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  1. @Outofthefryingpan Her tics seem to pick up about 4-5 minutes into the drive and it takes hours for her body to relax again. We've been only driving her to the chiropractor and our naturalist because they become very painful. The newest tic is a gasping tic which has been worrisome, and it seems to only happen in the car. She doesn't have a gasping tic anywhere else. My husband thinks it may be mold or chemicals from a leaky window. I took her car through a car wash the day before she started having severe tic attacks in the car. I haven't asked her to get back in the explorer even t
  2. My daughter has tourettes. She's 16 and just over the last few months has developed motor and vocal tics that have taken away her ability to enjoy her teenage life. It's been a nightmare. We are seeing a natural doctor and chiropractor who has helped us find her food sensitivities, chemical sensitivities and metal sensitivities. Today I noticed that she has a severe tic attack while I'm driving her in our car. She starts talking about feeling nauseous, and that she can feel them starting in her belly. From there her tics become out of control, not that they're ever in control. It takes a good
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