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  1. Hello What you describe could fit a TS profile as my son has hereditary TS and also had what his physician referred to as Tourettic OCD, with symptoms similar to what you posted for your son. Each person with TS (or other types of tic disorders) has that unique disposition that can result in different things triggering or alleviating tics...We found keeping a journal of what helped and what hindered really insightful! Re the hypersensitivity...yes many people with TS & other neurological disorders have it, and it is often termed Sensory Processing Disorder aka Sensory Integration Dysfunction. Great info at http://out-of-sync-child.com/ Also, consider getting Sheila Roger's book as it is an excellent resource to help you work through all this! http://latitudes.org/store/natural-treatments-for-tics-and-tourette-syndrome-book/ Hope that helps a bit.
  2. Hi You could always take evening primrose separately if not available in a combo? As this thread is from 2004, I really am not sure what blends are available now.
  3. Hello The blended supplement that we used many years ago is not on the market any longer. There are many other excellent products in different combinations, but not sure what you might be able to obtain where you are located?
  4. So sorry to hear your news. I respectfully disagree with what the neurologist told you. My son is proof of that! I have to leave for work but will try to post more later, or hopefully someone else will add more info for you.
  5. Have you looked into Irlen Syndrome? or other such photosensitive parameters? Here's the website for Irlen . http://irlen.com/
  6. Hello Tiger This may have no relevance but just wondering if he has had a detailed eye exam? Hopefully someone with more experience in this area will be able to give you helpful info.
  7. Hello and welcome to the forum I am bumping your first post up so that others may hopefully respond.
  8. Hello and welcome. I have no personal experience with Tic Tamer so cannot comment. I would suggest calling Native Remedies if they do not reply to emails re the CALM...are you using Natural Vitality's Natural Calm? or another product? I thought they had discontinued the Kid's Calm other than a multi?
  9. Hi San So glad your older son is doing well though sorry to hear of the tics starting with the younger one. Honestly, with the possibility of strep as well as tick bites, I would consult someone who can check that for you. The parents on our PANS forum might have insight? I know that though behavioral changes are often a PANS symptom, some children only manifest tics, or some other symptom. It may not be related to PANS, but imo worth at least ruling out? The fact that 2 children now manifest tics could indicate Tourette? but then it could indicate some other common trigger? Always hard to have to work through so many variables but as so many parents have found, the sleuthing often leads to ways to bring about improvements.
  10. Hi karol_dr How much daily magnesium are you taking? I was also wondering how long you have had tics and if you were ever given a diagnosis? Do you only have the motor tics, or vocal tics as well?
  11. Hello It's really hard to say whether you are experiencing a tic that way, per se. A physician that cared for my son once educated us about Tourettic OCD symptoms, which is basically a "morphing" of tics and OCD symptoms. So what you describe sounds a bit like that to me?
  12. Thanks so much for the update and I do hope and pray your son continues to do well
  13. Hello We found all magnesium we tried helpful, even the pretty useless mag oxide, which is so poorly absorbed, but still had some effect in reducing the tics when we first started. But this was for Tourette Syndrome and I believe the research that Bonnie Grimaldi did on the need for magnesium to help reduce tics was related to TS as well Magnesium taurate was very helpful. Then when we discovered Natural Calm it became an additional fast & easy way to get the mag in when needed. So we kept that on hand as well. Now my son uses a chelated mag blend in his multi And the Mag sulphate in Epsom Salts has always been an essential here as well 400-500 mg mag a day was the dose recommended and suggested taken in a 2:1 ratio of calcium:magnesium
  14. I am just bumping up this post by a new member as there is a lag in first posts showing on the forum
  15. Hello and welcome, You really have already done a lot to try to find what may be causing the tics! Are you noticing anything else other than the tics that is different? Behaviors, habits, altered preferences etc etc? You mentioned her being ill before the tics started, right? So that was the first time you noticed them? Has she ever had strep or any recurrent illnesses? Is there any history of tics in your or her dad's family? Have you noticed anything that seems to exacerbate the tics? Sorry for the questions, but sometimes those are clues
  16. Yes, that and other things you have described do sound like OCD, but only a qualified professional can actually diagnose that. CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) by a licensed and qualified CBT therapist is believed to be one of the most effective ways to deal with OCD
  17. Just wanted to also mention Helen Irlen and a lot of good info related to her work on vision. A search on this forum brings up some, and there is a lot more on the main Latitudes/ACN website http://latitudes.org/?s=Irlen
  18. Hello kimberley13 Just bumping your post up so others who might have info for you can see and respond.
  19. Hi and welcome I would suggest an eye exam asap to ensure all is well with her vision. When my son's TS was not yet dx, one of the first issues he had was eye tics and we were shocked to discover that he did in fact need corrective lenses, even though we, and his pediatrician and school, thought his vision was ok. There may be some eye strain that is contributing to the increase in tics during reading
  20. Hi and welcome. I have no experience with magnesium oil, but we have successfully used Epsom Salts (Magnesium sulfate) transdermally as baths, footbaths, topical soaks, compresses or spray, or lotion for tics.
  21. I would personally follow the doctor's lead on this as he seems to know about the strep/PANDAS possibility. The strep positive plus the sore throat before this began may be an important clue. I am not sure what the antibiotics of choice are nowadays, but some years back azithromycin aka Zithromax was one of the most frequently mentioned helpful abx that I heard about for PANDAS. Our PANDAS parents are very knowledgeable and may also be able to give input. http://latitudes.org/forums/index.php?showforum=17 re the vaccines...Sheila knows a lot more in that area, but I do know some immune systems do get compromised from them, especially in susceptible kids. Hoping you get clear direction and effective treatment
  22. Hello Lucy Frequent urination is not a TS tic per se as far as I know, but children with neurologicial issues do appear to sometimes have this. But what you are describing seems like actual incontinence? and I do believe that is more frequently noted in PANDAS Also, it is very possible for a child who has TS to also have PANDAS
  23. Hi and welcome! Sorry to have to post and run, but I just wanted to let you know you are not alone and that there is support and information here. May I ask if your son had any kind of illness or infection prior to the tics starting ? There are a number of things that can trigger tics, so I do suggest you perhaps start reading the Helpful Threads section pinned to the top of this forum The main section of the website has info like http://latitudes.org/conditions/what-is-tourette-syndrome/ More here http://latitudes.org/
  24. Ok, it was just a thought as I know how the CBT helped my son with many tourettic OCD tics. Also, being aware or unaware of the tics is not what makes defines them as voluntary or involuntary. For example people with TS are most often aware of their tics. They just cannot control them for long due to that "tension" to release. And often trying to suppress a tic brings an almost explosive release. The CBT assists with how to release tic "tension" in ways that are not socially embarrassing as some tics are, and also redirect in a safer way with those tics that could cause injury. I believe what is called "habit reversal" therapy operates somewhat similarly (I don't personally like that term as imho tics aren't habits per se)
  25. Hi My son had an almost immediate relief from taking supplemental magnesium, including Epsom Salts baths The reason people take the Natural Calm and Epsom baths at night is that is tends to promote sleep. The suggested magnesium dose is 300-400mg daily.
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