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  1. Ok, that is interesting...I didn't know that PANDA/PANS could present with no other issues. Will definitely persist in getting that blood test. Yes, I suppose anything is possible with this neck cracking. We will be getting an MRI on his neck to see if there is anything physical going on there. He says he does it because he needs to release it and it makes him feel better. The second neurologist asked him if he could control it then she put a timer on and asked him to not do it for a minute. He didn't do it. That was her test, I suppose...for what, exactly, I don't know because I kn
  2. Hello, again, Chemar! Yep, we are doing all the things you mentioned except for the nucca massage…I haven’t had any luck one here; however our pediatrician will ask around for a rec for kids. She also gave is a script for an mri on his neck to make sure there is not anything physically wrong there. (Can u imagine a 6 year with a neck tic old sitting still for 20 minutes?) We also have the big scratch allergy test coming up. Things we have done: Daily vitamins: mag fish oil b complex multi Vitamin d and k spray we are now gluten free cut
  3. Ok, so I’m still here trying to figure this all out. My son had a persistent cough and then started a couple months later to crack his neck. Pediatrician says she thinks the cough is an allergy and gives is a medicine protocol for a month. During the month the cough continues and the neck cracking ramps up. Until the second to last day of the medicine protocol, and the cough goes away. Now we are left with neck cracking. It’s been about ten days… I have mot noticed any other vocal tics. Is the neck cracking considered one motor tic or two? The neurologist specialist that we met with (
  4. We just got back from the neurological appt specialist that I found in Belgium. He says it is now categorized as chronic tic disorder and will either away or we will meet with him in a year for the TS diagnosis. The whole thing was very disappointing on so many levels. First, I was hoping he would just say (like my pediologist) that this is nothing. Don’t worry. But he didn’t he called it out. Secondly, the meeting was very short…a few questions, then his card and basically a “have a good day.” Very little info…I mean all I know I’ve read on the internet. He was very nonchalant about the
  5. Hello, silver77! We have also been on a mostly GF (had a couple of slips during our vacation). It’s been over a month, and I’m not sure I’ve seen any difference. I am also considering going DF, but that will be a very big challenge. We did see a big drop in tics during our vacation, so I hope you have a chance to just het out there and enjoy some fun and sun and not worry!
  6. Thanks fir the reply, Chemar. We have a neurological appt. on Monday and much of how we continue will depend on that…but I have considered chiropractic treatment.
  7. Also, Chemar…I have been reading all the books and doing all the things. We haven’t cut dairy yet, but may fo there next. Thanks for being a mainstay on this site to offer ongoing hope.
  8. So we have been back from our vacation for a couple of days. During our trip the tics (coughing, neck cracking) were very minimal. If you weren’t aware, you wouldn’t have noticed. I was feeling hopeful. We continued with gluten free food on the road for the most part and sugar free and all the vitamins (fish oil, b, multi, and magnesium, and we traveled with his new dust mite free pillow-his blood test came back with dust mite allergy. He had PLENTY os sunshine and lots and fun and running around outside. However, since we have been back home, the neck cracking has become way more pronou
  9. Hello Chemar…thank you for checking in. I was on a horse ranch in Croatia with no internet connection, so I was able to get out of my mind a bit. We ate back in a city, so I find myself googling again. I continue to be in great fear…I was hoping that during this vacation that all of these little tics would go away with all the nature and sunshine, but no. The little cough continues…we are on a 30 day protocol for what the pediatrician says may be hay-fever allergy. He now crack his neck with a slight nod…it’s not very noticeable, but I notice it. He also will sometimes do a neck roll…I t
  10. Hi, Silver77...thanks for the check-in. I actually went to my GP and got on some anti-anxiety medication, so I hope this will help with my obsessive negative thoughts. We also leave for vacation which I was way concerned about as I don't want to spend my whole day staring at my son (he is 6) looking for tics. I constantly go through this battle of overreacting to hoping that the things I'm seeing are benign and transient. He currently has two tics which are not very noticeable: gentle head shake...I actually think he might be doing this because of the sound--either of popping the neck or
  11. Ok, I'm struggling big time again. All I'm doing is obsessively googling information on Tourettes. I'm having a hard time being present for my boy because I watch constantly looking for other tics. My wife is very bothered with me and keeps telling me to get out of the house and go for a walk, but I can't. I've lost 12 pounds, and I'm exhausted. My wife things I am making to big a deal...she doesn't see the tics like I do. She thinks I am overreacting especially since our pediatrician said it is not TS. I do have a psychology appt. tomorrow because I really do feel like I'm going mad.
  12. Hi, Silver77 This is really hard, isn't it. My parter is also much more relaxed...I can't tell if it is denial or she really is ok...maybe for now since nothing has been diagnosed. I went to the Pediatrician yesterday, and she was adamant that it was not Tourettes; although, I am not convinced. She says that she feels there are two different issues happening. Couch--she thinks this is allergies because she saw some drainage in his ears and throat and a little swelling in glands. Two--the neck twitch/roll she thinks might be a nervous twitch. She did set up to have the allergie
  13. Thank you for the welcome Chemar. I have read through this site and know that you have much experience and wisdom for this. I see that this site was once very active; however, it seems to not be so now? I see that many people have read my post, but no one has commented? Is it because there are just not many people here anymore? I could really use some help, so if there is anyone out there willing to mentor me a bit, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm really struggling. I have read through a million websites that basically say the same thing: if it is motor and vocal, it's TS. My son
  14. Hello, My 6 year old son has recently developed a motor tic that has made me concerned, and I found this site after googling like crazy. Over the past year, he did have a sniffle for a few months...seems to have diminished. And some shoulder shrugs...not frequently...maybe every couple weeks? However, about three months ago, he developed chronic cough after a cold. Then a few weeks ago, he started to say his neck hurt and he began to do this tilting the head back...like he was relieving soreness. We thought it was just sore...however, the head tilt did continue. Then last Sa
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