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  1. Hello! I wanted to share some things that I think may be helpful to understanding a part of the puzzle, for some, with Tourettes and also OCD. Many years ago I was an active member on this forum. My son, Daniel, has Tourettes and I have OCD. The very good news is my son is now 19 years old and honestly you would never know he has Tourettes. He is doing amazing. Once in a while I see a little eye tic but that is it (but barely only when he gets nervous. What a difference from when he was 7 to 10 years old). But I want to share with you some insight that may help some of you that I h
  2. Hi there, I just wanted to encourage you. I just did a post to another person on this forum and thought it would help you too. Here is what I posted to her regarding her son's battle with sexual thoughts and he is nine. I think this will give you some insight on some of the things you can do for yourself. So anyhow, here is is what I posted: I know how distressing it is to deal with OCD. Especially when it is your child and all you want to do is help him stop. I have had OCD since I was around 6 or 7. But I have learned so much through the process. My son started exhibting sign
  3. Hi there! I know how distressing it is to deal with OCD. Especially when it is your child and all you want to do is help him stop. I have had OCD since I was around 6 or 7. But I have learned so much through the process. My son started exhibting signs of OCD and I took him to a counselor. That really seemed to help him. But also what has helped him is being on the right set of supplements. What I have found is that OCD is not just a psychological issue. Believe it or not, this comes from A LOT of research, is it has a lot to do with allergies and vitamin/mineral deficiencies. What
  4. Hi there, All I can say is the results I have seen have absolutely been amazing. Not only that but, for example, I spoke with a woman in Dr. Foster's office who had to wear a mask for years because she was so sensitive to perfumes, fabic softners, and just anything that was just chemically smelly. She would get very ill from it. She literally carries her mask in her purse to prove to people how well the treatments have worked for her. Another person I know, through my son's orthodontics office, started taking her son who is 2 because of SEVERE eczema. She literally cannot believe t
  5. Hi Faith, I am so sorry, I was just realizing I never got back to you Faith regarding your question. The allergy treatment treats for all kinds of allergies. Daniel is mainly sensitive to food products so that is where the majority of the treatments have been. But it also treats for environmental. But so far he has been treated for dairy, grains, corn (this includes the all famous high fructose corn syrup), MSG/food dyes, minerals to name some of them. It is interesting when you go in for a treatment, say for dairy, that treatment will help clear all kinds of dairy allergy. T
  6. Hi Flower, I sure hope you get the same results we did. Like I said in my original post, from what my doctor said, a lot depends on the order the doctor does the treatment. So prayfully your doctor understands this aspect. Keep me updated! By the way you are fortunate, our cost per treatment is $100 and the first visit is $250!!!! Carolyn
  7. Hi Abbe, The pen light he uses on his wrists, earlobes, all the way down his back and I believe on the forehead. Whatever, he is doing it really is making a big difference. Have a great evening, Carolyn
  8. Hi there everyone, It has been a long time since I last posted. But I wanted to share some exciting news with you all. Daniel, who is now 9, is doing really, really great since I took him to see a Chiropractor with an allergy treatment system called the BAX-3000. It is very similar to NAET but it takes it to a much, much higher level of calming the allergies/sensitivies down. We had done a system very similar to NAET prior, called NEAT, but never could we tone down his sensitivies to MSG, High Fructose Corn Syrup, and Food Dyes using that system. So I was so excited to find out there
  9. Hello, I wanted to share that my son is VERY, VERY sensitive to MSG/free glutamate. Most people think MSG is just in Chinese Food but it is hidden under many, many different names. It is actually considered to be something called "free glutamate". For people with nervous system conditions when it enters the body it can be of real problems. Here is a posting I did about it a while back http://www.latitudes.org/forums/index.php?...d&pid=17225 . What I have learned since is to give my son B6 and Glycine to settle his body down after accidently coming in contact with something th
  10. Hello, I just wanted to encourage you that you are on the right track. When my son was 3 he started with vocal tics. They progressed and at 5/6 years old they got to the point where I started him on a bunch of different supplements and changed his diet (he is highly sensitive to artificial foods MSG, food dyes, corn syrup). Anyhow, he is doing just great now. Yes he still has tics, including repeating certain words, but overall he is so much better then when he was 5. What is amazing is he is getting to the peak age of tics which is between 9-11. He is 9 1/2 right now. So just
  11. Hi Char, We have not used MSM but we have used N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine which, from my understanding, works similarly. The NAC helps the body process out toxins due to the lack of sulfate ions in the liver that my son has. I have to say it certainly seems to help him also I know several others on the forum tried it and it seemed to help them too. Daniel, who is 9, takes up to 1,200 mg's a day (600 mg's in the morning and 600 at night). When his tics are minimal I back down to 600 mg's. When the tics are not there at all then I do not use it at all. We also use a magnesium sulfate cre
  12. Hello, The magnesium taurate has been of great benefit to Daniel. I buy the brand Cardiovascular Research at the Vitamin Shoppe. Not many places carry it so it is nice that they do. I agree with Chemar you really need to have him on magnesium. It is a calming agent to the nervous system plus it is used in so many ways to even mention within the body. Once your body is drained of it you will have a much greater likelyhood of tics. Just remember to buy a magnesium that ends in "ate" like magnesium citrate, glycinate, or taurate and not one that ends in "ide" like Magnesium Oxide.
  13. Hello, Regarding the Bonnie Grimaldi TS-Plus, my son has been on it for about 3 years now. The ONLY thing I figured out for him that hid the taste was peanut butter. I would mix it in it and make tiny little peanut butter balls and he would eat them. I would also roll the peanut butter balls in raw sugar and that helped hid the taste even more. I think it is the B vitamins that make it taste so bad. I finally was able to convince him to not chew the little ball but to swallow it. That is all it took and all of a sudden he could swallow the pills. I know some have mixed the TS-
  14. Hello, My son has been on Magnesium Taurate for almost four years. It has helped him a lot. I have never come across any safety concerns about the product in my reading. But I may have certainly missed something. Bonnie Grimaldi does sell Magnesium Taurate. You can also buy it through the Vitamin Shoppe website. They carry a brand called "Cardiovascular Reasearch". Carolyn
  15. Hello, First I understand your frustration. My son's tics bother me way more then my husband. I really think that is quite a common theme I have seen on this forum. Typically it is the mom that takes charge in figuring out answers. I don't quite get why it does not bother the men as much as the women. I also wanted to mention, I looked for the posts but could not find them, that I read two posts on this forum of children who tested negative for strep/Panda's but in the long run they found out they were actually postive for it. So I would certainly explore that area if that seems
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