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  1. Thanks for the replies. Not sure still what to make of this head itch. He has been taking evening primose which is new to our supps. I don't want to go crazy yet figuring it out. things are good so I will wait and see. Thanks for your replies. abbe
  2. Hey Has anyone had a problem with a head itching tic. I don't believe it's one but wanted to ask
  3. Cheri, He can't handle bright lights, flashes, video games for sure. He seems much better since the addition of the b6, the zinc and primrose (these are the only changes I made when I did he test. He gets one half a b6 with p5p mybe 25 mg and zinc 25 mg day and night. The b6 at night gives him nightmares
  4. Cheri and all, Regarding pyroulia I dont have to much to go on except what I googled and read on line. When I read the symptoms besides tics like mood swings, anger, rage it all sounded like my little Nicholas. I cant say for sure that "treating" for this has been the only reason he is tic free. I like many others here went after everything for him this past year from yeast,allergies,mold, lights etc. I think it has been a combo. of things. HOWEVER< I can say that I am sure this plays a big role for him.
  5. Cheri, I had no ides about the connection of mycoplasma and Crohns. Nicky doesn't have any stomach issues right now I wonder if that is the next thing for me to worry about. abbe
  6. faith, The pyroulia is the last one we tested for . His was elevated. I took him to Dr. Chung and he read up on it and thought I really was on to something. I muscle tested him for zinc and b6 and now put him on both also evening primrose. He is still on the 15 mg. of topamax (he is 8 so this is low for his weight, I wish I could go lower and then stop but I am not there yet) but he is tic free since the new additions. He had that minor set back in disney from his laser gun that we let him have, the rides and the fireworks with the flashing laser lights being the true culprit. He can't take the flash. Last night we took a picture with the flash and his eye ticced right after. abbe
  7. Cheri and Faith, Happy Thanksgiving abbe
  8. Pat, Just spoke with Dr. Chung. You do have to be a licensed dr., nurse, pt etc. to get the schooling. He told me the reason he doesn't do more of it is because he was overly impressed with the results but he could do it with Nick. He said it takes about 5 minutes to learn and told me how . He also told me that another Dr. in his office does the cranial work. I think I will try it. Hey it' s only money................. abbe
  9. Pat, My chiro. does cranial work . He puts gloves on then adjusts the jaw manually. I haven't taken Nick for awhile because I neer knew it could be helpful for tics. although the very first time Nick had a neck tic (the turtle one) I took him there cuz I thought he had a sore neck. I didn't even know what a tic was (those were the days lol) I might consider going back though. The only naet provider in nj I went to and I didn't like her at all. She was so nasty . I just don't want to take Nick to a new dr and drive to phila. if I don't have to. So I am going to ask Dr. Chung his doctor maybe to do it. He said he learned the technique but stopped doing it because he didn't see the effectiveness. I think maybe I should learn how to do it myself abbe
  10. Patty, i noticed you had success with NAET. I took Nick to a NAET person in our area but I really didn't like her (neither did he) she was cold, abrasive etc. Their is o one else close by!! Can you tell me in what ways it helped your child?? Also the cranio sacral work . did you do through a chiro.??? thanks abbe
  11. Cheri, thanks for your reply and I do believe it was a build up with the flashing lights and "Misc." food being a trigger for him. He tested positive for an intolerance to oranges yesterday and the sauce on his food was orange based at that dinner but Dr.Chung also said it could have been mold in the oranges etc. We did go through a ride at epcot prior to the dinner I think it was the living earth that was all the fruits and vegtables so pesticides may be it also. I am just hoping we go back to baseline soon. He is much, much better every day and isn't complaining. It was SO BAD the next day at animal kingdom he couldn't see and he even said he felt like he was going to die : that is when I told him that his tics aren't dangerous just a big pain. I read about the magnanese and forgot to bring it to Dr.chung yesterday but have been giving him alvocado everyday which it is in. thanks for your thoughts and suggestions as always it really helps when I feel that I am not in this alone... abbe
  12. Faith Hey, I am not sure if msg is a trigger or not I just try to avoid it. The chef said they make all of their sauces and don't use msg for sure. So I don't know what the cause was I just know the reaction was severe. abbe
  13. Hello, Well I have been meaning to post but have been so busy keeping up with the kids and schoolwork. so Nicholas' test for Pyroulia came back at 18 I believe. Just out of normal into high. He was muscle tested by Dr.Chung who said he did in fact need more zinc. I added zinc b6 and primrose to our supps. He became the nicest child within 3 days!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much more cooperative, less angry and then tic free. He has been tic free (even had Halloween candy). We went to disney last week and after the 3rd day after dinner (chinese rest.) he had his eye tic. It was very , very bad the next day (ruined his day) it was heartbreaking. I called the rest. and the chef spoke to me and insisted that there was no msg. So either it was the rides, (lasers) the chef lied, to much soda or who knows. For now the eye tic is back and I am trying not to be sad. I was sooooooooo happy. But tommorow we are going to dr. chung. Hopefully the laser accupuncture can help it go away. abbe
  14. Hey all, Things are going very, very well over here. Will post later on update. Quick question we are flying to disney next week (yeah) Nicholas' ears pop on the plane and I didn't know if a decongestant would help. Are there any ones out there that don't cause tics.?? abbe
  15. any ideas on :healthy: candy to order for Halloween? I can't deny Nick trick or treating but want to replace his "junk" with healthier "junk" abbe
  16. Hello all I am having success with zinc and b 6 lately. What dose of each have you been successful with so far?? thanks abbe
  17. Hey, I know 4 children who have had the swine flu and recovered with no problems. abbe
  18. Hey all, Nicholas has had two treatments so far one for enzymes andone for veggies and beans. I am not thrilled with the women who is doing the work (nor is Nicky ) hard to esplain but she talks in a way that annoys Nicholas and I think it is funny cuz she annoys me to. The kind of person who calls you sweetie but is really annoyed under that. In any event after the two treatments his bowel patterns are normal! Going once of twice a day on his own. He was constipated before and/or just didn't want to go to the bathroom, to busy and avoided it?? abbe
  19. Hello, It's not Nicks diet he eats so much and so well for an 8 year old. I did contact Dr. Chung. He said the amount of hair I am seeing is not reason for concern. (this is not Nicks neuro. dr. dr. Chung does not like meds and understands I don't want Nick on them. Nick is on 15 mg now the lowest dose possible. all of the hair lass stories I saw were from women. I am trying to find even one male. Not sure if there is a hormone connection. It is just another sign for me to hurry up and solve this puzzle and get him off of it. He tested 18 for pyroluria and I am taking him next week to Chung to talk about it. abbe
  20. Pat/ Michael What I liked about it if it works is it could help Nicks digestion. She feels he lacks the ability to digest carbs and proteins. I feel that could be huge. I don't plan on re giving him things like dairy that he is allergic to but maybe if he has a little like at a school party he could handle it. Just enough so that he doesn't suffer or feel different. abbe
  21. Mary, Faith, I checked on the internet and there is a connection of topamax and hair loss. I am losing it at this point from worry. abbe
  22. I believe topamax is making Nicholas loose his hair. I am weaning him off abbe
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