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  1. Yes. 1/2 to 1 cup Epsom salt in his bath water nightly for about 10-15 minutes.
  2. Thank you! Yes he responds very well and I’m glad to hear that others have done nightly baths too. This puts my mind at ease. Will continue to ensure he drinks lots of water and will watch for laxative issues should they arise. Thank you both!!
  3. My ds (10) takes nightly Epsom salt baths for about 15 minutes and is doing well with them. Is nightly too much or should we do every other night. So far nightly has been fine.
  4. I haven’t heard about essential oils and their benefits. How do you apply them? I’m so happy for you that the essential oils are working! Regarding food, we had a naturopath doctor (ND), do a food intolerance test. It is a simple blood test that tests for food intolerances (IgG). The test she ran was FoodStats Antibody Assessment by US BioTek Laboratories. It tests 96 foods. Gluten, dairy, eggs and sugar are big ones for us and it helped to removed them. Keeping a food diary helps too and writing down reactions to food. You’ll hopefully start seeing a pattern with some foods. Gluten ta
  5. Thank you. Do abx help with inflammation issues or is there another way to address? blood draws are very stressful for ds. We even go to the Children’s hospital and it is still difficult. the PANS/PANDAS doctors want to run a large quantity of blood tests and it’s impossible sometimes to get it completed.
  6. I gave my DS (9) Advil last week for 3 days for some pain he had. During this time I noticed he had a very large reduction in tics. Given this, what should I do? He tested negative for strep. I just want him to try a round of antibiotics but am having a hard time figuring out how to get it. All the doctors want to do more blood tests. It's frustrating. He really gets upset when having blood draws. Help!
  7. 509Momof2 I empathize with you. My DS is 9 as well and has tics that started this year. We are working on diet to help. I too am worried and sad. I hope the school year started off well for your son. Sarah I really took your response to heart. Thanks for taking the time to write it. So many good points.
  8. This is a wonderful post!! Thank you. How are all your kids doing?
  9. @shelly76 How are you doing? We are in the PNW as well. What doctors have you gone to...I'm just always looking for new options. This is such a difficult journey for our kids and us trying to help them. I am always hopeful that the next doctor will help and then I'm disappointed. I'm never sure when people say their doctors helped and prescribed different things to whom are they going? MD, ND, psychiatrist, DO, etc? Where do people find the most success?
  10. Thanks! We are seeing a ND in a few weeks! Hoping they can help! Thank you both for your responses.
  11. Hi! Can you still have PANS/PANDAS with a negative strep culture? My DS is exhibiting symptoms this last year and I am thinking it could be PANS/PANDAS. We go to a PANS/PANDAS doctor in a few weeks. Before his flu shot in Sept 2017, he had nothing. After his flu shot he developed minor tics, behavior issues, handwriting decline, leg pain where he has to lay down due to the pain. This all started after a flu shot in Sept 2017. Help...any thoughts? Thanks in advance! Feb 2017 – Had cold with ear pain. Would wake up at night due to the ear pain. Went to the pedia
  12. Thanks for the update! So glad to hear that almost all tics are rarer and intensity is quite low. We've been going on vacations this summer as well, as I get really stressed that the change in environment, routine and some food will cause issues. I understand. I'm hoping your vacation goes well and that the tics won't elevate.
  13. How long was your son on high dose antibiotics?
  14. Any detox ideas other than epsom salt baths? My son reacts to the sulphur.
  15. I have wondered this too about the yeast imbalance. Have you noticed a difference in your DS when yeast is controlled? What causes a yeast imbalance?
  16. Thanks! Was this a naturopath or family dr or pediatrician? Trying to figure out to whom I should inquire. Was there a test for this?
  17. My child (9) has a high tsh and will go to the endocrinologist in 1.5 weeks. He needs thyroid medication. My husband and I are both hypothyroid. My husband is on Synthroid and I am on Armour. I’m hoping my son can be put on Armour! I know I feel so much better on it over Synthroid. I’m encouraged that your child is on Armour. Was it hard to get the dr to prescribe to a child? Thx!
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