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  1. Shake and vac

    Hi -- you are making some very positive changes.Good for you. So glad you are reading labels now. It could be that an air purifier in the bedroom with a HEPA filter would make a difference, if you can afford that. It is important that the bedroom be allergy free. Can you steam clean his carpet or whatever the powder was put on? Do you have a doctor/naturopath who could check to see if he has an intestinal candida yeast infection and needs an anticandida medication--and could determine if he has a nutritional imbalance? Hoping you see real improvement with your efforts!
  2. Does this look like a tic?

    Hi -- sorry for the delay. I heard back from the neurologist who also thought there could be an emotional component but could not say based on the short video. He thought seeing a pediatric neurologist as you plan for a second opinion, was a good idea. Where do you live? Am wondering if it makes sense to be tested for Lyme based on where in the country you are? Also, a suggestion -- I would remove the link in the opening to your first post, so that in the future it will not be readily available for sharing. (You know you can always remove the link on YouTube when you are finished with it,and I assume it is being shared privately only with those you give the link to.) I mention it because when he is older he will not want this to be seen by others. This is a common issue that comes up with forums, especially when parents use their full name and it shows up in a search. You might want to keep a log about diet -- symptoms along with list of foods/drinks to see if anything seems connected. And also avoid any scented products and standard toxins/cheimcals in the home. Are you familiar with that approach, as a support to other therapies?
  3. Does this look like a tic?

    It is good to read that your son is so well rounded and socially is doing fine. Glad you can get a second opinion, even though you have to wait a few months. I have passed the video to a neurologist to see if I can get any feedback. Will let you know if I hear anything. In the meantime, it would be good to have your boy on as healthy a diet as possible (no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives--and low sugar--for starters) and in a "green" (natural--no scented products or standard chemicals in cleaning products, etc) setting at home if you have not yet done so. That's just some unsolicited advice. Can you think of anything that changed starting a couple of months ago? Either with his health or with his environment?
  4. Help - realising I have tics

    Hi blackwater and welcome to the forums. I will let others answer about approaches they have found helpful for the symptoms you describe. I just wanted to give you a link for all the effects that sertraline (Zoloft) can cause. Many people have negative reactions to it. Please see here. Also you may wish to look into an allergy connection to your movements since you mentioned sinuses. This book addresses that along with other issues. Read about the book here (it is on Amazon). I hope you find the help you need! Sheila
  5. Which type of magnesium is best?

    Hi Cathy, A physician I worked with often would recommend magnesium taurate for children and adults. It is generally considered safe to use. This is one brand http://www.lifeextension.com/Vitamins-Supplements/item16426/Magnesium-Taurate Please keep in mind that magnesium can take a while to have a positive effect. Also, it is not usually the sole answer to tics. A number of other efforts may be needed. Hope this is of some help.
  6. Hi Suzanne, I know I replied this morning to the Shake 'n Vac post. You mention that your boy has horrendous tics "again" --he is now 9, When did they start and what happened? What is the date of the neurologist appointment? Is it coming up soon in December? Hopefully the doctor will do some blood tests and you could get a referral to an allergist or however things work there to obtain allergy testing. Also request if you he could be tested for a bacterial or vital infection. Generally neurologists do not look at immune issues but because of the PANDAS/PANS connection to tics, they are now more open to it. Find out he or she is familiar with PANDAS and could test for it. I would consider seeking out the help of a nutritionist. Magnesium can be good but it alone is not a miracle mineral for everyone with tics. Since he was born so prematurely your boy may have a number of issues that need to be addressed. It is great that you are on top of things while you seek to find answers. Please give your young son only healthy food with no artificial additives like flavors, colors and preservatives, and have a "green" home with no standard chemical cleaners and no scented products. Meanwhile aim to get some professional help in assessing his nutritional status and potential allergies, as you are doing. We hope the neurologist also has some helpful advice for you. Please keep us posted! Sheila
  7. Tics worse outdoors only

    HI Charlton, Welcome to the forums. I'm sorry to read about your concerns with your daughter. Your detailed description of her issues is very interesting. It does seem that allergies are a significant key to her difficulties. This is a common link in kids with tics. When did you start all the interventions you mentioned in your note (nasal spray, changing diet, etc)? Have you seen any improvement from those yet? Did the pediatrician have any advice? You might want to contact this clinic to see if they have any recommendations closer to you. https://invitationtohealth.com.au/ I mention it because it is listed on the American Academy of Environmental Medicine website for referrals showing that Dr. Yeoh attended training with them and they offer many of the approaches that have been helpful for some with an allergic connection to tics. I hope that is some help. I'm sure there must be others who focus on nutritional support. Please consider getting our book, if you have not done so. Natural Treatments for Tics and Tourette's. We will watch for word back from you. Sheila
  8. Does this look like a tic?

    Hi lbass, I apologize that I just noticed your post. Welcome to the Forums. I think it is very good that you planned to see a pediatric neurologist. Can you please tell us how that appointment turned out? What was the advice? The motions in the video are not typical tics but we are not qualified to judge what type of issue it may be caused by. Sometimes kids do an exaggerated motion to cover up a tic. Again, it is hard to know what is going on from the video. We are interested in learning more and knowing how your son is doing. Please do let us know.
  9. Shake and vac

    Hi gladiator16, I hope your son is doing better today. You mention Shake 'n Vac, which I was not familiar with. To answer your question, yes it could be the culprit for your son's tics getting worse. It sounds like another dreadful product from Glade and marketed in the UK. Glade makes a range of scented products with ingredients that are considered toxic. The intent is to sprinkle it on carpets to "freshen" them up, and then vacuum the powder up. This is the description: "Keep your floors at their most lovable with Glade® Shake n' Vac. Eliminate deep-down odours on carpets and rugs, and freshen your home with a variety of Glade® fragrances to ensure you always have something soft and loving to come home to. " They offer this safety precaution though it took a while to find this online: "Keep out of the reach of children. Remove pets from room before application. People suffering from perfume sensitivity should be cautious when using this product. " One site lists these ingredients for the lemon scent: Fragrance. 3,7-dimethyloct-6-enenitrile; 3a,4,5,6,7,7a-hexahydro-4,7-methanoinden-6-yl acetate; citral; decanal; dipropylene glycol; hexyl cinnamal; linalool; methylbenzyl acetate; octanal; terpineol. ... Sodium SulfateFlow Agent. ...Calcium CarbonateCarrier. ...DolomiteCarrier. I would suggest you open your windows, toss the current vacuum bag, vacuum the carpet repeatedly with a new bag, throw the new bag out when done, and steam clean your carpets with unscented natural soap or only hot water. Be sure it dries thoroughly. Your son needs fresh, clean air. What you did is very understandable as it seems this product is popular in the UK, and other Glade products are very popular around the world. Millions of people use them. Is there a reason you needed to do this for your carpet? Do you have a pet? I'm glad to read that you purchased the book, and I hope it is helpful to you. It in you will see the recommendation to avoid scented products in general. Please do let us know how your boy is doing today. We care about you and your family and are hoping he will be better soon.
  10. Hi EmilyGirl, welcome to the forums, and I'm glad you wrote. You have been through so much. It says a lot that you are willing to reach out. You have classic OCD symptoms and then on top of that, such traumatic incidents to deal wtih. No wonder you are exhausted. We would love to hear more about where you live, and what options you have for getting help so you don't have to continue to struggle with all of this. We are glad you do not intend to give up! Hang in there. It could be that a medical problem causes some of your fatigue and there is help for that. Please write back and tell us more. We care and want to do what we can for you. Sheila
  11. Blood work for newly diagnosed TS son

    Hi and welcome to the forums. I'm sorry to read that your young child is having difficulties. We know that feeling of having no direction to turn to in how to help your child after a visit to the doctor, and hope you find answers soon. You have asked such an important question. There is not one perfect answer, as cases differ. But the Great Plains Laboratory has come up with a set of tests that you could consider. The lab can consult with the doctor/nurse if there are questions. You could review this list and see what seems to make a connection for you.Generally, insurance will cover some but not all of them. I do not know about Canadian insurance though. https://www.greatplainslaboratory.com/tourettes-tics-and-ocd/?rq=tourette syndrome Please see what you think. Did the symptoms come on suddenly or gradually? Feel free to share more about your situation. And am sending best wishes to the whole family.
  12. tichelper.com

    Hi -- TicHelper is an online program that focuses on behavioral training to reduce tics. This is their FAQ link below -- you will see that it costs about $150, and other questions are answered. I'm not sure if any of our forum members have tried it. Hopefully we will find out. tichelper.com/faq/
  13. Hi Sheila,

    Thank you for your continued commitment to finding natural solutions to tics and Tourette's. I know that you post articles on Facebook (which are very helpful), but I was wondering if you could create a Latitudes FB group where people can post their own issues (similar to this forum). The reason I ask is 1) there seems to be less traffic these days on this forum, 2) I belong to other Tics/Tourette's forums on FB, but they don't talk about natural treatments, and 3) i belong to other health-related forums in general (e.g., Pyroluria https://www.facebook.com/groups/pyroluria/, MTHFR https://www.facebook.com/groups/MTHFRGROUP/, etc.) that seem to provide an amazing amount of information. I think this forum was like that about 10 years ago, but people have moved on from forum-type information sharing to Facebook groups.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Tanya Zivin

    1. Sheila


      HI Tanya, I agree that would be a good idea. Let me get my new book behind me (coming out very soon) and then come up with a plan. Sorry for the delay in replying!

  14. Hi Matthew, Thanks for posting. it sounds like you have been able to figure out some of your migraine triggers. There seems to be a big overlap between things that trigger migraine and that trigger tics. Can you tell us what has happened with Cozy Shack puddings? I am not familiar with them, but when I went online to check their site there were several versions and I'm curious what is now a problem for you. What are the ingredients and for which ones? It might be helpful to others. Thanks!
  15. Low dose immunotherapy

    Hi Tayna, I heard back from the doctor who was monitoring results for LDA and Tourette's or tics. The answer was not very definitive. He said it helps some, and that people just have to try it to find out. So, I know that is not much help to you. Maybe someone who has used it will add to this.