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  1. HIYA There is a great book called 'Fed up with ADHD' by Sue Dengate, an Australian author that explains how to do an elimination diet for children. I think she has a website also, might be worth googling. Good luck.
  2. If by any chance anyone knows of a reliable website selling these with international delivery available I would love to know! thanks chap
  3. hI, how did you get on? Im interested in finding a reliable test available to purchase online also......
  4. HI, On this topic, has anyone had any luck with spray on Magnesium products? My dd cant tolerate magnesium either.....................
  5. Wondering has anyone tried the Ketogenic diet for tic reduction?
  6. hey firefly just wanted to say hi as a fellow antipodean! I can reccommend the Brad Cohen book its great. Also have you googled the aussie TS association? Its quite good. all the best chap
  7. hiya rysmom, Thanks for sharing. I am due for a neuro appointment shortly and am considering clonodine . dd's tics have been severe in the past but I dont feel they are consistantly severe enough to warrent ongoing medication. It has been suggested to me that clonodine can be prescribed as a 'one off' ie: one dose to be given during a 'tic storm' then discontinued once the tics have decreased. What do you think about this (mom opinion!!) , do ya reckon it would work or do you feel your son needs the ongoing dose ?? Just to be clear Im not suggesting anything...Im asking! does anyone else have experience of giving a 'one off' dose?? thanks chap
  8. hiya I would personally go with rice milk if I were you, over soy (due to the estrogen receptors found in soy). Good luck.
  9. I've never heard of being diagnosed with both? As for the list above from TSA, my son definitely fits the bill, especially since it says it can disappear for months at a time. I read somewhere though, that the cut-off was 3 months? hiya I too thought there was a three month cut off????? My dd had a symptom free period for about 6mths a couple of years back......
  10. we are in the same position. 3& 1/2 years of tics- six months tic free....... at the stage where I dont think it matters what its called!
  11. right, thanks for that. Approach with caution!!
  12. We just started him in therapy last week for his anxiety/fits he has. The Psychiatrist put him on a low dose of Zoloft. He noticed the tics (he has tics as well) and it bothered me a little because he kept talking to ds about his tics, and I'm sure that only made it worse. He sees the therapist again in a couple weeks, should I request he not speak to ds about the tics? It was kind of strange because he kept telling us, come 17-18 years old, they will be gone, yet he himself was clearly ticcing in front of us. I felt a little bad because I asked him about his tics and he looked rather shocked that I noticed. Hiya I also feel my dd gets worse when her tics are discussed in front of her/with her. Might be worth suggesting that the psych deals with the anxiety, and leaves disscussing the tic issue (unless your son brings it up of course!)........ Good luck
  13. hiya Just an observation, it seems like lots of people are moving over to the PANDAs board. I like to read both, but was wondering how many of you out there categorically feel that they have TS rather then PANDA's? And what makes you feel that way? cheers
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