up 10 times from 6am to 11am but is ok now. I'm dosing advil and he's managed to keep that down for now....should I be bringing him to emerg? I have stash of Zith at home, should I start it? I also have 2 repeats of Augmentin but can't get my hands on that until tomorrow. Please help.
  7. Cobbiemommy, did your dd present with congestion along with the cough? My ds is ALWAYS congested (nasal)...I will definitely ask for the nasal swab...wondering if I can swab myself...my LLMD is in DC and I am from Canada so needless to say, it's not a hop, skip or jump away. Thanks all for the Myco P. IgG lesson....it all makes sense now. I will have to get the entire family re-checked, we all tested pos at the same time IgM. The testing for Myco is horrible in Canada - first off, they don't provide quantitative numbers, just a pos or neg and if you test pos for IgM, they will not run the IgG test.
  8. There is a fb pandas group that was discussing this very issue this week. I have no personal experience with any of these allergy meds but folks on fb spoke about increased ocd and anxiety in their children, particularily when using Singulair...there was also mention of suicidal thoughts in a pandas child who was on Singulair....this is not the first time I have heard this. Many on this site have sucess with Quercitin, pepcid, zantac to help with seasonal allergies......you can try doing a search on seasonal allergies or allergies. I tried Quercitin with my ds8 last week but it caused an increase in his tics...I might try it again just to be sure it was indeed the quercitin causing the flare. Sorry I can't be of further help.
  9. Thanks for the info. I tried Quercitin 2 weeks ago and after only 3 days on it his tics got worse. LLM, I know you've mentioned here before about quercitin possibly causing problems for people of Mediterranean heritage....my parents are from Portugal, which is considered to be part of the Mediterranean so idk if what you've researched applies to him. I've considered a pulmonoligist, just feel bad for the kid; so many doctors. I will try it and see what comes out of it....he's had it for such a long time. It is time for a new mattress anyway....his has been around for 10 yrs.
  10. My ds8 has had a chronic cough that comes and goes but has been with him for over a year. He gets it every morning, first thing for about 1/2 hr then it pretty much disappears the remainder of the day. Does anyone know what this could be? He tested pos for myco p IgM last Aug, was put on zith for a month...re-tested in Dec and his IgM was within normal range but IgG was still very high. Could this be the myco? Could it be asthma related? Also, another question about myco that I have never grasped. I know the IgM indicates a current infection...it's the IgG number that baffles me. Doctors will tell you that it indicates a past infection and so the body will have antibodies floating around; all the time. So if the infection is no longer active why do we need to continue on abx? Is it because the infection has manifested it's way deep into the cells and so it really is still there? But most docs don't believe this? Diane
  11. I also want to add that ds is not on any abx at the moment. He was on prophylactic azithromycin 250mg every 3 days but it was also making his tics worse, and he can not tolerate probiotics so I took him off abx for a while; since the end of March. I have 20 day rx for augmentin and am itching to fill it, but a little stumped right now.
  12. Hi everyone, It's been a while since I've been on/posted on this forum. I've been reading up on seasonal allergies/pans symptoms because my ds8 has been going through a flare for the past week (tics). He has no sign of infection right now so I was wondering if it might be related to seasonal allergies (but no typical allergy symptoms either). I've been giving him 250mg a day of quercetin for 3 days but today his tics seem worse and it's raining so I thought he might be doing better today but that's not the case. Wondering what type of allergy testing is best. He is a bit congested and has a mild cough (usually in the morning) and this has been off and on for a year now. I have severe seasonal allergies (which is part of the reason I suspect he may have them), and last year his tics were bad all summer (I suspected seasonal allergies then too). I suppose it wouldn't hurt to also try an otc anti histamine? Any advice is appreciated.
  13. welshfam, sorry, I just received this message...I've been a little out of touch with this forum for a few weeks....do you still need the list? Diane

  14. Can you PM me the list Dr.T suggests for tests for a PANDAS/PANS child? I have been looking everywhere for it! Thank you in advance!

  15. When my ds8 went through his last flare in Feb 2012 he had something that sounds similar to what your describe. His entire body would quickly jerk like someone was transmitting electricity through him. It would last a second, and when he was sleeping, it would continue all night, every few minutes. During the day I would see maybe 3/day. Thankfully this went away after about a week.
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