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  1. Thanks God, my son's horrible tic getting much better, I will say thank you for all the friends in our forum. Here is the list I did to help him fight the sneezing tics, I know I should do one each time, but, you know an over worried mom can't wait. 1)Magnisum bath 2)quercetin 250mg/day 3) foot massage 4) Chinese cupping( chinese suction cup), this is so easy, eveyone can do it at home, just use vacuum cup, not the one with fire. if any one need the information, let me know. Aagin, can't tell which one work better, but his sneezing tic gone for 90%.
  2. We did the strep culture, titer and some antibodies check, all of them turned to negtive, no where to go for further check. I noticed one time when he ate eggroll, he has some sneezing tics, hopefully this is the reason and hopeflly this bad tic can go away soon. Thanks for you help, Chemar.
  3. Hi Lynn, I didn't try tried Benadryl yet, want the natural treat first. My son is 9.5, 80lbs, how much quercetin do you think I should try with my son. Start with the Benadryl is a good idea to see if this is allergy related. Thanks for you rkindly help. Lele
  4. Hi Pat, Thanks for helping me. I don't know if this is allergy induced or not, but one thing I can tell, after he came back from a party where he ate some eggrolls and Asian food, he got his mild sneezing tic flare up, this is a non stop breath in the air through the nose, and 5 times/second, does quercetin can help? Anyhow, I will go buy it and give a try. Lele
  5. My son is 9.5, had TS for 2 years. During the past 2 years, his tics are mild, but from last Sunday, he suddenly flares up with a borrible sneezing tic, 5 sneezes in a roll, with 2-3 seconds break then come back, non stop! Nothing could help to release this. I would appreciate any information you can give me. Thank you. Lele
  6. Hi, I know how you feel. I'm encouraged by these forums though and know we can get these things figured out, even if it's painfully slow at times. I wish I could snap my fingers and instantly understand all of our body's processes, what's needed for balance, foods, medicines, etc. But little by little...I know how you feel. My son was on Singulair and we took him off of it because we realized the chewable tablets contain aspartame(we've learned our son is sensitive to artificial colors/flavors/sweetners). Also, there has been literature that says the inhaled medicines do a better job at controlling asthma than Singulair. But then we saw the inhaled steroids caused severe reactions/tic'ing and have taken him off that too, gulp, his asthma can be severe. He has a cold now and his asthma is acting up, so now we're using Ventolin as needed and Resperactin Breathe Free Formula for Children (found at Health Food store). I'm not saying it will work for everyone, but so far he seems to be getting through this cold without the steroids and minimal use of Ventolin. I'm hoping this continues. Little by little.....
  7. Thanks Jan. It is so painful to deal with multi health condition with a kid. My son's tics getting worse when he started his asthma prevention grug, and the wheezing of asthma is still out of control.................. I don't even know where to seek help Lele
  8. That is what I am struggling with, my son's asthmas looks really out of control now, he is on singulair and he has a little bit weezing everyday, with some cough. Steroid is our last hope, but everyone knows how bad it effects tics. So hopeless
  9. Thanks for encouraging me, Pat. I am suffering your pain. Before my son has his first asthma attack, he is 95% free of TS, with the using of Singulair and the steroid nasal spray, his tisc start to flare up, more and more vocal tics come back, and more and more shruging, lifting arms........But I have nothing to do to help him. My heart was smeshed again.
  10. Finally, we decided no shot on him, several months of Waxing from tics will kill me.
  11. Hi Patty, We have never use intal before, since he had his first asthma attack on Sep. 20th, Dr. gave him Singulair. This is the 3rd week we put him on Singulair, hopefully by the end of this month we can see some improvment. By the way, is Intal a steriod drug? Thanks for sharing with us.God bless you. Lele
  12. what a hopeless and helpless mom I am! I am pretty sure the nasal spray and Singulair make his tics a lot worse, but I can't stop it since he has another asthma attack, and the only prevention drug we can use except singulair is steroid Can't do anything but crying................
  13. Massage from reflex areas 1-6, massage with thumb for 100 times Massage from reflex areas 1-6, massage with thumb for 100 times reflex areas 1 - is the parathyroid gland, which is reflex zone for Seizures, massage on the big toe, from tip to the heel reflex areas 2 - is the thyroid gland: massage with thumb for 100 times reflex areas 3 - stomach and pancreas area, from the center of the foot to lateral of the foot direction; reflex areas 4 - and neck area from little toe to index toe reflex areas 5 - cerebellum and brainstem areas, from the toes to the center of the lateral direction 100 times reflex areas V6 - sinus area, grasp five toes in one hand rub the five toes in a circle clockwise, 100 times by the other hand I wish I could label on the picture.
  14. http://photo.blog.sina.com.cn/list/blogpic.php?pid=47ddf199t81fed6c84b4c&bid=47ddf1990100h45v&uid=1205727641 check this link, and open the image
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