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  1. Hi Sheila, We decided to not go to the follow up appointment and instead booked an appointment at the Environmental Health Institute of Dallas to get more thorough testing and evaluation done. It has been a little over a month since we went. The first day they did all kinds of bloodwork to test the strength of her immune system and the overall health of her body. Everything came back normal, aside from slightly high platelets (which is subjective without having had them tested before to know her baseline). The following day we began skin testing for the top suspected culprits based on the previous day's doctor evaluation. Based on the information provided the doctor, she suspected the following allergies mold, mycotoxins, cat dander, nickel and food (to be determined by testing). On a scale of 1-10 she ranked the following on what was tested: Mycotoxins- 9 Mold- 8 Cat Dander- 4 Wheat- 2 Dairy- 2 Egg- 2 This, plus the rescue antigens serotonin, histamine and capsaicin, was all that we were able to test that day. That day we began rescue antigen injections daily for 14 days and then every 4 days thereafter. Approximately 2 weeks ago we began the mycotoxin, mold, and cat dander antigens, which are administered every 4 days as well. While on the rescue antigens in the beginning her breathing tic transitioned into a coughing like tic and then it was almost completely gone. Once we began the mycotoxin, etc antigens, her symptoms came back heavy for that night and tapered off by the next day. It made it clear that they must somehow be associated with mycotoxins and mold because of the symptoms reappearance. This is good to know because we uprooted our whole life overnight and moved out of our house in order to provide a mold free environment for our daughter. She now has a light breathing tic that is mostly unnoticeable and I still believe it is due to the antigens and it is a part of the process. I pray that this will cure her tics and lessen her allergies so that she does not have to fight this forever. I am still kind of in shock that mold could do something like this. It is hard to wrap my mind around. Another aspect of her treatment is a vaccine created out of a swab taken from her throat. They grew a culture and then turned it into a vaccine that is to be tested on her skin and then injected to prevent a reaction to any of the bacteria in the future. We are also suppose to go back and test for more items, however we have not yet retuned for that. The doctor wants her to be on a rotation diet as well. Which, we have not been successful at. We have instead just pulled out the allergens, rather then rotate them because we are living in a family member's house that is being remodeled and does not have a kitchen. This makes it difficult to manage a difficult diet. We are hopeful she will fully recover from her tics and not be plagued by them for life or at least mange them to a level that they do not disturb her. I will continue to update as her treatment progresses. Thanks for reaching out!
  2. Hi! Thank you for your responses! We will continue with clean living and go from there. We did got back to our Chiropractor to have him take another look and to price an allergy test. He did not want to do the allergy test just yet, because he feels we need to give the inflammation time to go down before we test. We had him look at her tonsils to see if he could see any throat related issues. He said something interesting, he said her uvula (the thing that hangs down in the back of your throat) goes towards one side. He said he commonly sees this in patients with some sort of neurological issue. Have you ever heard this? He also mentioned it is somehow connected with Vagus Nerve in some way. I did not pick up on all that he was saying exactly. He did mention I could try doing things to stimulate her right side (massage, one side jumping jacks, etc) to help so that her brain didn't feel it needed to do something extra to stimulate itself. I may be misunderstanding everything he said because as I type it, it sounds a bit odd??!! Either way, we are going to keep trying what we are doing and go back in two weeks for a follow up and maybe an allergy test. Thanks for everything!
  3. HI There, I am struggling to determine what exactly is happening with my 6 year old daughter. 6 months ago we began allowing her to watch netflix show in our cell phones with headphones and I noticed she would regularly stop and bend her head up towards the ceiling. It seems like she was stretching her neck so I figured it was related to the headphones and funny angle. Then 2 months ago all broke loose at home when our family business was put through the ringer. Her father and I completely checked out while we worked around the clock and she began spending all day on the computer keeping herself busy while we tried not to loose our company. It was highly stressful for all. During this time she developed a breathing thing, where she would breathe out forcefully. It has grown over time into this full blown breathing habit/issue? It happens all day, most every day. She forcefully pushes breath out 1-6 times in a row at approximately every 10 seconds-10 minutes depending on the moment. She also stretches her hand and foot out over and over until they hurt. Work had settled down and we have gone back to being very involved and the computer is down to one day a week. We pulled phone time in case it is photo sensitivity. We have started magnesium/vitamin b/fish oil/ allergen free diet over the last couple of days. Initially, we took her to the emergency room thinking she was haing breathing troubles. They did an xray and exam and found nothing wrong. She wasn't doing it as frequently as she is now at the time and she acts totally fine in between bouts. She says she breathes just fine and just feels the urge to do it. We took her to another doctor and they tested her pee for an infection and id another exam. Again she wasn't doing it as bad then. We also took her to our chiropractor who said it is likely an allergic reaction to gluten, etc. Our concern is how do you know if it really is a breathing tic or a sign of something else? it is very hard to find a video example of this kind of tics in order to confirm in some way. We do not have insurance and do not believe in prescriptions for long term use so it is hard to know how to diagnose. Background: As an infant she complained of stomachaches continually and then her teeth began to break off easily and she broke out in an all body rash for a couple of days. This is when we were alerted is was likely food allergies, specifically Celiac Disease (the teeth are either genetic or a result known as celiac's teeth). We cleaned her entire diet up and she stopped complaining about her stomach and she did not have a rash again. Over the last year we have been relaxed with her diet because of extenuating life circumstances and we weren't sure if she actually was allergic because we never had an official test done. She didn't complain and nothing happened immediately as a result so... then this. Has anyone else seen this kind of breathing tic? How do you know if it is a tic versus a throat problem? Should we start with an Environmental Doctor or go to a pediatrician and then neurologist to confirm? How costly is an Environmental Dr? Can an Environmental Dr diagnose tics versus other ailments? I really appreciate any help any one is able to offer! I am totally freaked out by it and my husband is totally not!
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