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  1. Hi Sunflower78--welcome to the Forums. You sound like a wonderful mom and all the efforts you have made to stay green, breastfeed and eat clean have no doubt helped your son. Please don't assume it was the vaccines or that you did anything wrong. Many, MANY kids have symptoms just like your boy. Sometimes they go away on their own, sometimes it takes extra steps to find the cause and then go from there. You are right that there is no way this could be considered Tourette's (Geez!). I apologize that I am out of town and have to get off the computer but will check in soon. Don't desp
  2. Hi Dawn, You've taken a number of sensible approaches and made a significant effort; I'm sorry you haven't hit on the answers you need yet for your boy. It can be complex to sort everything out. For example, and I'm just throwing this out there for the concept--the diet could have been helping and maybe your community sprayed for mosquitoes and that triggered the neck tic. I'm not suggesting this happened--but it's why it can take patience and investigating to figure things out with environmental approaches. Let's see if others come up with ideas for you as far as physicians. In
  3. Hi Sad Dad, Welcome to the forums. I'm so sorry you are in this situation of feeling helpless. So many of us have had that awful feeling yet also been able to turn things around. Please read a couple of articles on our site that give a overview of approaches people have found useful, linked below. (Don't count on one thing, like some magnesium, to be a silver bullet.) Also I would suggest you get the book you see at the top of this page -- Stop your tics by finding what triggers them. It could be helpful in trying to get to the bottom of what is going on. Our other book, Natural Tr
  4. Hi Jasmina, I'm glad you will be able to follow up when you go to Beijing. I think you are right that the swimming could have caused the difficulty breathing and an emotional reaction. Chemical exposures can affect people in different ways. It would be good if you could get him back to a normal day without hours of exposure very day to pool chemicals and control his diet, etc. Also I am sending an email note to you, please look for it. Good luck with all your efforts!
  5. Hi Jasmina, Your English is very good and we were happy to hear from you! It is good to learn that you have found a way to get help for your son. You have made some good starts. I'm sorry not to be able to give you suggestions on amounts of supplements for detox but can say that the amount you are giving of B6 is quite low, nothing to be concerned about; (you can check with your doctor about using more). Some people need to take it with food to avoid stomach upset. In addition to the approaches you are using I wanted to mention that it is important to avoid potential triggers that
  6. Hi, garnerflys, welcome to the Forums. Sorry to hear your son's tics are getting worse. I'm sending you a message shortly-please look for it. Thanks! Sheila
  7. Hi Samz, I'm really sorry that doctor did not work out! How very frustrating. I will give this some thought. Are you willing to travel? Sheila
  8. Hi Ryan, Welcome to the Forums, and I'm glad you wrote. It is clear you have been though such a tough time with your Tourette's. I'm sorry to learn of it, and all the meds you have tried unfortunately haven't been enough help. What area of the country do you live in now? I'm gong to send a private message to you--please watch for it, OK? Sheila
  9. Hi Ashly -- I apologize for the delay in getting a response to you! I am sending you a private message tonight. Please check. All the best, Sheila
  10. HI Joy -- There are a number of reasons that people can have short term memory problems, and different approaches can possibly improve it. Since you have seen that there is a diet connection to his tics I would continue to pursue that approach. Also two additional ideas to consider are that amino acid imbalances or a lack of certain nutrients (i.e., B vitamins) can affect focus and memory. For this effort I would see a nutritionist who is skilled in working with youngsters and natural approaches (versus a conventional nutritionist at a hospital setting, for example) or an integr
  11. Hi samz-- it is impossible to suggest a perfect match (just like trying to find a dentist everyone would like). But this doctor seems relatively close and has the type of approach that has been helpful for some with the issues you are facing. You can check out the website and see what you think. I hope you will keep us posted. Sheila http://www.francisholisticmedicalcenter.com/
  12. Thank you for sharing your experience with acupuncture for your facial tic, Jay. So glad you found relief. Do you have to maintain this on a regular basis?
  13. Hi samz, I've read your report and really sympathize. You've undertaken a number of sensible approaches. I'm glad you all experienced several months without symptoms, but I know how upsetting it is when tics resurface. As I'm sure you have read, sertraline is a strong medication with a significant number or potential side effects. As a policy, we never advise someone on whether to start or stop a prescribed medication, but it is always good to be informed when you make your decisions. I would suggest that your description "crawling out of his skin" can be a classic allergic res
  14. Sorry for the delay Sutjipto. Have you by any chance been able to have him evaluated by a movement specialist?
  15. Hi Sutjipto, I will see if I can get in touch with the other parent to ask her. Question-- what about when your son is sitting down? And has your son (or you) ever noticed anything that makes his tics worse besides standing or walking? Sheila
  16. Hi -- I sent a private message to you just now. Let me know if you can't locate it. (In case you aren't familiar, look for the little envelope at the very top right side of page in the blue bar)
  17. Hi Chanis, I'm sorry you are dealing with tics in your teenager and also have concerns with your little girl. I know someone in London who may be available to connect with you, let me see and get back to you, OK?
  18. Hi mlee, Assuming there are no serious health issues (heart disease, irregular heart beat, colitis or other digestive disorders) there should be no problem with short nightly Epsom salt baths as you describe. A side effect such as dehydration would typically only occur with hot, long baths. You can also watch for any laxative effect. Usually 1 to 2 cups of salts are used for a standard tub. Is that what you are doing? It's nice to read that it seems to be helpful.
  19. OK, thanks for the response. We would love to hear what you think, if you do try it.
  20. You might want to look into Kirkman nutrients. This is an FAQ on their products. HERE You are right that the nutrients mentioned could help but probably won't be enough alone. Do you think he would be willing to monitor his diet and see if he finds anything that makes tics worse? It's good you are looking for answers and help.
  21. Hi lulu648 -- I know this is a late response but it in some ways the fact that no one responded reflects that we have not heard any reports, positive or negative, about the tichelper.com online program. It is set up to be entirely self-directed. The site offers this video: https://www.tichelper.com/demo/video/ Note: when they talk about tic triggers, it is not in the same way that we do with Latitudes (foods, chemicals, etc) it is more situational based. One of the questions is whether there would be any interaction with a therapist, and this is the answer, below. No, t
  22. Matt, I sympathize with your concerns and know this must all be very distressing. I would focus first on why your son has not been feeling well--the stomach aches and headaches. The underlying problem could be connected to the tics, since you have already seen a neurologist for an evaluation and results were negative. You could see a pediatrician to rule out infection, and also look for a well trained naturopath or functional medicine practitioner to explore laboratory tests for food sensitivities. A candida overgrowth or other intestinal imbalance is often found with kids who have tics and
  23. Hi misy_15, Kudos for doing some lab tests that could prove very helpful. Please let us know if you see improvement on the gluten-free diet. This link has a discussion (from Great Plains Laboratory --which I believe you said in another post that you used) on a a child with autism who had elevated Arabinose You might want to see if you can glean any tips from the discussion. Note that antifungal medication was needed for several months to normalize levels. Just passing this on. In looking into DAO and histamine, I wondered if you really wanted to decrease the DAO? This article
  24. Hi tryinghard and welcome to the forums. Sorry to hear you are dealing with vocal tics. I'm dropping a note and hope others will have more to say. I'll just mention that sometimes (nothing is the same for everyone) chemical exposures and/or mold have been linked to vocal tics. In general, allergies can have an impact--and not just for throat-clearing type tics. Having worked on the two books our organization has, I can assure you that there are helpful ideas for adults -- the principles do not just apply to kids. We often hear from adults who found them useful. Do you have aller
  25. Hi supermom13, thank you for sharing your interesting observation about how your boy did onZyrtec versus Claratin. I hope he is doing better right now. First, yes -- there is a very big connection between allergies and tics for many people. Neurologists usually don't look into this. As for your son doing better on Zyrtec than Claritin, while they are both antihistamines, they have different ingredients. I'm not sure which children's product you used, but below is an example of the difference. It could be that the Claritin was not as effective for him, but also possible that the ingre
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