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  1. Hi Sheila, We decided to not go to the follow up appointment and instead booked an appointment at the Environmental Health Institute of Dallas to get more thorough testing and evaluation done. It has been a little over a month since we went. The first day they did all kinds of bloodwork to test the strength of her immune system and the overall health of her body. Everything came back normal, aside from slightly high platelets (which is subjective without having had them tested before to know her baseline). The following day we began skin testing for the top suspected culprits based on the
  2. Hi! Thank you for your responses! We will continue with clean living and go from there. We did got back to our Chiropractor to have him take another look and to price an allergy test. He did not want to do the allergy test just yet, because he feels we need to give the inflammation time to go down before we test. We had him look at her tonsils to see if he could see any throat related issues. He said something interesting, he said her uvula (the thing that hangs down in the back of your throat) goes towards one side. He said he commonly sees this in patients with some sort of neurological
  3. HI There, I am struggling to determine what exactly is happening with my 6 year old daughter. 6 months ago we began allowing her to watch netflix show in our cell phones with headphones and I noticed she would regularly stop and bend her head up towards the ceiling. It seems like she was stretching her neck so I figured it was related to the headphones and funny angle. Then 2 months ago all broke loose at home when our family business was put through the ringer. Her father and I completely checked out while we worked around the clock and she began spending all day on the computer keeping
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