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  1. Hello everyone, I am curious if anyone has experience with coprolalia? You can read our full story in my other posts, but last night my daughter's tics evolved to include swearing. Her tics started 3 months ago and so far she has been diagnosed with "transient tic disorder". Her tics are very severe and include complex motor and vocal tics and occur daily, every few seconds without any breaks. I have read that coprolalia is actually pretty rare with TS, and I am trying to find out if anyone WITHOUT TS has had symptoms of coprolalia? Or is this an indicator that she does in fact have TS
  2. Hello Again Everyone! I'm sorry I have not been responsive to reply posts, but I have read them all, and I am so sorry for everyone else going through this. Someone asked I provide an update, so here it goes...(sorry this is going to be long, but please read and check out the video at the end of her tic storm from last night) Since my last post, my daughter's tics have been like a revolving door. The only consistent aspect has been that they have been present daily from the time she wakes up until she goes to sleep. They occur at a rate of several complex motor and vocal tics pe
  3. Anyone have two children present with sudden onset of vocal/motor tics around the same time? See my post in the Tourette's board: "Sudden Onset of Severe Complex Motor/Vocal Tics " I posted just this past weekend regarding my daughter. The night we came home from the hospital with my daughter, my 10 year old son came out of his room screaming that something was in his ear and biting him. I looked in his ear and could see wax and signs of an ear infection (he remained adamant that something was in his ear the full night); I took him to his Dr. the next morning, she agreed he had an ear infec
  4. Hello, I am a new member in desperation for answers. My 12-year-old daughter started to stutter slightly, about 3-4 weeks ago. It wasn't bad, but I noticed it and asked her if she noticed it as well, which she did, but because it was somehow infrequent, I assumed maybe she had a lot on her mind. The stuttering literally went from just occasional words to 95% of all of her speech overnight. I took her to the ER, where they performed a head CT and blood work; everything was normal and suggested a pediatric neurologist. While waiting for the appointment with the neurologist, her s
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