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  1. He is great now, besides going gluten free and watching his diet, he is tic free. Please pray and believe it will pass by.
  2. One word: RELAX! I am not saying to ignore the situation, because if you are like me that would be impossible! It was a long journey for us, but my sone started around 8 and he had numerous tics. They all started with the eye, then shoulder, nose scrunching, even hoping. We did everything including a GF diet, which he is still on, Grimwalds supplements which I think really helped. Anyways, he is almost 15 and no tics save maybe the odd eye one when he has gluten or chocolate. Bottom line, it will pass. Read my posts and you will see the journey I was on. I wouldn't want to go through
  3. I admit, I was obsessed with this forum while we experienced what probably the majority who visit this site do.....panic! We did lots of tests, took many supplements, did NAET treatments, every time hoping for a miracle to stop his tics. Looking back now, when he was about 8 was when they started. He had the arm jerks, shoulder shrug, eye rolling/blinking. He just turned 14 a couple months ago and he has not had body movements since he was about 10, and about the only thing he has now is the odd eye roll or blinking. For us, I think it was and still do think it was wheat or gluten issues.
  4. Nice feel good story. This forum has helped me so much, my sons tics led us to a diet that has helped the whole family. Thanks for sharing.
  5. If I could back about 3 years or so I would love to have someone tell me," if you don't stop obsessing with (insert child's name's) tics you will lose out on a big portion of the really good parts of that child's life!" Yes, they are tics and yes you will figure it out, and yes they will stop eventually. Our son is now 12 and he has doing great. We figured out what was the main cause, like you we have no history of family tics. He needs to be gluten free and we limit the games and TV he watches. Sometimes I wonder if he has just grown out of them, but like you I was scared, depressed, and
  6. Similar story, although we did not ever get a dX on our son, the fact that my mother is very celiac and after trying so many things, we put him on a strict GF diet and it took over about a year for him to be (mostly) tic free. We notice now if he has gluten he will have a few eye tics like he did a week ago after some Starbucks salted caramel hot chocolate (yes, there is gluten in it). We are very strict with his diet, even a tiny bit will make him tic. We have followed the same routine for about two years now and the results are the reason: Natural Calm, 6 a day of Bonnies TS plus, and n
  7. just the ts plus. We also do the calm in the evening.
  8. We did so many things prior to gluten free, but even after we went totally gluten free, it still took about two months for us to see a more even tic sequence. I am stuck on the Bonnies supps. but have put him down to 5 in the morning and 5 at night. I also still give him the calm at night. This has been his longest stretch without tics, and even if he does have a few eye blinks I can usually find out he had something.
  9. This is great to hear...can i ask if you are dairy free too?? We limit dairy, he couldn't take it as a baby, he only takes yogurt and cheeze, not any milk.
  10. Hi Char, It took a long time to notice the full effects after taking him off Wheat/gluten. The only bad part now is that we notice the eye blinking tics will start within a couple hours after he has something, so we have made him so clean that even a little bit will show up in some tics. I also add that if he has milk chocolate he can get the same reaction. We have a clean diet now, it has not been that bad, in fact we like it!
  11. Well Okay then, we are even, my post brought me to tears writing it! Never give up hope. I have come to realize that most of the stories you hear on the internet are mostly there because they are "sensational". Once you figure out what is making your child tic, then it doesn't really become a story after that. I am just thankful there are people like the ones on this site exist. They don't get paid for there information expertise, they just do it because they want to. I remember hearing a doctor say he had a "mild form of torettes" and to deal with it, he could care less that I was tryi
  12. Hi all, It has been a long journey for us and our son. He started tics when he was 7, he is now 11 and is doing so good. We were coming back from the Oregon Coast today and was thinking about this same time 4 years ago when he was going into grade 3 what a difference he was. His words will never leave me: "daddy, I am going to be in a new school tomorrow aren't I?" His tics were bad, body jerks, arm movements....his whole body moved with uncontrollable jerks. He is now calm and I am so much better as well! This site has done wonders, we did the blood tests, we did the NAET, but finally
  13. We have always given him Kids calm, (about 1 tsp before bed) and he is taking 12 bonnies, 6 in the morning and 6 in the evening. The calm is completely harmless and is part of our evening routine. He has a twin sister that also takes it, makes her feel important too! I know now when he has had some gluten, he gets a bit of a wild look to him and starts blinking or eye rolling. He also seems to blink when he plays his Wii or he DSI. I do not think he has Tourettes, we at least not the genetic type. We know of none in both our families. Hey, I don't want to go back to 2006, I was a me
  14. If there was a script to write about my son it would be very similar to yours. I was obsessed, depressed and had that feeling of helplessness. He started when he was 8 and turned 11 a couple months ago. You can look at some of my older posts, but he is so much better today. He is still on Bonnies pills and we still give him "kids calm" at night. Our breakthrough was when we put him on a gluten free diet, my mom is extreme celiac, so there is a history. He did not test positive to the celiac test, but I found out that gluten/wheat can affect lots of different parts of the body. His tics
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