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  1. Hi SharingSheryl--I loved that: I am totally freaked out by it and my husband is totally not! Hah. That's not unusual, though sometimes the roles are reversed. It must have been a serious bout if you took her to the ER. I sympathize with all the family stress over work and am glad it sounds like you were able to stabilize things. Meanwhile, so many parents are frustrated with the reliance on screens these days. Great that you have reduced computer and phone time. Please let us know if you have seen any change with the allergy-free diet you started a few days ago. When you say you relaxed the diet this last year, was that specifically for gluten -- or for gluten and other foods and maybe additives that you had been avoiding? We have definitely heard from people who had a child with tics that included breathing issues, and the ones who contacted us were able to resolve the issue. There's not a single approach that worked for everyone. But you seem to already have some food-related clues from when she was an infant--and your daughter says she does not have trouble actually breathing. You've been to the ER and had her checked out, and the chiropractor suggested a gluten reaction. Unless things worsen, it seems it would make sense to focus on foods (keep a log and you probably know that something like gluten can take time to clear the system). Can you go back to what you were doing a year ago? Also reduce the allergic load in the home. Has anything changed in the home environment in the last year? And please make sure that you do not have scented products in the house, from cleansers to deodorizers and personal products. Go natural. Does she have exposure to pesticides or chlorine in swimming pools these days? To answer your question, all doctors can be expensive if you don't have good insurance, and that includes environmental physicians. Why not do what you can on your own as soon as possible, and watch to see if there is improvement. Then take the next step if needed. We will look forward to hearing back. Good luck with your efforts!
  2. Hi usernamecat, welcome to the forums. I read your account and really sympathize with what you are going through. Many of us on this site also had the tears and emotional response you are having. The good news is that many of us also found answers. I can't make any promises but the fact that you have allergies in your family is actually encouraging. Both physicians and patients/families have reported that tics can often be more like an allergy of the nervous system than what we would think of as a neurological "disorder." We have an article that will give you an overview of the new thinking for tic conditions (not necessarily shared by mainstream medicine- -- though it is good you are seeing a neurologist ) https://latitudes.org/conditions/what-is-tourette-syndrome/ Don't be concerned that the title is Tourette syndrome, you have said your daughter may have a different diagnosis. The article addresses tic disorders in general. Please read it through and see if any of it "clicks"" for you, OK? Also, at the bottom of the article there are several links to reader-friendly articles that you might like. I thnk they would be helpful. Try not to despair, there is often help for these cases. The goal is to discover any underlying the imbalances, and to learn what may be triggering the symptoms that your young daughter is experiencing. Hang in there--all the best, Sheila
  3. Hi Deb22 -- and welcome to the Forums. I agree LNN had some great suggestions. Just to let you know, we've received many reports on mold as a trigger for tics, as well as it causing other health issues plus behavior/emotional reactions. We hope you will keep in touch, letting us know how you make out and what new insights you come across as well. Best of luck!
  4. Hi MLee, So sorry to read about your setback. You should be able to get back to where you were soon. I understand food reactions can sometimes take 4 weeks to clear, but no doubt there's no hard and fast rules, so hang in there. Have you tried giving your son an antihistamine to see if it helps? If you do, please let us know. Also, some doctors recommend drinking baking soda (or trisalts) in water to help food reactions. Trisalts are on amazon--not expensive. Now that the initial period has passed I'm not sure how much effect it would have, but it is worth a try. Because he had avoided eggs for so long and then had a significant repeated exposure, the reaction is not unexpected -- though I know it's super discouraging. That said, I don't blame you for trying!! Scrambled eggs are so convenient--plus now you know what the limits are for sure. Please let us know how you make out. Will be thinking about you both!
  5. Hi Katielyashenko, Welcome to the Forums. I'm sorry you having to deal with the emotional response of watching Max have tics. Most of us have been there, tears and all. But on top of that you've dealt with his multiple open heart surgeries--that experience is hard to imagine. There's good news on the tics, which is that there are often answers to what is causing them. It could be a reaction to something environmental, (allergens, chemicals) a nutritional imbalance, a yeast overgrowth, an infection, food reaction. . . or a combination. That's why the right supplements for his body could help but are probably not going to give you the full answer. The possibilities may seem overwhelming but they are not meant to be--they are meant to be hopeful options that can be eliminated one by one until the culprits are found. 🙂 I would recommend our book Stop Your Tics by Learning What Triggers Them because it is an easy read and can give you good ideas on things to look for and resources to help you. Amazon Where do you live? You might want to consult with an allergist to see if sensitivities can be identified. Here's a summary on tics and Tourette's followed by some sample parent success stories on our site with advice. I hope this helps! Please keep in touch and try not to despair. There are lots of reasons to be hopeful and encouraged. We are glad you wrote. Sheila https://latitudes.org/conditions/what-is-tourette-syndrome/ Griff’s Dramatic Recovery from Tourette Syndrome Using an Allergy Approach Nutritional Supplements for Tics and Tourette Syndrome Rethinking Triggers for Tourette Syndrome Tracking Down Triggers for Tourette Syndrome Dealing with Tourettes or Tics? I Wrote this Just for You What you Eat is What You Are Surprising Answers that Helped Our Son’s Tics My Advice to Parents on Diet and Tics
  6. Hi Vvny, I'm so sorry to read that he is having such major vocal tics. We can see if anyone answers about guanfacine. I'm wondering how is your son is when he wakes up in the morning compared to when he goes to bed at night? And when do they get the worst during the day? How were things before the lockdown? Hoping to hear back, Sheila
  7. I wouldn't lose sleep over this, though I understand your anxiety over it. Hopefully having his dad around will help keep things under control (great he is going)! Maybe Dad can privately help give some guidance on the food choices. If he had severe allergies it would be one thing--then strict adherence would be critical--but that doesn't seem to be the case, right? You know best what it takes in the way of certain foods to tip the scales and increase tics. If if he does go off script and has an increase in blinking it could be a learning experience and he can get back on track once home. It's always a balancing act between issues like this and self esteem/having fun. With my son, he learned that if he was at a party he could take something like a soda, which he knew increased tics, and only have a sip or two, then ditch the rest. When is the camp?
  8. Hi MLee, I've heard a theory that for those with an immune/allergy connection to their tics, just as allergies and sensitivities often improve with age, so do the tics along with them. I don't think research has looked in this direction though.
  9. Hi -- I'm glad you could see some connections with your daughter and some of the symptoms/conditions from the book. I hope the reference below can be helpful to your family. As in any situation, medical needs are unique to the individual and I can't predict if this will be a match for you. Wishing you the best! Sheila This doctor is active in the field of environmental medicine. (They are few and far between). I believe he is near Flint. i did not see a website for him. Gerald D. Natzke, D.O., FAAEM, DABEM 9475 Holly Rd Ste 205 Grand Blanc , MI 48439 Tel: (810) 344.4567
  10. Thank you for adding your feedback, ahmoy44. And it's good to know you had positive results with adjusting diet related to gluten, eggs and refined sugar. It's always helpful for members to receive encouragement on how lifestyle changes can help some people so they can try for themselves. How are things going, Sunflower78? Please let us know if there is any specific info we can provide that might be useful.
  11. Hi -- we are locking this thread so the conversation can be continued in the Comment area of a regular article. That way more people can see it and learn from it. I hope you will participate in sharing ideas there! Please see here. (https://latitudes.org/can-you-help-amelia-with-her-tics/) Thank you!
  12. Hi there and welcome to the forums. Where do you live please? (State/country)
  13. Hello Lenny and welcome to the Forums. I'm really sorry for the delay in responding, this totally slipped through! As Ahmoy44 said, you seem to be in the US. What area of the country are you in? I'm asking in case you would benefit from seeing an environmental physician. Allergy testing is a controversial field, with people--even on this forum-- turning to a range of techniques for allergy testing. Part of the issue is cost and whether insurance coverage is an issue. In general, I would not recommend the mail-in testing. A number of lab tests can be completed depending on the situation; it is best to have a practitioner overseeing those. Please write back and let me know where you live and tell us a little more, OK? Do you think anything changed in your son's environment around the time when the vocal tics started up? How long has he had those? I'm glad you have seen some improvement with the diet changes you've tried. Sheila
  14. Hi Ahmoy, welcome to the Forums. It is good to see that you have already made some helpful observations to help get you started in the right direction. Please check your email, I have sent a note to you there and we will look to provide more info here in the forum. Hopefully there will be more answers for you and your daughter soon. Sheila
  15. Hi Ashley, Please see this article by Dr James Greenblatt, one of our advisory board members, that includes a discussion of NAC. While not addressing each of your questions, I hope it will be useful. Wishing you all the best, Sheila https://latitudes.org/key-nutrients-for-adhd-ocd-and-tics/
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