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  1. Ok, I promised to share when things looked good and they do.. At Nicky's worst point 10-31-08 He had an eye tick and strong neck tick coupled with the throat tick (complex) and a non stop throat clearing tick when eating and sometimes not eating. He was extremly upset and thought he was going to be hospitalized from the pain in his neck and throat. At this point he is refusing his supplements because he is feeling so much better. (I am still giving them though) Here we are in December and he has almost stopped the throat tick, the eye tick is random but much , much less and the neck tick is not the same he used to pull his neck in real tight like a turtle and now he just stretches it to the side and looks a little off balance. I feel he may just have a sore neck and a neck tic/"issue" because he got used to stretching his neck now. I am going to do the allergy testing next week He has been wheat and diary free since 3 weeks only very very small cheating. I am suppose to go to chiro thurs. and I am a little nervous it will get worse not better. Cross your fingers for me and Nicky as I do the same for all of you and your loved ones......abbe
  2. Well flouride is asically toxic to the body. i let my kids use regular toothpaster though. I just thought the cleaning might be to much. ab
  3. Pat, Thx for the info. My son has NO problems in school. He is very well liked and very popular. The "cool" kid. He is ver very kind to others . My problem with him is at home. He managed to get control when he souln't have due to the divorce, being the 3rd, and his time in hospital with his neck injury. Now I am clawing my way back to gaining the respect that he must give me. He talks back, does things in his own time etc etc. It is all about POWER for him. I know all this and I will get his behavior under control again. When the ticks started 10-31-08 I found it hard to correct or be stern because I was so scared I could make it worse. I now feel that I need to be consistent to him and with him ticks or not. abbe
  5. Hi, My son is due for a teeth cleaning? have any of you not done flouride since the tic onset? I still give it to him in his toothpaste but wasn't sure if i should rock the boat? thanks for your opinions Abbe
  6. Pamela Kay, thanks for your response. I am getting the allergy testing next week which may be helpful because I still give Nicky corn and took away dairy and wheat. I know he is frustrated with all the changes and unless I find he has an extreme sensitivity or I notic ticcing after certain foods I will slowly add back in nutritional choices. Did you use mag cream on his neck or chiro? abbe
  7. [quote name='abbe' date='Dec 7 2008, 10:51 AM' post= abbe I think my son does have a light issue. He HATES to get his picture taken. he says the light hurts his eyes. This was even before the ticks. Video games and tv seem to bring them out but I only allow video games for 2 weekends per month and I don't do alot of tv. It has been hard to change everything in the house he has to older brother 13 and 16. thx for your suggestions Does your child have problems at school with the lighting? Abbe
  8. [quote name='Carolyn.N' date='May 30 2008, 05:54 PM' p Carolyn, I was hoping that since your son is seven and my son is seven and they both weigh the same you could share with me your vitamin /nutritional plan and amounts?? I will share mine with you as well as dr's plan when I get after Nicholas' tests come back. The reason I ask is I am having a positive result with the NAC and apple cider vinegar. My doc has the pot. b. but I don't think I can get that until Jan. 6th when we go back. I mentioned it at our visit and he said he uses it but I don't think he uses it for tics. Not sure . Thanks Abbe
  9. Pat, Can you please share with me some of the behavioral techniques that worked for your son? I wanted to say also that yesterday we became foster parents to a new puppy. We only are keeping him a day or two because we have two dogs. The important part I wanted to share is during the whole day of getting him and bringing him home Nick was as close to tick free that I have seen him. I couldn't tell if it was the puppy or the nutritional etc. At 545 pm w =e took him to play basketball. It was his first time. He was doing the head and eye tick like crazy..... I still feel better because I have moments when they are gone. I know if I do I can make those moments longer and longer. I can't wait for the results of his blood and urine. For those of you who have managed to get your kids tic free how long did it take to "figure" it out??????? thankyou............. abbe
  10. Abbe I have not heard of creatine for vocal tics I do know that L-CARNITINE helps with vocals for many tho Cheri, Your right I am using carnitine I posted the wrong thing I apologize....all these supplements I am getting brian confused myself abbe
  11. Pat, Also I never serve fried or greasy foods or junk foods because I was always into nutrition . Oddly enough though Nicholas LOVES red meat. I barely serve it but it is his favorite.
  12. Pat, Thanks for your message I will try the cream. I am new to this whole world of tics but I am not new to the holistice field. I have been into this alternative thinking since my late 20's (I am 43). I am quite sure there is a coorelation between stress and these tics and were they emerge. My sons might have picked his neck and throat because it was close to his injury. Also his eye tick happened when he needed to wear his glasses but didn't. All of these areas are weaknesses in his body. This morning I did the urine for the neuro test. that was a delight. My son was so upset he couldn't eat and my husband acted like he was 7. Some days I don't know what is worse ! I wonder if any of you out there could attribute any of the vitamins to constipation. My son always went after breakfast and now he skips a day. Could it be the new wheat free diary free diet? Doesn't make sense to me though. Also did you feel that any certain supplements made your children more hyper? Once again my son went to bed by 8pm or 8;30pm and now he shows no signs of being tired at that time. I still get him to bed but he seems wide awake? abbe
  13. [quote name='MARYANN' d Maryann, I believe that my sons injury to his neck is not related for a couple of reasons 1. i don't think there would have been a delayed onset and 2. Nicky's ticks started at age 7 the most common age for ticks to start. I believe that he has repressed anger and tension from my divorce. I think that once I can clear that through herbs and eliminating maybe some allergens I might see an improvement. I have also taken him to a qigong healer in our area. He is doing energy work on his liver, lungs and spleen. I need to rule out Pandas just so I can be sure. He is going to a great natural doctor right now who will run the test for sure I just wish I thought of that this week before drwaing the blood. I assume it is a blood test???????? Nicholas hates to get blood drawn from being at the hospital before. I actually just remembered something at the hospital they used Lidocaine to numb his arm before hand maybe I will do that this time before the test. As far as your throat noises go I think years ago we didn't notice half the stuff we do now as mothers....I am trying to come to terms with things and count my blessings for what is right and not what is wrong. This is the same mind set that got me through his accident......abbe
  14. Thanks for your response and I read EVERYTHING you wrote. I did go right away and get a strep test but it was the quick one in the dr's office. I am sure they didn't even send it away. I went to a big time Dr. this past week but we didn't talk about Pandas. i called the office today. I am so upset that I didn't think of it while I was there because it was awful doin the blood work on nick. I can't imagine if I have to do it again. I also wanted to tell everyine here something that has worked for me. i use an herbal combination on Nicks neck and spine from a company called Pure Herbs called NW. It is a bunch of nervines and applied topically they really calm dow the ticks. The down side is they smell!!!!! abbe
  15. Maryann, thanks for your response first one yet! I do need the help from this board because I am so upset inside I am getting physically sick. I just keep reading and reading. You know when I sat down my two older sons to tell them not to notice the tics from Nicky my 13 year old told me last summer he had a tick where he pulled his t shirt up off his shoulder. He said that he just started to lift his shoulder after that and it lasted all summer. i can't believe I didn't notice! He said he made himself stop and then he just stopped. Also my husband who is not my boys father developed a neck tick in his teen years. He said it was hard to stop but he made himself just stop it. This whole "tic" world is just so bizzare to me and foreign at the same time I thank god I have the people on this board to talk to. I feel much stronger with the support ..... abbe
  16. Hi everyone, My name is abbe and I have been reading your posts since this Halloween. My son Nicholas was a perfectly normal healthy child until at age 5 he dove over a swing and tore the artery in the back of his neck. it was a mother worse nightmare. The story is to long to even get into but Nicholas suffer 2 strokes from the artery forming a clot and peices of that clot were dislodged into his brain. The very sad part is Children Hospital in Philadelphia actually misdiagnosed my son and sent him home at one point. The GOOD news is Nicholas FULLY recovered. He is my youngest son now age 7. His older brother are 13 and 16. You could never tell anything happened to Nicholas he is super athletic (more than his brothers) smart etc. He made a complete recovery. The artery only has 20% blood flow but the lesions in his brain showed signs of complete healing on Mri's. He had no damage to the basil ganglia as per his Neurologists. Anyway as to the ticks, this past summer Nicky started to roll his eyes out of nowhere. I thought he was having problems with his vision so I took him to an eye dr. and he did in fact need glasses. So I thought that was the cause. On Halloween suddenly he started telling me my throat and neck hurt. He was upset . By Monday of that weekend he had a throat clearing and neck tick. I of course was freaking out. I have been a WRECK since then. I ordered Bonnie's vitamins (it might help to say I have been into herbs and nutrition far before this) Nicholas ' ticks were less severe on the supplements but I cannot give him her multi because it has an excessive amount of Vitamin e and he takes a baby asprin to keep his blood thin already. So I made my own combo for him with Lecithan, b complex. Magnesium , just started NOW and creatine. I am so confused about giving him a multi that has calcium in it with the whole magnesium antagonist thing. I also use acidolphilus and the epson salt baths. We just went to a holistic md (Magiziner) and Nicky got blood work, two urine tests and we have allergy testing in 2 weeks. One week ago I took him off diary, OJ and wheat. Again his ticks are there but more mild. At the onset his head was rolling and he pulled his neck in and back (pretty scary stuff) Now he sretches his neck and has the eye roll tick (but not as much) and the throat tick seems to get started when he eats. I suppose it is from the swallowing. I had taken him in for a strep test to the regular dr. at the onset and it came back negative but I don't know if she sent it to a lab etc. My two biggest questions are has your child developed gassiness from the supplements? Which ones ? Why are the ticks worse at night? Why are they so mild first thing in the morning? When a throat clearing tick is present does that mean TS? Can children outgrow TS? I WILL do all I can to get my son better. I want to be able to talk to other people about this on this board because I need the ideas and support. I was wondering how LONG it took from the onset of ticks to figure out the causes and have the ticks dissapate in the success stories. It seems that some things I read are disappointing like all that was doing is giving my child Magnesium and they were better. I want to keep my eye on the target and not lose hope ever, ever. It might be important to add that his teacher says she wouldn't even notice it if I didn't tell her to look? Do kids hold them in at school better? Abbe
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