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  1. Sirena or philamom, Would you mind sharing with me your experience with Rothman (or any other PANDAS doctor in the area)? We will be relocating to the Sarasota area over the summer and the idea of not finding a competent doctor for my daughter is daunting! I am not looking for an IOP. I am looking to get established with a doctor that is able to handle PANDAS (and help us navigate the flares). Thanks so much!
  2. I appreciate your post bws, and have a few questions for you. What else are you doing in conjunction with the cream? You mentioned that your DD had been taking vitamins and herbs for the past year or so. Are they still taking those? Also you mentioned you saw some tics in your son at the beg. of treatment, do you recall how long they lingered around? My daughter is having pretty bad tics (motor and vocals). She tested + for babesia, myco p, and her strep titers have been ridiculously high for almost 2 years despite treatment with multiple antibiotics, herbs, heavy supplementation, diet and
  3. Vik or Sheila, Who is Dr. N in CT? Dr. Nancy O' Hara? If not, would you mind sharing this doctor's info with me? My daughter is back with a vocal tic that is keeping her away from school again. Sadly, we didn't see much progress with Dr. B, and I am looking for experienced doctors in the area. It is so tiring, and frustrating when almost every single doctor's visit leads to a dead-end!
  4. mge_1, When we took DD to the neuro, she didn't want to prescribe anything unless the tics were to a point of disrupting DD's normal life (which by they way, they were back in December). The dr. was very clear with us. She said, "medication may or may not help. We will have to try and find the "right one" at the "right dose" to see if there is any improvement on her tics". I didn't want to go that route at the moment because there was a lot of trial and error involved. So, I am sorry I can't be of any help regarding medication and tics. What I do know is that DD's naturopathic dr. cont
  5. The company sent me a 3 day sample. During those 3 days, the difference we noticed in her tics was dramatic and more than enough to move me to place an order. Since it was around Christmas time, there was a delay in the shipment, so her usage was interrupted for a few days, and we did see the tics increasing during those days. On December 31st, we received the order, and by December 3rd we were able to go out with her again after being stuck in the house for over a month due to her loud tics. To be honest, we have noticed some head jerking coming back (starting Tuesday). DD is allergic to
  6. I have been lurking around these forums for about 10 months now. I just signed up now because I wanted to report our experience using Repreeve. I guess my story is no different from anybody else's here. To summarize it is a story of misery, desperation, helplessness, worry, but also determination and perseverance, driven by the deepest love for my DD (who just turned 10). She started having very mild tics when she was in kindergarten. I was sent home multiple times by many, many doctors. She started getting worse in April (2015) when she was 9. She had different tics that continually changed
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