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  1. That’s good to know and certainly may be a factor. Constantly learning - Thanks so much for the info!
  2. Wanted to post an update regarding ticcing and CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) due to prolonged mold exposure. We went ahead and hired a company to do mold remediation of our home August of 2020. It was an expensive, grueling process that seemed to never end, but finally it was done! We replaced our entire HVAC system and installed a whole house dehumidifier as well as an air scrubber on our a/c to clean the air constantly. The mold ended up being in our a/c ductwork and vents. The worst spot was in our child’s room air duct where water condensation had been collecting
  3. That is good to know! We have opted to move forward with mold remediation- found a more reasonably priced company - but it is still quite costly. The only source of mold in our home that was found after having three different experts come try to identify the source was in our a/c HVAC system. We are having the entire system replaced, then the remediation completed. Daughter is on Cholestyramine for now per her dr. I will share progress when we see it. Thanks for your input! It’s a lengthy process, but hoping and praying that it will be worth it in the long run!
  4. Thank you so much for your reply - you provided some very helpful information. Greatly appreciated!
  5. Has anyone had success with eliminating or reducing tics after removing mold from the home? Our daughter developed tics about 3 years ago and we are seeing a functional medicine pedi who identified thru bloodwork that her body is very sensitive to mold and she thinks the tics are a byproduct of the inflammation in the brain due to mold exposure. Calls it CIRS - Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome. We had our home tested for mold three times and mold levels were high in the air, but no major source of mold was found except that there is mold on our a/c system and the humidity level in our
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