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  1. waxing and waning

    Hi Supermom13, the term waning is used in the same way that "lessening" might be used. The symptoms are reducing. Then if they start to increase in severity or frequency, they are said to be waxing, getting worse. It sounds like your son is doing very well if he only has a couple of tics a day. For many people, waning could mean going from a score of 5, 5 being a high level of symptoms, down to a 3--simply getting better. Or it can be a time of no symptoms at all. Hope that helps.
  2. Hi moonbound , I would agree with you that what you are experiencing is not a classic tic. I don't think age is as much the factor (tics can develop later in life, not just as kids) but rather the type of movements you are describing. Can you get a referral to a neurologist to get a diagnosis? There are a number of conditions that can result in different types of movement issues. Let us know, OK?
  3. Hair loss at 17?

    Patty, I was just looking online about hair loss for someone else. I found this interesting, that iron may help even when someone does not test anemic. I thought of your son and am just passing it on in case it is of interest. It is multiple pages. https://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/hair-loss/news/20060516/hair-loss-may-be-iron-deficiency#1
  4. Hi James, sorry for the delay with this. I searched this Tourette Syndrome and Tics forum for Garcia TMJ (not in quotes) and came up with several posts. You should be able to learn more in those. There was no link that showed all of them at once that I could share with you. If you still need the information, please go to the search area in the blue bar, top right, and put those words in. I hope you get the information you need.
  5. "Breathing Tic"

    Hi nervoustic, welcome to the forums. Often people who find they help they need do not come back to the forum to update old posts. Do you want to tell us more about your tic -- when it started, when it seems to be the worst? Do you have any other symptoms?
  6. Magtein

    Hi pinkmom, Thank you for sharing this helpful information on magnesium. I have spoken with Dr Teich at length on the phone and know that based on the approach he lists on AAEMonline.org as well as our conversation, he does the type of assessment and treatment that many have found useful. That said, we have not met and I do not know anything about his practice as far as insurance, costs, etc. (except NYC and some other major cities always seem high). If you see Dr Teich I hope you will let us know how things go. Some in Dr. Magaziner's office (the clinic you are considering) do similar testing--it seems Dr Kyle Meyer is a naturopath, not an allergist or physician. Naturopaths can be very helpful, it just depends what you need. I am not trying to convince you who to see, one way or another. Do you think you will see someone soon?
  7. Our Journey

    thanks for the helpful update! Are things still progressing nicely?
  8. Breathing tic -advice needed

    OK, good luck. Maybe someone else will have different advice! Sheila
  9. I’m breaking down !

    gaga, please keep a log so you can monitor how things are going. Something simple, not stressful. We have charts for free on our Trigger Resources pages, which were actually designed as a supplement for those who order the Stop Your Tics by Learning What Triggers Them book. Why don't you go to the section where we have these charts and see if something appeals to you. I think it will help you to put ideas and plans down on paper and that can relieve the need to keep thinking constantly about things. It will also help to give you some direction. I know what you mean about fearing for the future, but as long as you are taking steps in a positive way and seeing some improvement, you will feel better and so will he. Studies have shown that most of what we fear never happens. And it is so good that he is happy and doing well with sports. Enjoy his smiles. Also if you keep a log, then if things worsen for a bit, you can go back and try to figure out what might have caused that to happen. One reason we feel so out of control with tics is that we imagine there is nothing we can really do about them, but for most people that is not the case. There is lots of reason to be hopeful. If he continues to do well and you still have the same problem of worrying so much, then it would be good to get some help for yourself. You could think about seeing a good counselor or find a naturopath who could see if you need something to help adjust your emotional state. You sound like a wonderful mother, and you may have the tendency that most of us moms suffer from, of putting everyone else's needs ahead of your own. You will be able to help your family more if you can find some peace. If you are needing certain nutritional balancing, then that makes it much harder to feel happy. Sometimes there is a simple solution. Does that make sense to you?
  10. Breathing tic -advice needed

    Hi mildticer, Welcome to the forums. I see that no one jumped in here with the particular breathing tic problem you are having. Sorry to hear about it, I'm sure it is a challenge. I wanted to mention that in a situation like this, it is sometimes helpful to think back and try to remember if anything might have changed in your life about a month ago when this started. In other words, approach it with the assumption that something caused the change. It could be something like stress from a new job, change in relationship, or an infection. But it could also be something like a new location for work or home (environmental issues--exposures to dust, mold, new furniture) a pet, allergies--or even a change in personal products -- cologne, for example. Also a major change in diet or drink. Or even a new or different car. There are a number of influences that can play a role. Can you take a little time to brainstorm anything that has changed along those lines? Please let us know. I hope you can get back to us and also hope you are feeling better, Sheila
  11. Detox...

    Hi tropea22, Detox as a treatment has been helpful for tics, but typically when there is evidence of some type of toxic overload. As one example, it was learned by parents that their young boy with severe tics had been exposed to arsenic. After that was discovered through lab testing, his tics were successfully treated with detoxification efforts. Others have been tested and found to have high levels of different toxins. The concept that toxins can affect the nervous system is grounded in common sense. The methods used to "detoxify" should be determined by an expert and any treatment carefully overseen. That said, the term detox is used quite broadly these days, especially given the fact that in the West, most of us have been exposed to toxic chemicals and have assimilated them to varying degrees. Certain foods and nutrients are often touted to detoxify the liver and the body. In your case, did the naturopath have specific reasons to recommend these remedies or do you think it is more of a general cleansing approach? You might want to be sure that the naturopath is well trained in homeopathy for children. (This is just a general statement, I have no idea who you are seeing and what your specific situation is.) I hope this is some help.
  12. I’m breaking down !

    Hi gaga, It can be upsetting to see the worst situations online. I'm sorry it has been so difficult for you. Have you had a chance to do any of the suggestions that others made in your previous February posts? Tic can be concerning, that is for sure. But the swearing is not common, as you mention you have read. It helps to know that you are doing something to try to address the diet or allergies you said he has; feel like you are moving in the right direction. Maybe you can get some support and counseling for yourself? Let us know how things are going, please and what your options are.
  13. Nothing is working😢

    This is a good suggestion, James. The pre-test (with tongue depressors or similar approach) can often reveal whether this might be a good connection. it is not always a foolproof assessment but worth considering. We have a number of posts on this on the forum. Go to the search box and put in Stack. All threads related to an appliance are not under that search term but you will see lots of feedback and can then search for related topics if interested. It can also help to have a jaw assessment by an experienced chiropractor, an osteopath specializing in manipulation, or an expert cranial sacral therapist who could assess the situation and possibly make adjustments. It would be great if both of you will keep us informed, and we sure hope it goes well.
  14. Our Journey

    Bernerchio, your efforts really are inspiring, and I love that you have a nutritionist guiding your steps. That can make such a difference. You have the determination it can take to bring about change. For some it is a simple fix, for others it takes a wider approach, as you are doing. For the light sensitivity, you might want to consider getting him tested by an Irlen specialist. I know you mentioned some improvement in this area but he might respond to Irlen filters (you can also search Latitudes.org for info). When there is a connection to specific light wavelengths, they can address that -- which removes some of the visual stress. His sensitivity sounds quite significant, as you described it affecting his gait. (I'm glad he could manage the books without much blinking!) We really appreciate you keeping us updated on your approach and the results. It will help many people. Will watch for more news!
  15. Vocal Tics - Humming

    Jacky, for sure we hear about those specific items triggering tics. There are many such accounts on this forum. Also consider whether your little daughter is in her bedroom more at night around the time you describe, and whether that might be any clue -- lots of people find their kids react to a dusty room or bedding/mattress, or other issues in the bedroom. How is she when she wakes up in the morning after a good rest?