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  1. Hi all, I have been on this journey at on the "tic" discussion board for three years . My son broke out in tics suddenly at his Halloween class party in 1st grade age 7. Prior to this he did have an eye roll but I never knew it was a tic. After finding this board I did everything for my son. He has no dairy, gluten, supplements, cleared mold, yeast , you name it , we did it. My son never had strep, (his brother has had it) and had always been healthy not sick. I never did the blood work for strep or mycoplasma. After the outbreak in Leroy and my so getting sick this past week it hit me that I had to check for strep and myco. We have managed his tics with sups and 15mg topamax. I have an apt with a tmj dentist since his bite is off also. I am always searching. His Dr. who is open minded to "all of this" Dr. Chung saw him last night and said he was picking strep up in him. He muscle tested him. We drew blood last night. I am a bit overwhelmed mentally thinking if this is it why I didn't insist earlier. He put him on Amoxiciiian. I need to know what is the antibiotic that most people are using for strep? for Mycoplasma? Also you test everyone n the house? I know my other son has had strep and had small tics but nothing to be crazy concerned about. My other son (I have 3) went through ocd for one year in high school but "cured" himself 100% with no medical intervention. It seemed to be more about his nerves.... Thanks for your advice/help. Also how do I handle that my son's best friend gets strep every other month it seems??? Tell him they can't play together?? I already don't let him eat half the foods he is allergic to, he takes sups etc. etc I don't want his life to turn upside down abbe
  2. http://www.movementdisordersusa.com/
  3. I called Dr. Stacks office and did not get a good feeling AT ALL. It was all about the money. We charge this and that and we don't accept insurance etc etc. Also Dr. Baylin makes so many appliances he does them in office and you get it within 3 hours. Dr. Stack sends them out to be made and I thought that was odd. Apparently they all know each other. At this point I think I am going to give Dr. Baylin a shot. He is very friendly with Dr. Chung who is presently treating niicholas. Thanks abbe
  4. I USE GLYCINE for Nick and a wheat allergy can cause anxiety
  5. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has heard of or used Dr. Baylin in MD for a dental appliance. Thanks abbe
  6. I won't get into my long, long story about CHOP in Phila but let's just say they almost killed my son. (literally) go to Dr. Chung in Moorestown NJ and tell him Abbe sent you.
  7. Hey all, Thinking about introducing enzymes for my son. Has anyone had any experience with them? brans? dosage? Thanks abbe
  8. Hey all, It seems my older son has developed a coughing tic since he was sick quite awhile ago. I was wondering the amount of magnesium a 15 year old could have?
  9. Sheila, I would be willing to use my marketing and coaching skills/certifications in anyway that would help the site. abbe
  10. Yes we had that one. I suggest looking into food allergies
  11. Hey, As far as books about eating go I have always been a healthy cook for my children and family. Embracing wheat free, dairy free and egg free has been the update for us. I must repeat as I always do I don't feel the topamax is keeping Nick tic free. For his weight his neurologist said he would be on 50 mg (just show you how heavy handed some of these dr's are with meds) What needs to be done I feel is to clean up the diet, wach for foods they are allergic to, watch for mold, and control yeast. It is alot but in a way if you and your whole family learn how to be mindful with healthy eating you and your family will be so much better off health wise. Thanks for checking out my web site. It was alot of hard work and I am very proud of my efforts.. abbe
  12. Hi all, Sorry for taking so long to get back. I have been working so hard on launching my web site next week. I will share anything and everything to help the group, If it wasn't for this forum I think I would have been much worse off. It takes time to figure it all out believe me. I went after yeast, allergies, metals, screens, pyroulia, mycoplasma mold. You name it and I worked it out. One of the things I wanted to do was be sure to come back here and report when things were good because I always wondered if people dropped off the board when they were not in crisis. I think that is the case. If you want it might be helpful to look for my old posts. I would have to say I dont think the supplements are preventing his tics although I still have him on them twice per day. I dont think the 15 mg topamax is stopping them because he is 9 and his dose would be much higher for his weight. plus I have seen him tic with the topamax. I think it was cleaning up his gut and eliminating dairy, wheat and eggs. I did all sorts of allergy testing but it was the blood test from Great Plains that showed up wheat and eggs. I hope this helps. P>S> I referenced sheila's book in my website. It will be up tuesday. abbe lang
  13. Lenny, I am also having amazing results with my son Nicholas since going Gluten free. I wanted to ask you how long you did NAET for and what type of doctor did you go to. Thanks abbe
  14. Hello, Just wanted to drop by to say hello. Halloween two years ago is when Nicholas' tics exploded. We are 100% tic free at this time. After dropping eggs and 90% wheat we haven't seen a thing. He is 9 years old and on 15 mg topamax as well as a supplements in am and pm (not too many) I mostly wanted to stop by and encourage others that it can be done. It doesn't happen overnight but try and stay calm for your well being as well as your child's. I am so thankful to all of my friends on this forum. Please feel free to friend me on facebook. abbe lang
  15. hello, Nicholas continues to be on 15 mg of topamax and we are tic free. He has seemed to benefit from the addition of fish oil and taking him off eggs, and 90 % wheat free. hope this helps. I think I told everyone here that this whole process propelled me to become a certified Life Coach specializing in health and wellness, relationships and business sales and marketing. My website will be up mid October , you can find me at Abbe Lang.com abbe
  16. Christy, Dr. Chung is in Moorestown Nj near Mount Laurel. Tell him I sent you Abbe Lang. good luck abbe
  17. Caryn, How very nice of you to take the time to give me all of that helpful information. I am just avoiding bread altogether for now but will try all of the brands you suggested. I bought a bread maker but don't know how feasible baking bread is. Thank god whole foods and trader joes are both 5 minutes from my house. It does make everything a it easier. We are having company tonight for dinner and a I making a breaded zucchini, dip in water , coat in corn flake bread crumbs (we can do corn) and fry or bake plus dinner items. I am trying to be a bit more balanced with Nick because he is mostly tic free most of the time so I do "push" the envelope a bit if he wants to eat or do something. There are SO many triggers for him I want to be careful he still enjoys his life. My number one goal with food is to never prepare anything here that isn't good for his diet. That way if we are at a social gathering or he has a party at school he can cheat if he wants to. I will play this by ear because with Nicholas I think I am healing him, his gut his everything and he can be exposed to things and food now and NOT react. I think there would be a build up though if he did it to much or to often. At this point as his mom I feel this approach is best all around. I so appreciate your support, friendship and comments. abbe
  18. Caryn, Sorry for the delayed response. I am actually in the middle of completing my certification to become a health and wellness, small business coach. So I have been so busy and also developing my web site and writing a book. But I really appreciate your help with the wheat thing... I cook all of the time for the boys so dinner isn't a problem. But lunch and breakfast with no eggs, dairy, or wheat seems very difficult for me. When school starts I can't even imagine... So I will check your web site and get to work !!! What do you pack for lunch ? abbe
  19. Hello, So I just got Nicholas' IGG test in. He is in fact allergic to Wheat and Eggs (on top of dairy) Dairy is the only thing we have eliminated. I feel a little overwhelmed about going wheat free. I want to do it for him though. abbe
  20. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has noticed ticcing after i pod use. The other night Nick was listening to his i pod down the shore and his neck tic started. He told me it started from the i pod. I tried not to focus on it and it resolved by the end of the night. We were on the boardwalk and he got distracted I guess. I took it away for a day and then let him use it on the car ride home and didn't notice it come back ( I was peeking in the rearview mirror) Just wondered if anyone has noticed this and maybe why ?? thanks abbe
  21. Has anyone out there found chlorine not to be a trigger for their child? I haven't really noticed it and today we have a pool party? abbe
  22. [quote n Hope, I was so scared of the fish oil also. I started Nick on 1/8 teaspoon and we are at 1 teaspoon moving up to 1 and a half. He went to Dr. Chung today and he said he blocked to the kids calm which means don't use it. I wsn't using the one with calcium. I just bought a big bottle figures. Nick was a trooper today .Dr. injected novacane in his head around the area that he is blocked to help reset the nerves. abbe
  23. Mary, Hoorah glad things are going well !!
  24. Dee, I use 1/2 teaspoon at night and mix it in with nicks applesauce. I still use 2 capsule of the mag/taurate from bonnie. it flavors it and has worked well for us. Nick would never drink that much in water either. hope this helps. I know though it is either the fish oil or the kids calm that has put us over to another level of wellness. now I just need the strength to take him off the 15mg of topamax and we will really be rolling. my intuition says not yet. abbe
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