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  1. Hi Sorry you have not had any replies. We use Seventh Generation products and I make a lot of my own household products with them, along with Greenwise bleach alternative and essential oils. Eliminating chemical products definitely helped with both tics and OCD & general neurology
  2. Hello Mammina Thanks for offering to help Vittorio I am going to post the translation of your message here as well:
  3. This was described to us as Tourettic OCD by our physician, when tics can "morph" into OCD and OCD into tics So those kinds of tics seemed to be different from others. We were also able to somewhat differentiate "triggered" tics ie reaction to food, environmental agent etc from those that we couldn't track to any specific trigger. Keeping a journal really helped a lot!
  4. Usually, before an "official" Tourette Syndrome diagnosis is given, there must be both vocal and motor tics present, with characteristic waxing & waning, for a year. However, as we and many others discovered, there do appear to also be "triggers" for tics that can be noted and eliminated as best possible, to help reduce the frequency, duration and intensity of those waxing times. Sadly, most conventional physicians are not well informed beyond the standard textbook views on TS, so it really is a case of equipping yourself with as much information as possible in order to find the best ways to help your child. If you do have any Integrative physicians there, that is a big plus, as they are usually able to guide one on alternative treatments, while having conventional training as well.
  5. Hi We noticed an almost immediate improvement for the vocal tics when we started L-carnitine. However we were advised to not go above 500mg per day even though my son was adult weight & a young teen then
  6. Hello Vittorio So sorry that your post took a while to show on the forum! We just went through a software update and I am still getting used to the new moderator panel! It's good you have Sheila's book and I do hope you will take a look at some of our Helpful; Threads pinned to the top of this forum. Does your son have any vocal tics or only motor ones?
  7. Hi I replied to your post on the TS/tics forum
  8. Hi I am hesitant to comment when there is PANS involved as there are so many variables included then....but when my son had loud yelling tics, l-carnitine was very helpful. We also always found acupuncture, Epsom Salts baths & Bach's Rescue Remedy helpful when any tics ramped up
  9. Hi and welcome Sorry for the delay...our forums have just had a software update! I do want to encourage you....my son got his TS dx when 10yo (tho his tics started much younger) and he is now past his mid 20s and doing fine! We found following a more natural and complementary treatment protocol worked better for him than conventional meds. I hope you find the support and information to help you and your daughter.
  10. Hello Silviatx The same basic natural treatments for tics, TS & OCD seem to be helpful for adults as well so I think perhaps worth investigating? We have a lot of threads here on natural ways to treat tics and OCD http://latitudes.org...?showtopic=2459 and our admin Sheila Rogers has a helpful resource book about it as well http://latitudes.org...-syndrome-book/ There's also a lot of helpful info on the website http://latitudes.org...tics-tourettes/ I have an adult son who manages to still keep his tics, OCD & ADD well managed by natural methods (diet, supplements & healthy environment) as he has since childhood
  11. Hi Haley Many people with TS seem to find increased Magnesium helpful We have a lot of threads here on natural ways to treat tics and OCD http://latitudes.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=2459 and our admin Sheila Rogers has a helpful resource book about it as well http://latitudes.org/store/natural-treatments-for-tics-and-tourette-syndrome-book/ There's also a lot of helpful info on the website http://latitudes.org/category/conditions/tics-tourettes/
  12. I know it is hard, but do try not to stop your child from still enjoying the normal things! The last thing you would want is a feeling of being "punished" because of tics, and that can happen when one avoids outings, parties etc! One can still participate and have fun, while being careful!
  13. Just a word of encouragement...yes! perseverance pays and yes! it can get better. When my son was first diagnosed aged 10 things were very intense with his tics & OCD Now past his mid 2os, he is an independent young man doing so well! Yes, he still has genetic inherited TS, but to this day, as longs as he does what he can to avoid triggers, and maintain a healthy diet and environment, it is a negligible factor in his life!
  14. Hi My son definitely responded dramatically when we started supplemental & transdermal magnesium. Obviously there are many other things that can help, both by addition & elimination, but magnesium was a turning point in reducing his then very intense tics. Here's a bit about what it's role might be http://bonniegr.com/news.html Now that my son is an adult and doing so well, I have not kept up with current research, so not sure what more recent info might be available
  15. Hi We were always advised to use 400mg magnesium as supplement, and then also extra in diet, transdermal etc I know this would be a bit lower for younger children, or lower weight Just an FYI jcmom that the loose stools is from the magnesium citrate form in Natural Calm Not all forms of magnesium have laxative effects
  16. Hi One thing we found was that using daylight lamps when TV on really helped. It reduces the flicker tremendously! I don't have info on plasma vs LED Claire had a lot of threads here on screens as a tic trigger
  17. I don't think 500mg is too much for an adult dose as long as you also take into account how much Mag you are getting from diet as well.....but remember that mag citrate has a laxative effect! and be sure you are getting enough calcium to balance. We were always told 2x calcium for every 1x magnesium
  18. This is the Thorne Multi my son prefers https://www.thorne.com/products/dp/basic-nutrients-iii-without-copper-and-iron He doesn't take this in place of magnesium, but rather due to it's comprehensive supply of the basics, especially the Bs, minus the copper & iron which he doesn't tolerate well. He still gets high magnesium via his diet and transdermal epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) The decision to reduce supplements in favor of foods was one he made as he got older. He still takes additional supplements as needed for his specific requirements.
  19. Welcome to the forum fluxvi0lin, My son is in his late 20s now and been dealing with TS since a youngster. He's had a lot of success keeping his TS under control with good diet and supplements as needed over the years, as well as an avoidance of artificial additives and other things he has learned are tic triggers for him. I have an older thread documenting some of what has been helpful to him http://latitudes.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=687 He used to take extra magnesium supplements, but for some time now he has relied on his excellent multi from Thorne Research (without copper & iron) plus a diet rich in magnesium foods & Epsom Salts baths or footbaths for transdermal Magnesium My son doesn't do well on B complex but has high B's in the multi which he has no adverse reactions to like with a B-Co Like you he initially tried meds (Haldol & others) but horrid side effects so went "alternative/complementary/holistic etc" and never looked back
  20. Hello joysyjoy, Did you son have eye tics before the LENS or only after? LENS is neurofeedback as far as I know. which I am a bit wary of after being advised not to use neurofeedback by our integrative physician years ago. Perhaps it is different now? Biofeedback, not neurofeedback! was helpful for my son I noticed you mentioned the peanut butter...I would think only a problem if a sensitivity or allergy exists My son did have eye (rolling & blinking) tics before we had a TS diagnosis...eyeglasses really did help him with those Some members here have previously reported eye tics and dairy allergy so not sure if you have checked that I hope the tics are waning for him
  21. Welcome to the forum. I am bumping your first post up in case anyone here may be able to help with information for you
  22. Thanks for your input Mom2NY We have always used organic produce etc but have not found organic supplements essential, but I can understand this may be an issue Kathryn My son always reacted to chloride compounds (as he did with chlorine as well) so maybe those in the oil are causing reactions? It's also possible the Natural Calm is problematic for your child. We only used the plain one. You could test by removing one of your mag sources and see how things go (say a week?) and then maybe add back and observe? There are many other forms of magnesium available. Just avoid Mag oxide as it is very poorly absorbed
  23. Hi What are the ingredients in the magnesium oil? Which Natural Calm product is she taking?
  24. Hello As with all things, it depends on what is causing the tics, and if the patient is magnesium deficient. It would also be dependent on what else may be included with the magnesium ie any fillers or dyes etc? There is research supporting the benefits of magnesium for people who have TS tics. If the tics are getting worse with magnesium, perhaps the cause is not TS or the person is not in need of extra magnesium?
  25. Hello If the tics improved while on antibiotics I would really suggest you look into the possibility of infection being the cause of them. Perhaps take a look at our PANS forum as there is discussion there on many types of infections that can result in tics. http://latitudes.org/forums/index.php?showforum=17 Moving, new school etc also has many variables that could be triggers for these tics. Take a look at our helpful threads for more info http://latitudes.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=2459 Sheila's book is also a valuable resource, whatever the root cause of the tics may be http://latitudes.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=1314
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