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  1. Hi any update on Dr Latimer's recommendations and the status of your D?
  2. We are considering high dose treatment for our son. He used to have lots of anxiety, OCDs, separation anxiety, sleeping with us, sensory problems, and finally fell to severe anorexia in late 2019. Hospitalized Oct 2019 - Jan 2020. Long story ... well long .. 1) The day he was born (apr 2005) he was considered by the hospital "overweight" (4Kg) (but also 55cm in length) so they took him away to some sort of emergency room away from his mom. 2) two months after, severe otitis, two weeks in the hospital. 3) constant otitis from then on, he fought this with the help of homeo
  3. I have read the dose must be high e.g. 1.5g/Kg , some say 2g/Kg , for example if your child is 65Kg he'll need 100 to 130gr. This is usually split in two days, so 50gr / day. And the rate should be predetermined by the doctor. I have read frequent low dosage shots are not recommended.
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