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  1. Thank you for sharing this, Chemar. What a great reminder for readers to revisit the role of magnesium, which we talk a lot about on this forum. For some it could mean going back and giving it another try. Or, it could be giving magnesium for the first time. It's great that in the case you mention, there was an immediate calming effect on tics so it was clear it was working. If giving it a try, give it each day, as it does not stay in the system long. And, start slow in case it could cause more of a laxative effect than you want.
  2. Hi JulesLou, I am not personally familiar with Dr. Jules. She is a functional medicine doctor, so she will rely on lab tests to a great degree, as you know. Her website says she specializes in treating tics and PANDAS. This is her website. https://www.regenerating.health/ She offers a free consultation, so you might want to consider that. Mentioned on her home page and also see this link and scroll down to the bottom of the page. https://www.regenerating.health/RH-fast-class?fbclid=IwAR1SPiL5Etq-HNM71RALKB4ZiAuilF5_cSVbxyWnShoX-FGEPC67aTcs_0Q https://www.regenerating.health/book-an-appointment-2 If you want to find a functional medicine practitioner in your area you could search here: https://www.ifm.org/find-a-practitioner/ You could explore those practitioners to see if they offer experience in what you are looking for. Good luck. Please let us know how you make out! Sheila
  3. This approached reportedly helped a small number of people (it functioned as a form of acupressure). Since it was free, we left it up. However, the product has not been available for some time, so we will lock this thread.
  4. Hi JRog, Welcome to the forums. I'm so sorry you are dealing with tics that also are accompanied by obsessions and related anxiety. It does seem like you have symptoms of Tourette's since you've had the vocal and muscle/motor tics over an extended period of time. Some people have tics and OCD that are triggered or made worse by an infection. Often it is a bacterial infection, but it can be viral as well. Does the anxiety go away as soon as the cold disappears--like within two weeks? Or, does it linger on? Have you noticed anything else, besides a cold, that can affect your symptoms? I look forward to reading your reply.
  5. Hi Jacke, Welcome to the forums. I'm sorry your son has dealt with tics. I hope he is has been improving? As for vaccines, there has not been much research on it. We have a summary in this article. https://latitudes.org/vaccine-research-thimerosal-tics/ It primarily connects thimerosal with an increased incidence of tics for some people. Relatively recently, the preservative has been removed from most (although not all) vaccines. We do not have information on a specific vaccine that might be related to tics. I hope this is of some help to you.
  6. Hi Katreya, and welcome to the Forums. So sorry you and your family are dealing with this. Your son sounds like a wonderful boy. I'm sure it's very hard for him to feel like his body is out of control. Does he have a history of allergies - or have you noticed chemical sensitivities? Does he have a history of any digestive complaints? It sounds like you have made some good efforts. You may need some professional support as well. Are you in the UK? Your boy could be triggered by chemicals, in a swimming pool and/or elsewhere. It's not easy to focus on a single environmental aspect, if indeed those factors are playing a roll. I don't know if you have been communicating with him about his tics, but sometimes it is helpful to refer to them as allergies and you could ask what seems to bother him, using this chart http://latitudes.org/downloads/triggers/kids/what-makes-me-tic.pdf You would know if you think that might be helpful. Sometimes it is a relief for kids to know that it is something causing his body to do things he doesn't like -- and then you can work to make changes to help. This would be an environmental approach, not that it is the answer for everyone. But since you have seen triggers already, it could be that this is moving in the right direction. I would suggest you please keep a log. You can find one here, if you are interested. I hope this helps. . . best wishes to you, Sheila
  7. Thank you for posting both those books, MaryAW I hope your mold detox goes well. Here are links for the two books on Amazon Break the Mold by Dr Jill Crista Toxic by Dr Meil Nathan
  8. Hi AlwaysWorriedMom, I'm so sorry that you haven't had the responses you need to your questions. I don't know if the reason is that they don't have the specific answers, or that folks are not on the Forum right now. A lot of people have joined Facebook for PANDAS/PANS. Did you ever join a group that you can connect with? I know it feels discouraging to not see responses coming in, but it's not personal! I would give advice but it's outside my area of expertise. I wish I could help. Do you live in Ontario? I'll watch for a response. All the best, Sheila
  9. Hi ab1988.Welcome to the forums. It's encouraging to read in your post that the facial tics have diminished, though it's hard for you to know why. You said you've read a lot on the forums. I'm not sure if you have seen the website articles also. Have you tried any other interventions yet? It an take a multi-faceted approach to subdue tics. Here's an example of what one parent did, It represents a number of different concept that parents have used. Not everyone does all of them, of course. https://latitudes.org/dealing-with-tourettes-or-tics-i-wrote-this-just-for-you/ It's interesting that the facial tics are coming on in the evening when he's wearing glasses. Why is that the time he wears glasses? What is he doing at the time? Just for you to be aware -- and there are certainly no simple answers for everyone -- exposure to toxic chemicals, from pesticides to formaldehyde to scented products--are known to cause vocal tics in some individuals. Allergies can do the same, including mold. There are approaches that may be helpful without your boy feeling like you are dragging him to different doctors when he is not very aware of his tics. That said, it doesn't sound like he's been to a lot of docs so far--but it does seem you may want to change your pediatrician! Please let us know what you think of the linked article above and whether you see any aspect of it that resonates with your situation, okay? Also, you might want to post in the PANDAS/PANS forum for feedback.
  10. Those are really good insights, MLee. If you have time, please let us know how your doctor has you addressing the gut issues.
  11. FraggleRed, it's wonderful you had good results after your significant efforts. It's so great the nightmares, joint pains and stomach pains are gone also! It does take perseverance, as you say. Thank you for sharing your encouraging message. Kuma --I'm glad you have a referral to an allergy clinic. (And don't forget to check for milk, after the milkshake reaction --if that was indeed the actual trigger at the time and not just a coincidence). It can be so helpful to have some professional help in sorting things out. And remember that if needed, approaches can go beyond diet. I hope you'll keep us posted!
  12. Hi Kuma, welcome to the forums. I'm glad you wrote. I know it's really hard to watch your child go through so much. 🙁 It seems you've seen some connections with foods at times, and have tried different adjustments. Could you please let us know what diet he is currently following? Also, do you have a family history of allergies? Or of sensitivity to chemicals, like perfumes or gasoline smells--more than typical? I'll look forward to hearing back from you.
  13. Hi Emmars26, welcome to the forums. I'm glad you seem to have zeroed in on likely some key underlying causes of your daughter's difficult symptoms. I hope you can let us know what testing shows. I was not familiar with DNRS for neural retraining https://retrainingthebrain.com/ The testimonials are impressive and it would be good to learn more. I did a search on our forums and didn't see specific reference to it. It would be interesting to know what your doctor's experience has been with patients referred for DNRS. We are glad you wrote, and wish you and your family all the best in healing your daughter.
  14. Nursemom21, its definitely good that you are seeing a PANDAS neuropsychiatrist for these types of symptoms. Please let us know what you find out. I know everyone will be interested to know. It's too bad you had to wait so long, but hopefully new answers will be coming. Sheila
  15. Hi NurseMom21 I hear your major concerns about your daughter and realize it must be very hard to deal with. You have my sympathies. Meanwhile, I would not focus on the 12 months for TS, or various tic criteria in general. Even researchers admit that the delineation between different categories of tics is pretty arbitrary, and there is ongoing discussion to change that approach. I saw your recent post that said you are seeing a PANDAS neuropsychiatrist this coming week. That should be very helpful. As I mentioned on that thread, please do let us know what you learn. All the best, Sheila
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