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  1. Can you please email the brand you are using? busy people@comcast.net I have been doing homeopathy with tremendous results also and can share that also
  2. So I finally took the plunge and took my son off topamax. He was only on 15 mg but it was my crutch and it is gone. I am scared but hopeful I can keep him stable off of it
  3. I just gave my son advil today since he seems to be having a flair up. I also want to look into Arnica to take care of the inflammation naturally.
  4. Hi guys, It's Abbe, my dad remains pretty ill so I have been "nursing" him night and day. Nick remains on Azithromycin, supplements and the saliva homeopathic drops. He is about 95% great. Looking to book with Angela as soon as I am not that anxious about my dad being more or less life and death. Just don't think the timing makes sense. The one thing I am thankful for is Dr. Chung can test the various remedies with Nicholas' body to see if Angela prescribes the right remedy. Talk soon, Abbe
  5. Stephanie, I got over the cost issue and made an appointment after speaking with them. I had to cancel because My father took very ill, almost lost him and I was a red hot mess. I am going to use her and reschedule in the next few weeks. I am excited. Nicks dr here just made me a remedy with his own spit mixed with I don't know what. He is actually doing wonderfully on it. Never the less I want to us Angela and appreciate the referral Thanks again Abbe
  6. Does this go with having the pandas or do you find on the blood test? Nicholas 100% suffers from this. Same exact deal on the math facts....scary Can you explain what it is? I am going in for his IEP next week? abbe
  7. hello, Called the office of Angela Lemke. So its basically 600 plus dollars for the first appointment and the remedies. Was a little concerned since it almost seems like I am trying to take advantage of your price. If she stands by her work , gets the job done well who can really put any price on that. I just am having a hard time wrapping my head around the inflated price. I am a Relationship Life Coach. I help many, many people and have a waiting list. i know I could double my price but choose not to since it would be a hardship to others. I just wish her upfront charge was more reasonable until a trust was developed between client and patient. With all that being said I think I will still proceed forward abbe
  8. Thanks all the morning light brought a much better frame of mind for me. I already see an improvement again with Nick putting him back on the azithromycin. Just 4 doses later. You are right I am his mother and I need to do whatever I can to make him feel better at all times. I am keeping him on for the time being.. I will manage and then cure my son and nothing will stop me or my efforts. Just a little burnt out since my father has taken ill . As always this forum has been a shoulder for me to lean on. abbe
  9. hey all, Nick was diagnosed from Dr. t with Pandas last month. He was on Azithromycin for 30 days and during this period he tics were 98% gone, he was sleeping like a baby, cooperative, happy, playful, not emotional, . I was suppose to stop after 30 days and do pulse therapy on wed and Sound. I stopped on Wed. and by Friday his tics were back in his neck and eyes. I have been slightly paranoid about his best friend that he plays with since he tends to get strep but I can't tell him he can't play with his friends. He already doesn't have dairy, eggs and wheat and takes all his supplements , I just can't. I wrote this letter to dr t and I hope he responds. He has responded this past week to my emails. My bloodwork cam in and I had a level 200 for strep. I sent on azithromycin myself. I was on the tic forum for 3 years before figuring out he was pandas. I feel like I am burnt from over thinking and over doing. I am starting to wear down a bit. Below is the letter I wrote to dr. Trif. Nicholas went off of azithromycin on Wed morning after 32 days on it. He was for all intensive purposes tic free. Behavior and sleep perfect. I was planning on doing the pulse therapy wed and sunday. By Friday he was ticcing again in his neck and eyes. It made me so sad to make eye contact with him , I know he was confused why the tics were back, he was so happy they were gone.... On saturday night I gave him a night dose and sunday morning and night. I don't know what my plan should be right now. Was the pulse therapy good for us to use if he was able to maintain being tic free and not symptomatic? I don't know what to do. I also wanted to ask you opinion on my bloodwork and Roberts bloodwork. Dr Chung started me on azithromycin. Got the script from Dr. Chung. . I think nick is out of the azithromycin refill to his script also. If I didn't think antibiotics were bad for nick, in other words if this "pink" medicine were anything else other than medicine I would have him on it every day and night because this medicine gave my child back to me. Tic free, happy, cooperative, non emotional, cooperative and sleeping like a baby. I don't want to feel guilty about keeping him on antibiotics since I know he does have an infection, if he did't then why did it dramatically change him so much?? Is it just that he needs to be on it longer or is it that he is never going to get better since I waited so long to use antibiotics. I am planning on looking into homeopathic remedies aggressively for Nick so I can try to get him better without the use of medicine. My father, who is 91 has been very ill lately and it is hard for me not to know what I am doing with Nicholas since I have the stress of an ill parent and child. Your thoughts and direction in the upcoming months would be greatly appreciated Thanks abbe
  10. That's interesting. I have to use the probiotics now since Dr T said Nick is Pandas and we had to use the antibiotics .....I don't want the year to go crazy....
  11. Hello all Looking for anyone out there who has successfully used homeopathic products for strep through a Dr. If you could give me the company name that the remedies are from and maybe their names that would be great ! Thanks so much Abbe
  12. where can i get the a-myco (herbal based?) whats in it
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