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  1. Hi We used to rub it into the areas where tics were prominent. He especially benefitted from having it rubbed into back of neck and between shoulders. We used it when there wasn't time or opportunity for an Epsom Salts bath
  2. Yes, and yes We used Epsom lotion (magnesium sulfate) I think only Kirkman's makes it now. We used to make our own, then used Mortons! So sad they discontinued it.
  3. Hi I am sure Sheila will respond as soon as she gets a chance but did just want to say that the infectious disease specialist didn't give you accurate information. I am by no means clued up on it, and don't know what studies they were referring to, but I do know that kids with PANDAS/PANS can and do frequently have tic disorders as part of their symptoms, or as an additional co-morbid condition. That said, not every kid who exhibits tics has PANDAS/PANS. There are many varied things that can be underlying tic disorders, and they are not all mutually exclusive. That's why keeping a journal/log is so valuable in trying to find what sets the tics off, and what calms them. It may really be best, if you feel there might be a chance of PANDAS, or PANS, or at least want to rule it out, to see a specialist who actually knows about this and will run the kinds of tests that are documented. The parents on the PANDAS/PANS forum here might be able to give more info? I hope that helps a bit till you hear back from Sheila.
  4. Hi My son had acupuncture as well as biofeedback resonance therapy. 2 separate treatments but our therapist performs both. Neurofeedback is a completely different treatment, and we were advised by our physician never to have it. Some other parents on this forum also reported bad reactions from it for TS kids
  5. Hi No idea related to PANS, but it is remarkable for eliminating leg cramps at night, plus extra stamina. We have been using it for almost a year, in liquid form.
  6. Hi Hopefully some of this may help and encourage.... **There's an older thread here on some treatments that have helped **We also have a "Useful" thread pinned here **And I have a thread from waaaay back on the treatments that helped my son
  7. Hi mlee The magnesium in Natural Calm is citrate, so can have a laxative effect. I would stick to the recommended age appropriate dose
  8. Hi So sorry you have not had responses and hope someone with more knowledge may be able to offer advice. My uneducated suggestion would be to look into PANS if both children are showing similar symptoms. Here's that (((HUG))) of support, as I know only too well how scary all this can be. I do hope you get answers and effective treatments for both your children.
  9. Hello hay78 So sorry we missed your post! How are things with your daughter now? Any new tests results?
  10. Hello azka Sheila's book is available on Amazon and the Kindle online version is also there https://www.amazon.com/Natural-Treatments-Tics-Tourettes-Patient/dp/1556437471/
  11. Hello azka Here is the link for Sheila's book https://latitudes.org/store/natural-treatments-for-tics-and-tourette-syndrome-book/ It is also available on Amazon if that is more convenient for you https://www.amazon.com/Natural-Treatments-Tics-Tourettes-Patient/dp/1556437471/
  12. Hi Ronnie and welcome to the forum. Organic is always the best choice for anyone and especially for children! Also non-GMO I am only aware of corn products being potential tic triggers for those who have sensitivity/intolerance/allergy to corn?
  13. I know of an excellent acupuncture therapist in Orlando area, but no experience re S Florida
  14. So sorry to hear of the ongoing struggles. One thing that might be helpful is acupuncture with biofeedback (not neurofeedback!) and antitox therapy My son's horrendous reactions to medications he was initially given for TS/OCD are documented. Our acupuncture therapist did a remarkable series of treatments to try to reduce the side effects and we really saw benefits
  15. The only form of B6 my son has used is P-5-P and he always tolerated it very well, with notable benefit.
  16. Hi Just bumping your first post up for others to see and respond
  17. I agree that you may need to investigate possible sensitivity to the things he is eating most of. Even good healthy things can sometimes trigger tics if one is sensitive to them. eg we have a member who cannot tolerate coconut I don't see any multivitamin/mineral or magnesium in your supplements? We found those essential for helping to manage tics. Magnesium in particular.
  18. Hi Are you giving any nutritional supplements? Could you give an example of what your child eats each day?
  19. Hello Lwei66 Yes, magnesium is known to be helpful for TS tics and yes it made a dramatic difference for my son.
  20. My son has been driving for 10+ years now with tics not having any negative impact. He has had years of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, but really has not needed to use it specifically with regards to driving, at least not that I am aware.
  21. Hi Vittorio We have always used Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom) as baths and lotion for transdermal magnesium
  22. Hi We use Olive Leaf Extract as a general antimicrobial, but not specifically for TS tics, though I know some PANS/PANDAS parents have used it as a natural antibiotic. We use Kefir as a probiotic, but again not specifically for tics........ but we did learn that the better overall health was, so the tics became more manageable. Magnesium was overall very helpful for my son's tics. I'm not sure what dose is suggested for a 4 year old though. There are a number of parents who have posted here about seing eye tics improve by going dairy free...but this is not everyone.
  23. Hi We found that diffusing the calming essential oils were always helpful in relieving stress, and so helping with OCD & tics. Jasmine Oil especially, and also Lavender were ones we frequently used.
  24. Hi We used Bonnie's protocol since before she started producing her own supplement range, so never used those. I based much of my son's supplement treatment on her original regimin posted on the old GeoCities!http://www.oocities.org/torcha.geo/ts_main_bonnie_sup.html Here's what I found helpful for him
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