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  1. In April 2018 my (then) 4 year old son had his very first tic episode - 2-3 days of mild blinking, which promptly went away for weeks or months. Then he had 2-3 days of coughing, which also went away for weeks or months. I brought him to his Pediatrician who told me that tics are very common in kids and he expects them to go away completely by the end of summer 2018. The tics continued on in the same pattern - either mild blinking or mild coughing for 2-3 days, then nothing, so I didn’t worry too much as I trusted our Pediatrician. Then on July 11, 2019, the tics started again and didn’t go away. They were more frequent and we found his behavior was different - he was getting angry over everything. He was just different. I called our Pediatrician and reminded him that this had been going on for almost 1.5 years and he casually said “oh, it’s probably Tourette’s, keep an eye out for ADHD or OCD as they’re very commonly associated”. Needless to say, my husband and I were absolutely devastated and spent the next week desperately reading and searching for ways to help our son. We did allergy tests, muscle sensitivity tests, functional neurology, biomagnetics, paleo diet, and tons of supplements. There was mild improvement but on a bad day his tics were every 10 seconds or so. Then I made the connection between his symptoms and pandas. While he has never had strep to my knowledge, I called our pharmacy and it turns out that my husband had strep in April 2018 - the EXACT time this all started. We went back to see his pediatrician and he reacted so rudely and aggressively and told us that it’s impossible for it to be pandas and he would have severe OCD. He refused to listen to the facts I had found online and stubbornly insisted he knew better than the pandas network. We then went to a Pediatric neurologist who agreed to do blood tests. Guess what it found - strep antibodies! He had his tonsils and adenoids removed on oct 8 for an unrelated problem but his ENT agreed to try antibiotics (this was actually a huge deal as I had asked several other doctors who refused to try antibiotics without a positive throat swab. We live in Canada and doctors here are very careful about antibiotics). So he has his surgery and starts the antibiotics (amoxicillin). 3 days later, his tics are pretty much completely gone. He had a rash on his hand that had been there for over a month and it disappeared. He now has maybe 5 tics a day at most. Our lives have completely changed because of this!! So clearly it was pandas and not Tourette’s. I haven’t dealt with our Pediatrician yet, but that will come in time. So now what happens? He only had 12 days of antibiotics - is that enough?? An infectious disease specialist said it’s 50/50 about whether or not it’ll come back. I’m staring at him all the time and it’s so stressful to live like this. He was supposed to have his dental cleaning before his surgery and I cancelled it. I’m honestly scared because of what I’ve read and how that triggered another episode for other kids. Also, my other son (8) started doing this weird eye roll thing around the same time this all happened. We took him to the eye doctor and he said it’s not vision-related and it seems like a habit. Could it be a mild case of pandas too? That’s his only symptom but that seems too unlikely to be a coincidence, right? I’m going to ask for a blood test requisition for him too when we go back to the neurologist. So I guess I’ve written this incredibly long, boring post in hopes of finding out what will happen in the future. It seems like my son’s case was much milder than most, and he’s never had an active strep infection to my knowledge. Does he have a better chance of full recovery? if you’ve gotten this far, thank you for reading and I look forward to any and all comments and advice!!
  2. I always try to avoid artificial colors, scents, fragrances, etc. I was just saying to my husband that I don’t understand how food dyes haven’t been outlawed since they serve no purpose other than aesthetics and many people seem to have a sensitivity to them. We just got back home from vacation and I feel a bit better now that I can start my action plan. This afternoon we’re going to buy the magnesium and B6 supplements and Epsom salts, and his NAET test and CBT appointments are both within two weeks. Trying to get an appointment with a functional neurologist too but the waiting list is already at January and it’s a private clinic! (I live in Canada so it’s hard to get a fast appointment with a doctor under Medicare).
  3. Thank you guys. This has been very distressing, and yesterday was the first day I didn’t bawl my eyes out. I will certainly explore every possibility to try to find some answers. Right now his tic is mild but of course that could change. One thing I realized is that he started camp this summer and has been swimming every day. The onset of this tic episode coincides with the start of camp. We’re on vacation right now and when my husband took the kids swimming on Tuesday his coughing tic was absolutely terrible while in the pool, and then after. I told my husband no more swimming, and let’s see if the tic is better. Yesterday we didn’t swim and his tic was much less frequent than the previous day. Gonna have him tested for a chlorine sensitivity.
  4. Hi everyone, I could really use some help figuring things out. In April 2018 when my son was 4 years and 3 months old, he had a few days where he was blinking excessively while watching tv or tablet. It went away quickly. A few months later he had a few days of a habit cough which also went away quickly. We took him to his pediatrician who told us that tics are very common in kids and he expects them to be gone completely by the end of that summer. He continued to have the blinking or coughing tic on and off, with several weeks or several months in between and only about 3 days per each episode. They never occurred at the same time. We didn’t worry too much, as we expected them to go away for good, as per our pediatrician’s comments. On July 11 of this year (our son had just turned 5.5 years old), he started a coughing tic again, however this time it morphed into a throat clearing tic that was quite frequent throughout the day and has now lasted almost a month. In the beginning of this episode I took him once again to our pediatrician, and since our regular doctor was away, another pediatrician in the clinic checked him out to make sure there wasn’t a physical cause of the cough. He determined that this was a habit cough, and to just ignore it (which we had been doing all along) and it would go away. This is the longest any of his tics ever lasted, and since that cough tic turned into a throat clearing tic, we started getting very worried. I called my son’s pediatrician again this past Friday and went over his tic history once again, reminding him that it has now been well over a year and these tics are still coming and going, with this being the worst episode by far. He responded by saying that he thinks this could now be considered Tourette’s. We have been obsessively reading about tics and Tourette’s in kids, and we’re not really sure where our son fits in. According to the information available online, in order for a diagnosis of Tourette’s, there must be at least two motor tics and one vocal tic present. My son has only had one motor tic (the blinking tic) for 3 days or so at a time, but no other motor tics at this time. Transient tics are supposed to have cleared up within a year, so I don’t think that fits in this case either, however my son has gone months at a time without any tics. Does that still count as a year if the tics stop completely for months at a time? And the third option, chronic tic disorder, is based on tics lasting longer than a year but is ONLY motor tics or ONLY verbal tics, not both, which also doesn’t seem to fit our situation. After reading his history, where does our son fit?? It’s really hard to just wait and see and not have any answers. I guess we’re just wondering if our pediatrician jumped the gun, especially since he basically diagnosed him over the phone. Also, I’ve been trying to figure out how to go about treating his tic, and I’m thinking the best start would be magnesium and B6 supplements (including the magnesium cream), Epsom salts in the bath, NAET testing to see if he has any food sensitivities, and CBT. What do you guys think?
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