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  1. Faith, Now u mentioned it. It was for my child.
  2. Patty, I rub his back with creme every night enough to cover back . before that epsom salt bath and before that epsom salt foot bath. A lot .... No dryness surprisingly. Fish oil causes more tics. He is in 3rd grade. I am sure NAET is great. I believe in it. The biggest problem is make sue your child and spouse consent to it. Right now they feel they are at a good balance and do not wish to try NAET. We are learning to live the little flare over a long period of time. As long as he is happy with his life we will let it be. As child, I am amazed that he listens and do the things we ask him to do. Our kids do not eat junk such as cookies, ice cream, chips,etc... Even my daughter who is a calm sociable person and no tics. They have fruits after dinner every night. Our lifestyle has changed for the best. I am looking to Grapeseed extract to boost his immune system. Does any one know a brand? Take care.
  3. I think it is a combination of everything. Body chemistry changes. Excitement. Food.. Perhaps an increase in Mag is also in order since he has increased in body weight. 2 days so far and no noticeable tics. Above hyperness. Even in the morning he is all jumpy and excited.
  4. After almost of a year of no tics. My son is getting a slight nodding head tic. It occurs about 4 times a day. Not a lot. Triggers? Lots of cheese in summer time(eaten with digestive enzymes but 1/2 the dosage) Lots of arcade/video games. To top it all it was the disney world that triggered it. Then it subsided. Then slight allergy, much better as each year he ages. He wash his noses twice a day with saline solution for about 2 1/2 years now. Then new strict/mean piano teacher. Then chinese school in the weekend for the first time. Then new PE teacher. He told me he got nervous. Got couple of head tics and took a deep breath and it went away. That day I saw no tics. However he is a happier kid then before. Still takes a little longer to warm up in new crowd and events. So with this regiment of Magnesium/probiotic/flax oil/Epsom salt bath and creme they are helping. Take care!
  5. http://www.luckyvitamin.com/741273014515.html Click on ingredient tab. This is supposedly for whole family usage. Wishing everybody well.
  6. It is now Alcohol free. I am probably late with the news. I will try it first. I bought one from Vitamine Shoppe at the store. It says rescue Remedy Pastilles. What does Pastilles mean?
  7. Patty, We stopped using it because we felt no different. Plus every month you have to change them. It was too much trouble.
  8. Son woke up this morning, complaining of neck pain. His lymph node on the right side is really swollen. Complaining of slight shoulder pain. That sounds like he is fighting some germs right? Anything I can give him besides the Amox he is taking already. Thanks
  9. My belief is anxiety. When a person is seated in a table(as the case with my son), there are 4 sets of eyes looking at you. His grandma would always stare at him when he used to tic. Plus when you are sitting there are no where to run to. keeping still for a normal kid is hard to do imagine a kid with tics.
  10. Yes, you can have a bite with no symptoms. However you would not get a mark either like a bullseye. Not like a pimple. More like a mosquito bite. Fever stills come back at night...sigh.
  11. Thanks Cheri,C.P.,and Kim. Came back from doctor. Amox for 6 weeks. After 6 weeks blood test. It is a small bullseye mark. I will call Houston Enzyme. C.P. Yes he had tics but don't think TS. He had his tics in remission for about a year now. Doctor said early stage is 100% cureable so it is close to 95% :-). Garlic , honey, vitamin c are definitely good source. Cheri, great website and scary. They are not bacteria but some kind of protozoa..whatever that means. I hope they get eradicated in my child's body. School is allowed after 2 days. During 2 days he might feel chills do to the die-off. All told by this doctor. Thanks All.. P.S. Make sure to check your kids neck, ear , underarmpit and crotches for deer ticks or bites per doctor
  12. Thanks Cheri, I will check out the site. For 3 days he has low grade fever and aches. Is that indicative of Lyme disease? The MonoLaurin is not to be taken with antibiotic together right? Also enzyme at meal time should still be okay right? Should I stop my son taking enzyme? Thanks Daniel
  13. Thanks... Why before though? Would not the antibiotics kill them? I have never been so scared in my life, but then this group has been through worst. This won't keep me or my family down. Thanks Allision(I think; I have forgotten what A stands for :-) ) Daniel
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